Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lots of Pictures

Half Mission P-Day in Patoskey, Michigan 

5 missionaries cramed into 1 car, with 2 bigger missionaries along with a smaller missionary in the middle of the back seat, Elder Webster, Elder Coon(his companion this transfer) and other missionaries going down to Mt. Pleasant to a training meeting.

Elder and Sister Tischler, Elder Smith, Elder Webster at a Member's house after FHE

Elder Bullard, Christina Wyatt(Investiagtor) Elder Webster, Grand Valley, Michigan
Brother Hope (originally from Rupert, Idaho) Elder Webster, by Brother Hope's truck Bedhie, supposably this is a "sweet" ride
Elder Webster making silly face chocolate chip cookies, because I have been a slacking on getting cookies to him, out there

2 weeks ago post

hello everyone,
Hey everyone i hope everyone is having a good week whereever you may ben at. well mom the Tisclers will be staying in in Gaylord for their mission they was up in Cheboygen for 2 months but then it got closed down so they got transferd down to Gaylord. and they are going to be leaving a month after i get home off of my mission. ya mom i do think lake Michigan did raise a inch or even 2 haha lol.... yes i did get the package and mom those are not the garments i want i want the Nylon mesh kind. you got the cotton kind and it is hot here in michigan and that will make me even hotter wearing those kind. and i have not opened them yet so i will send them back and you can return them and get the Nylon mesh kind mom. elder coons first name is Jeff. so it is Jeff Coon so their you go mom. and for him he has asked for a lot of the mission office addresses ones and the address will be on the bottom of you have forgot it by know lol.. and yes i did like the surpise that was in their and we have opened the conference up and listen to it while we have been driving around town and down to Fredrick where we had a fathers day dinner with a family and they also had family over as well. and that family has consins that goes to the same branch so that family has a totel of like 20 people that comes to church each week. well dad at least you got something from playing in the mid tourament for golfing lol. a 20 foot putt that is really good dad. another missionary from rexburg huh Elder J.D. Mann coming to the same mission huh o boy. we will polly run into each other one of these days out here in the mission field. their are some pics as well the first pic is me and elder bullard with an investigator from when i was in grade vally. her name is Christina Wyatt. and then the next pic is me and brother Hope and he is from idaho by the Ruppet part so not to far away from home. and that is his turck bedihe us in the pic and it is a way nice turck to ride in. the 4th pic on their, we was having fun at the living center one night down in east lansing and this was before i got transferd up here to gaylord. and the 6th pic well that is well idaho and so i had to take a pic with me standing under neath it. lol.. pics 7 to 10 is at the half mission P-Day up in Patoskey, Michigan. pic 11 is me and elder smith with the tischlers at another members home after FHE. and the last 2 pics are of us missionaries being stuffed into a small car going down to Mt. Pleasent for a traning meeting and that was a fun day and poor elder Coon was stuck in the middle of 2 big guys lol.
well another week has gone by here in gaylord, michigan. this past week we have been really busy with 2 different trade offs. we had one trade off with the kalkaska elders from monday night tell wednesday and then a trade off with the zone leaders on wednesday tell thursday and so it was a crazy week. and on top of that we had 22 lessons and all of them but 6 was with investigators. so 18 of those lessons was with investigators and 6 of those lessons was with members and so it was a way good and busy week. on tuesday we was on trade offs and i was in the gaylord area while elder coon was in kalkaska and i had elder Suger and he has been out for 6 months now. and me and elder suger was up in Boyne city with the Tischlers and we took bikes with us and so we was going around to different places a lot faster then walking. while we was in boyne city we had an return apointment with a guy and all he wanted to do was to bible bash and to see which regilon was the right one and we kept telling him we are not here to agrew(misspelled) with him. and he knew the bible really well. and on wednesday i was in gaylord as well and i was with a zone leader from traverse city. get this we had 3 apointments and they was all right by each other and they all chancled within 30 mins. cause we went from one door to the next cause they lived in an apartment complex thing. and so me and elder Gilson we went finding for a long time and we also went back and forth to see if they was home cause they wasnt when we went by the first time and they wasnt. but o well and then we had a dinner apointment with a part member family and we watch the Phophet of the restoration movie with them and it was over a hour long. but it is a dang good movie to watch. and we also had apartment insecptions that morning the new senior couple that works in the office came and did the insecptions, which we did past dont worry. and on thursday me and elder gilson came and we got on for a little while before we had to drive to Kalkaska to trade back with the traverse city elders. and we met at arbys for lunch and it was good. and on friday we was down in Grayling and that was fun and we had 4 lessons that day and 2 of them was with a member that came with us. and on saturday we was doing a lot of finding but we also got let in twice and taught them which was good. but the weather that day was really warm it got in the high 80's. and their was a air show that day here in Gaylord so their was a lot of planes going up and down in the air flying like crazy. and on sunday we finnaly had 3 investigators come to church YYYAAAAA finnally. we was full yesturday as well. the building is not to small but it is a small building. the building it pobally as big as the chapel and the half of the gym is at the church their long ways. and we dont even have a gym to play basketball o well their is different parks to go and play at anyway. and on sunday we had 2 really good lessons the spirit was their big time testifiney to them about the gospel and other things. one lesson that me and elder coon was at his name in Mathew and we read the restoration Pamplet that we have to had out to people and he was shocking everything in that we was telling him and we also set a few commitments with him to read a chapter from the book of mormon everyday and also pary to know if joseph smith is a ture phophet or not and same thing about the book of mormon. and then we went to another lesson with the tisclers this time and it was with some more investigators that has been meeting with the missionaries for a while now and they have not quit smocking and they need to so we went over that and it was really good. we set a goal with them and that goal was for them to quit smocking and drinking coffie in 1 month for yesturday. and their names are Nancy patterson and Laura Hunkies. they have been smocking almost all of their lives and have not quit. but that was are week. so their you go guys. hope everything and everyone has a good week love ya
mission office address
1400 Abbott Road Suite 310
East Lansing, MI 48823
love elder webster

