Monday, February 27, 2012

What Missionaries in counter while on their mission?

hello everyone,
      well first off, last tuesday the Feburary 21st me and elder Bullard we got attack by some Pit bulls dogs. and this was around 2:40ish so it was after school was getting out. me and elder Bullard was walking down a street called Sweet st. and their was a young girl about 15 years old just walked into her house and about 30 secs later we was walking by it and then some dogs came out and started to bark which was normal so we kept going but then a man across the street yelled and told the girl to get the dogs back inside cause they bite and then only 2 secs later they started to bite elder Bullard and he has 4 bites on his left leg and 2 on his right leg and 1 on his right hand but all that happened to me was that my pants got ripped in the back and elder Bullards coat that he was wearing got torn up and same with his pants and he shirt got a few holes in their as well. about 2 mins after the dogs started to bit 2 people pulled up and told us to get in their car and we did and within 30 secs after we got in the cops showed up so that was fast and then we got taken to the E.R their in Grand Rapids and we was their for 3 hours and on are way their i was calling President Hess to let him know but he was not answer his phone come to find out they was up in Gaylord for a Zone Conference but after trying to call President Hess, i called sister Hess and told her and she was in a little bit of shock cause of what happened but i dont blame her for being in shock. so once we got to the E.R we called the Zone leaders to let them know and they was on trade offs with are distrect leader and so one of the Zone leaders and are distrect leader came to the Hospital and was sitting with us their to make sure we was doing good when i called them they didnt answer cause they was in an apointment so once they heard the message they ran to their car and called us back and then they came and sat with us. and then President and Sister Hess came down as soon as they left Gaylord to come and see how we are doing. then they took all of us to dinner afterwords which was nice of President and sister Hess. well for the dogs we dont know if they are put down or not yet but animal control came and got them within the hour of it happening and it is the court that desides if they get put down or not but most likely they will be getting put down cause this was not the first time that this has happened. the cops has been called over their a few times. so their you go their is the exciting news for the week. i went on trade offs with the distrect leaders companion on saturday up in Big Rapids for i could get out and go and do something and it was a good day. other then that nothing has been going on here in Grand Vally. we are going to be in the apartment tell tommorow or wednesday or maybe even later on this week. wow elder Bullard can be inpatiance sometimes with a lot of things.
     the ward here in Grand Vally came up to use yesturday after sacurament meeting and asked if they could bring over any food and so they are going to bring over some food this week. during sacurment meeting yesturday the Bishop was conducting and he said "we are glad that the wouded was able to make it here today" and a lot of people was like "what" then he said "one of are elders was attack by some Pit Bulls this past week" and then 3/4th of the people in the ward look back at us. elder Bullard bearly made it though all of the church meetings yesturday as well. o got some good news though about Elmur after he came and picked us up last monday he told us that he is going to help us out as much as he can on giving us rides anywhere we need them. cause during the winter he cant play golf just during the summer so he is going to help us out and take us where we need to go when we dont have the car.
that is awsome that Kyler is going to go on a mission and that he is going to go to Toronto not to far away from me ether. the weather here has been so crazy for a winter. we got hit with a lot of snow but it has melting really fast cause of the wind as well. thanks for the letter and the package i did get it and elder Bullard got a few packages as well cause he got to call home tuesday night and talk to his family so they got the address and they send some stuff to us as well but thats all that has been going on here in Michigan got a few more emails to send and elder Bullard is getting inpation so love ya and well let you know about transfers next week.
elder Webster

