Monday, December 12, 2011

Staying Together

hello everyone,
      well transfers just happened, we are staying together here in Grand Vally and he is called to be the distrect leader so we get a full time car this transfer. well got some bad news from the mission as well. 2 areas are getting closed. one of the areas are in the distrect that i am in. it is Big Rapids the reason why is cause elder Jones who was up their rolled his ankle really bad and he has to be off his feet for a few weeks so he is going to be with the assistends for a transfer and he companion elder Ballard is going to go to st. Johns. and the other area is cheboygen the reason for that getting shut down is cause one of the missionsire didnt want to stay up their and take the area over so they just took both of the missionaries out of their. well the Grand Vally ward has 3 missionaries out in the field and the parents yesturday read a few letters of how they are doing and everything else. i am sure that the Kohler family was happy to see you guys. and i got the pics that you send to me. well their was snow here but it is gone now the weather here has been crazy. the weather has been in the low 30's high 20's and we did have snow this past week but only a inch and it is gone now.
          well mission news now. well this past week has been a good and long week as well. we meet with kimberly this morning and she is still looking forward to her baptism for the 14th of next mouth. the Grand Rapids elders had a baptism last saturday so we invited her to it for she knew what was going on and everything. she was very excited to be their this morning we told her that she can pick people to talk on baptism and the holy Ghost and to do the baptism as well. we are thinking of doing a musical number for it as well but who knows. well not much going on here in the mission. we have traning meetings this friday and saturday here in Grand Rapids. and all missionaires have to be to that but the Grand Rapids zone and the Kalamazoo Zone is going to be here as well. it is from 9 to 4 both days but on saturday we are having a christmas party for the 2nd half of the day so it should be good. but letters will be in the mail this week to everyone. well thats all for now. ya i know this one is short but not much going on. hope to hear from everyone soon. love ya
elder Webster

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