hello everyone,
 well another week has gone by here in gaylord, Michigan. glad that you got the pics i send last week in the email. elder coon tryed to send an email with pics as well to his family but they didnt get it so i am glad that you did even though it didnt come tell way late in the day. what did you think of the one with elder coon in the middle of the back seat of the car. we had to laugh when they said that i was sitting in the back seat and another big person was as well and then elder coon in the middle. so i had to take a pic of it. that was a fun and also a long day as well. i got some news i am not going to be going down to lansing this week for the traning but i am going to be in Kalkaska for the day with the missionaries their and elder coon is still going down to lansing and he is going to be going with some other missionaries from up here in the north part of Michigan. and thank you for the letter for the Driver's License thing mom i will sign that and then send it to them for they can get it going. cause i got a notice in the mail from the office saying that i need to work on it as well and i told myself that i was already on top of it and same with you guys as well. and here is a funny thing i am getting a Michigan acsent i am speaking like a Michigantor (people here call them selfs that cause they talk with a little acsent and putting the letter "s" on the end of words. so i am starting to do that as well. lol.. your wlecome for the fathers day card. the logs are the size of uncle mer's size o boy that is a huge logs. i am surpised that you guys was on up their in the vally tell sunday morning cutting word jk lol. i am sure that you guys would of quit for the night if it was getting to late. even though the sun doesnt go down tell after 10pm here and that seems crazy we go to bed when it is still light outside and we wake up when it is light outside. it is crazy.. i was reading in Alma this morning as well and i read that same chapter during my studies this morning. so thats funny mom. 2nd place for golf huh dad that is pretty good for you right now. you must be doing good now. you must have when out and hit a bucket of balls to get your swing back on order lol. thats a lot of pins to give away for bowling in one game and you still won wow. you guys are doing good if you can come back and win after giving up that many pins before the game even starts. you left a 4 pin dad wow i dont see that happening that often but i guess that it can happen. cause i can see leaving a 7, 9, and a 10 pin standing but a 4 umm i dont know. you did get robbed dad lol. well the reason why you see 80 dollors to my accout at a bike shop is because i had to get it fixed after i fell down going around a corner. but dont worry i am going to be getting money back for it from the mission office. i send in the recitet to them on saturday and so it should get their today if not tommorow and so i am going to get money on my missionary card for it.
the members here in gaylord is doing awsome. sister brown is really good she is making sure that we have a dinner amlost every night even a lunch and a dinner sometimes. their are some big events coming up here in gaylord the town and also down in grayling that we are going to be in and walking around and talking to a lot of people. the one in Gaylord is going to be during the 3rd week of july and the one down in Grayling is on the 4th week and we are going to be down their in Grayling for a couple of days so we are going to see from President Hess if we can stay the night at a members home instend of going back and forth each day. cause we only have so many miles that we can use each month and that is going to save us on them. well this past week here in Gaylord we had another great week. we had 22 lessons again, and only 4 of them was with a member but we are going to get them up with getting more Presthood to come out with us to different apointments with different Investigators. on tuesday we was on trade offs with the alpena elders and i was in gaylord again for it and elder coon went over to Alpena. and that morning when me and the other elder that was with me was going and getting the bikes and about to put them on the Tischlers car i was going around the corner and the ground was a little wet from the rain that we got during the night. and well the back tire came out from under neath me and to the side and down i went and well the tire and the rim got bet and had to take it in to get it fixed. so thats way their is 80 bucks on my accout and i am going to get paid back for it from the mission office. and on wednesday we was down in Grayling for the day and we had a good day down their contacted a few people and also had 3 lessons one with a recert Convert and with a less active and then the other lesson was with an investigator that day. on thursday we got a call from sister brown and she told us that she was going to take us out to lunch at subway and she did and we was talking about different things coming up for different actives in the different towns that we go to. and on friday thats when we had to take the bike down to grayling to get it fixed for we could ride it and use the car less. and for we can loss some weight as well cause thats a goal that me and elder coon are going to be doing. is running at least once a week and also riding bikes at least once or twice a week. and on saturday and sunday all of are apointment fell thought except for are lunch apointment on saturday and are last apointment for the day as well.we had 5 lessons for a goal that day to teach and well we hit that goal we got let in3 different times while we was finding(door knocking). and on sunday we also had 5 lessons for a goal to hit to teach and again all of the apointments fell thought but we hit 4 lessons for the day so the lord is working with us maybe we didnt need to teach the people that we had to teach. maybe we had to go and do some finding and the lord is working with us. us, the Kalkaska elders and also the Aplena elders have been praying to find new people to teach and will we called the Kalkaska elders last night to see how their day was going and they told us the the members their is their branch gave them 5 referrals. 5 new people to teach the gospel to. and we are working on that to get referrals from the members here in the Gaylord area. and also yesturday we had planned to stop by a inactives place and give them some cookies and they was home and it is a part member family. and we sharded a messgae with them and their kids and also got to known them a little bit more as well. so it was a great week here in Gayord. we also had Branch Conference yesturday so we had a good meeting at church as well. but thats all for now. love ya guys and hope to hear from everyone soon.
love elder webster