Monday, February 20, 2012


     how is everyone doing? i am doing good my knee right now is still hurting but not as much as it was at first. well the libary is not closed today(monday) so we are emailing. wow i cant belive that hayden carter is home wow that is right one more down and a few more to go lol. so how much longer does Kyle Evens has do you know? ya they are live in the Hidden Vally homes their behide the old high school. it is just crazy seeing that almost everyone is home now or going to be home in the next year or so now. i cant believe that time as gone by fast. wow 3 months and brady is going to be home wow. ya i wasnt sure if you was going to send another package but then i remember about becky said that i got those treats i was like "o ya" ya the treats was gone a few days after i got them haha. ya the pizza i made it already and it was good, i was full after i ate it. ya elder Forsgren is coming up on his year mark as well he left a month after i did which is crazy but sounds like everytime i get a letter from him that he is doing good. the last letter that i got from him he told me that elder Jeffery R. Hollard come to there mission and talked to them which i thought not that fear cause elder Hollard is one of my favorite speckers besides Presdient Monson. and specking of them general Conference is coming up in a little over a month which is crazy. i am going to send my SD CARD home this week we get the car on weensday and we are going to go shopping that day and so i am going to print some pics out that i want and then send it to chelle. cause that last time that i send the SD card home i didnt get all of the pics that i wanted but thats ok so i am going to go and print some pics out and then send it off. and the calendal that i have goes tell march but the month of March doesnt have any pics on it like all of the other months do but thats ok. no i have got a letter from you yet mom it will polly be here tommorow cause their is no mail today cause of Presidents Day but who knows the libary was open. and their is no snow here again we have not had any snow for the past 2 weeks or so it is crazy are ward mission leaders told us yeasturday at church that he went golfing on friday. ya my knee is doing good but my knee was not as bad as taylor's ankle wow that look pretty bad. i remember when my ankle was bad me senior year playing football. so i can beat that he is just sitting around in the apartment doing nothing right now but who knows cause it looked like that he could not put on a shoe. Uncle bob past away huh well he was getting up their is age. but thats sad news that he past away. ya it is getting that time of year to start power ranking again sooner then what we have done in the past years.
     well are week has been good. to start off last week we had Zone Conference on wedensday and that was here in Grand Rapids and that went really good. learned a lot of stuff and also we are going to be some different stuff in the mission so it is going to be weird changing from what i am used to be doing but it was president Hess that made the change. then after Zone Conference 8 of us went out to eat at out back stake house for dinner which is right by are apartment. during Zone Conference we have lunch which is made by members of a ward this last time it was by the Wyoming ward but the time before it was done by the Grand Vally ward which i am in and that was back in november. then on thursday we had a long day but that night after all of riding around on the buses we was at an apointment and she as been meeting with the missionaries for a year now every thursday. but while we was their we was talking about the atonement and we had a member with us and towards the end of the lesson al 3 of us beared are testimoney about the gospel and the atonement of jesus christ and we also commited her to get baptized and we asked her to say a prayer for when she should be baptized and she got a answer but it is not tell september 21 why that long but i dont know only god knows and that is her brithday as well. but that lesson was so awsome. we was out walking yeasturday after we got droped off from a dinner apointment right after church and after awhile of walking it started to hurt a little bit more so then we walked back to the apartment and it was a mile a half away but i did it then we had dinner and then we had an apointment to get to just across Apline in another apartment complex so that was not to bad. but other then that are week as been a good week. we have only a few new investigators not a whole not but we are trying not a lot of people are in good moods some days to talk to us. o when we do talk to them all they want to talk about is Mitt and the elections thats going on. but thats what has been going on here in Michigan. but hope to hear from everyone soon. love ya
love elder webster