Monday, June 11, 2012

Another Week GOne By

hello everyone,
well another week has gone by here in Michigan. yes i did get the letter package, i got it today, and i was looking for a letter as well inside. ya that garment top was not the one i was hopefully for it is a mesh kind mom and so you can almost see though it. but that's OK. ya thanks for the furenal card and the thoughts as well i read them this morning before we came to the library. and while i was reading them i started to cry cause i could remember everything that happened and i like the one about when the great-grandsons put on their that they knew where to go to find the candy. lol.. that is just going to be an on going thing with lake Michigan and how we can feel that lake up with all of the family crying. elder coon saids hello back dutch oven, Chicken and potato's huh dad man do i miss dutch oven food. that is my favorite kind of food besides pizza lol. that is a lot of pines that you have to give away so i have a ? for ya dad. how do they get the ave again i forgot and i was trying to tell elder coon how they did it so can you tell me thanks dad. man dad that is a really good deal on that golf course up in the valley. 19 bucks for 9 holes and a cart man i would go golfing their in a hart beat you might have to call and get a tie time though before you go and you might have to call Todd as well and have him come and play it as well with you guys. i know he will enjoy it and have fun.
are week has been good. we have been busy we was down in mt. pleasant for a big training meeting and it went really good. we learned a lot of things down their. we have not gone on trade offs yet we will be tonight though with the Kalkaska elders and then on Wednesday we will be going on trade offs with the Zone Leaders from Traverse City. and we also found out we have apartment inspections this week on Wednesday as well and the new senior couple in the office is going to be here and he is doing all of the apartments around the mission this week. i forgot to get the address for elder coon but he saids that he leaves down in the southeast corner of las veges. mike Stevens is not a member mom i have told you that a few times now. ya the missionaries their are good missionaries in greenville. on Tuesday last week we was out in Boyne city like normal with the tischlers and boy that was a hot day and we was walking around cause whenever we go up to Boyne city and the Tischlers go as well they drive and then we just walk around down and do what we do and they do what they do as well. on Wednesday we was down in grayling and get this Thursday we get a phone call and it was from a recent covert that got baptised 2 weeks before i came to Gaylord and the story is i guess we was suppose to go over their on Wednesday but me and elder coon forgot cause it was not in are planners cause we forgot to write it down and we got a call from them on Thursday saying that we was suppose to come over their on Wednesday but we never showed up and they was wondering where we was at. so that was are fault but i had the felling that we was suppose to go over and see them and well i didn't listen that was my fault their. on Friday we went and visit a less active mom and her daughter they told us that they got baptised up in Alaska then they had to leave cause of some problems that i cant say but they came down here and they didn't know that their was a church here in Gaylord tell elder smith and the missionary that was here before me was door knocking and they ran into them and so elder coon and i met with them on Friday and the daughter came to church on Sunday and she told us after words that see loved it. and everyday since Tuesday has been hot and today it is suppose to be the warmest in Michigan and then it is going to cool down for the week. and we are going to be getting feed everyday this week which is good and maybe even twice on Saturday but who knows cause that is the air show here in Gaylord and we are going to go to that and talk to people their. so last week was busy with everything going on and this week is going to be even more busier with everything else going on.
but not do much going on here in Gaylord. the streets are getting more busyer cause the summer people are coming back up for the summer. and we also have branch(ward) conference coming up as well and all of the district(stake) presidency is going to be here from Traverse city and also are high councilman's as well and we are already pushing the walls with people right now. we don't have enough room for everyone every Sunday when they come to church. we can fit 90 chairs in the sacrament room and that's all and we have on ave 80 to 85 each week coming and when the district people come their are going to be 20 more people their so hopefully we can fit everyone somewhere. but that's a good thing that we are running out of room to put everyone everywhere. but anyway that's all for now hope everyone had a good week and hope to hear from everyone this week. love ya
love elder Webster

Monday, June 4, 2012

Atonement of Jesus Christ

hello everyone,
     well thanks for calling me and letting me know about grandma. President Hess didn't call me that night and let me know polly cause he said that was alright that you could call me and tell me. ya we was doing correlation with Elder and Sister Tischler at their apartment when the phone went off and when i looked at the phone i was like wait that it from Idaho and that's my dads phone number. and i knew once you called that grandma passed away cause i don't think you would be calling for anything else. that's cool that all of the different families are going to be doing different stuff for the funeral. ya yesterday at church i over herd the relief society playing families can be together forever and when i herd that i started to cry and when i did i closed my eyes cause me and Elder Coon was sitting towards the front of the class in Priesthood and i didn't want anyone seeing me crying. cause i thought of grandma when i herd that hymn. good job on the bowling dad. i told elder coon that we will have to go bowling here in Gaylord and he said ya that would be fun. ya i herd that both of the elder got transferred out of greenville and to be honest i was not surprised one bit that both of them would cause i knew one of them would not do anything. and i know who got transferred in their it was the missionaries from the Big Rapids area cause they took them out of their and put sisters in Big Rapids. but one of the missionaries names is elder Kingsford and he is training a new missionary their. when you was talking about Mike mom is it Mikael Edelmayer. he better be active or i am going to come home and rip him into shape and get him going back to church. i wont be able to call her unless we go on trade offs which we will be going on trade offs next week. so i will call her next week.
    this past week was a long week and a good week. last week me and Ben now but elder smith was at Sister Browns for his last FHE on his mission. and it was really fun as well. on Tuesday early morning we had to be down at Mt. Pleasant at 7:50 and so we had to leave Gaylord by 6 cause it takes 2 hours to get down their but we had to go to a members home first cause he was taking us down their and picking up elder coon their at Mt. Pleasant. then me and elder coon was in Grayling all day last Tuesday. and on Wednesday we was going to go up to boyne city and see President Belford the branch President but we didn't have that many miles to go up their and back to Gaylord. cause once we hit the miles that we are giving we have to park the car and ether walk or ride bikes the rest of the month tell the new month. and on Friday we was in Gaylord all day doing work and get this all of are appointments fell though that day after you guys call me about grandma and so we had nothing to do all day so we went out and we door knocked for almost 7 hours that day and we talked to over 40 people that day. and towards the end i was so tried but i pushed it and do you know and i realized the next day that i knew that grandma was with me and pushing me tell the end and she was walking with me by me side. and same with on Saturday as well i knew she was with me and helping me knock on those doors and talking to everyone that we talked to. and last night we got invited to go out to sister browns again and have a bonfire to have smore's with some more members from the branch. so we had a good week. we had 15 lessons all together but we are hoping for more this week. this week we have a big Leadership training down to Mt. Pleasant on Thursday at 9 in the morning and so we have to leave here at 6 in the morning cause we are going down to a town called Houghton Lake and then riding down with other missionaries the rest of the way to Mt. Pleasant. and the Alpena missionaries are going to be coming here to Gaylord Thursday morning and so they have to get up at 4 in the morning in order to get here to Gaylord before 6 so we can leave and be down their in time.
well me and elder coon has had some fun serving together so far here in Gaylord. on are way over here he was reading one of his letters he got in the mail and it was from his mom and you will have to laugh at this. do you remember the movie called "meet the parents" and the guys name is Gaylord farker will i had to laugh cause in the letter his mom said "i hope this letter got to ya in Gaylord Farker" lol i was laughing when he said that and so i hope you get a kick out of it and i did. well mom and dad and family i know that grandma is watching over all of us right now and that she is with us and thanks to the gospel of Jesus Christ we all know that we will be with her again after this life and be with her. and the rest of are family will be up their as well. well love ya all and we will talk to you next week.
love elder Webster
p.s last Friday when i got the call from mom and dad. later on that night before me and elder coon went to bed i asked him if he could give me a blessing and he did and i am so glad that he is their for me when i need a blessing. and that if we ask for a blessing that we can call members of the priesthood to give us blessings. well that's all now love ya'll