Monday, February 13, 2012


hello once again,
another week as gone by again here in the mission field. i don't know if i mentioned that the mission had 35 baptisms last month here in Michigan and already their is close to 10 or 15 this month so baptisms are going up like crazy here, which is good way good. specking of baptisms we had one on Friday and it went good Elmur Ybema had to go under the water twice cause the first time his foot game up out of the water so the stake Patriarch had to do it again and he went all the way under the water the 2nd time. and it was the stake Patriarch that baptized him not the stake President. but the stake President was their and part of the program he gave the opening prayer. their was about 30 to 35 people their at the baptism. even thou we got dumped on with snow we got over 6 inches of snow though out the day. but now it is down to just a half of a inch and melting which i do not like. i want the snow i am not used to this type of winter i want more snow then this. as of right now we do not have anymore people going to be getting baptized here in the next month of so. we do have a few more investigators that we are teaching and doing some door knocking but to much cause both of us are down now. but me and elder Bullard are doing better enough to go out and do some door knocking but to do much. he has a bike and same with the apartment but it is too cold to ride bikes and one of them has a flat tire and he cant ride bikes cause of his knee. ya riding the bus is no fun that's why i like having the car but o well we have to do what we have to do sometimes, even if we don't like doing it but we got to do. it is the lords work and not ares we are just his servants doing his work.
Last Monday when we went and played basketball with the other missionaries i did something to my knee and i don't know what i did ether. we have a mission doctor that we call, so i called him and talked to him on the phone and told him what happened. we was playing and while we was playing i must of moved my knee wrong and twisted it some how cause it hurt but it didn't hurt at first so i just kept playing with everyone but once we finished that game and we went and got a drink of water all of the sudden i was limping and my knee started to hurt. but i did have a knee brace to ware so i put it on and was wearing it while we kept playing. but the mission doctor told me to take some ibepofin(how ever you spell it) and keep it easy and ice it every night. so i have iced it for a few nights but then i kept on forgetting and now i see why he told me to ice it, cause it is hurting again. good thing we got the car back for a week but my knee is getting better and same with elder Bullards knee as well.
well missionary work. Last week we have trade offs with the district leader elder Jones and he came down here in Grand Rapids with me and it was on Tuesday tell Wednesday cause he had to do a baptismal interview for Elmur. and so we was walking cause we didn't have the car tell Wednesday. and boy did my knee hurt that day but i did it then i iced my knee after words when we got home for the night. so Tuesday was a good day and a long day even thou we didn't have to car and my knee was hurting. and elder Bullard went up to big rapids with his companion. then we had district meeting up in big rapids so we had to go a hour for district meeting but it was a good day. other then that and Friday it was a good week. we have Zone conference this Wednesday here in Grand Rapids. and so we are going to be at the church house all day long. well today we are going to go shopping after we finish emailing then we are going to go and get are hair cuts to make sure we look nice for Wednesday.
good ? on the library if it is going to be open or not we do not know. the library has not said anything. but if it is we will be emailing next Tuesday instead. that's good that Madison won over Shelley and that you was able to ride down on the bus to go and watch the game instead of driving down and wasting gas in your car you wasted gas on the bus and drove down their to Shelley and back. so how is Mikeal doing? and asked him where my letter is at? tell him i have been waiting for one for a long time now and when i get back home i am going to have to beat him if he doesn't send me one jk haha lol. so it Madison 1st seat for the district or whats going on for that? and let me know how they are doing and everything as well. that's good that you got to see jaden and Rhett you will have to call them up and get their address for me and you will have to give them the mission office address and they can write me. ya i know Kendall Kiser i want to say he played tennis during high school but i cant remember off the top of my head. hey dad do you remember what the persons first name is the person that was playing for Madison but coach Hawkins kicked him off the team for using drugs? he last name was Mickelson cause i might know him. well transfers are coming up again here in 2 and a half weeks at the beginning part of next month and most likely i am going to be getting transferred out of Grand Vally. and so i will let you know more information when it gets closer. but that's all for now hope to hear from you soon

Sunday, February 5, 2012


     well first off i am going to be out a 1 year this week on Thursday. where has the time gone to. it does not seem that i have been out for 1 year. This past week has been a long but busy week. we didn't have any snow earlier this past week but then Friday night during the night it snowed about 4 inches and then during the day on Saturday it snowed another 3 inches and same on Sunday as well. so right now we got close to a foot of snow and people has been saying that we are going to get a lot more snow still to come. i keep thinking whenever they say that. no ones knows when it is going to snow the weather people can only guess when it is going to snow only mother nature knows and then the weather can change in 5 mins. the old saying goes "wait 5 mins and it will change" o get this we was talking about this the other day and he was telling me that i am going to be called to be a district leader next transfer and if that is the case i am going to be transferred cause are district leader that we have right now he is training and so he is going to be in the same area for 2 transfers(12 weeks) at least. and he was telling me that i am going to be down to st. Joseph and be the district leader their. St. Joseph is down on the bottom left hand side of Michigan. and as a district leader i get to go and trade offs every week with different missionaries to see what they need to work on and how they can improve and i also to get to teach district meetings every Wednesday as well. but that it just talk that i am going to be called as a district leaders next transfer but that is 5 weeks away. the Christmas card the reason why i didn't send it out tell now was cause we never went and printed off pictures tell after words and yes i did make that gingerbread house we was at a members house when we made them. the members always make them a week before Christmas but they cant eat them tell new years day. and ours is still in the apartment but we are going to throw them away this week. now mom when the missionaries come over you are going to have to asked them all of the mom ?'s right? lol but asked them where they are from as also you can do this. get their parents emails and take a pic with of them and send it to the parents just like a member did here in Grand Rapids. 50% off of the total purchase man i want one of them. that's nice that tabs had one of those. who was all their for her birthday besides you guys? i think that Louis is going to have fun serving down in SLC history and doing all of that cause he does love history. did he put that on the papers that he love history lol. what was the survey for that you guys had to take in Sunday school. and that's good that Eric stayed for the whole thing. and now this weekend is the Superbowl and you better let me know who is going to win and how good the game went.
     this past week here in Grand Rapids we had 15 lessons but what was good about that was that 9 of those lessons was with members which is way good i have not had that many lessons with members at all while i have been out here on my mission. last night around 9:30 we got a call from the Assistants. their is 3 Assistants right now cause 1 of them are going to be going home this next transfer and so they called another one. and 2 of them served here in the Grand Vally ward so they know some of the people that we are teaching and they always what to know how the area is doing. but when they called last night they called to gradulate (i think that's how you spell it) cause i am guessing that Grand Vally has never got that high with members or even lessons since they was in that area but when me and elder Kohler was here we was trying to get that high but it was not working but o well. but we was talking on the phone for about 10 mins and he asked how you guys was and everything and then he asked if he could come to my homecoming and i was like YA you can come to my homecoming and plus he whats to meet the family as well. but i told him it wont be tell February of 2013 when i get home. elder DeHart is from Utah but i cant remember where in Utah. the list that we have gotten from the ward we had to get another one cause we lost it when elder Kohler got transfers and we are going to get in contacted with all of the people on the list and set up appointments with them again. as of right now for this up coming week we have over 20 lessons set but we are going to have to ether move some of them or cancel (mis spelled) some of them cause we wont have a car after Wednesday we have to give it up to greenville for a week. and elder Bullard cant walk on his knee for very long cause it hurts but he is going to try the bus and see how that works on Wednesday. he has a bike but he cant ride bikes know cause of his knee. elder Bullard has served down in st. Joseph for 6 months before he came here. he started his mission Kalamazoo 1st ward and he was only their for 6 weeks and he also served up in Houghton Lake it is a small Branch up their and he was their for 4 and a half months and that was before he went down to st. Joseph but other then that i cant remember where he has served. that is the most north that he has been in Michigan. George i don't know how close he is to getting married cause he is still waiting on rings to come from Africa but we are meeting with him tonight and we are going to talk to him about that and see how much longer. he is ready to get baptized but he has to get married first and then the mission president. President Hess has to interview him cause of some things that he has done in the past. Elmer Ybema is still set to get baptized on the 10 of next month and it is a Friday so we are going to have to do it towards the evening cause a lot of people from the Grand Rapids ward and also from the Grand Vally ward knows him and also a lot of people that lives in the city of Grand Rapids as well. so we are going to be thinking that their is going to be around 50 people their for his baptism.
     right now with the ward here in Grand Vally we are starting a thing called "Intoduction to Mormonishm" this is for people can come and learn more about the church and learn what we believe in. the grand rapids ward and the Wyoming ward are going to be invited to do it. we talked to one of the sets of the grand rapids missionaries and told them about it. we are going to do 2 different classes. one of them is going to be the 13 articles of faith and that is going to be taught be a member of a ward. and the second class is going to be taught by us as missionaries. last Sunday when the ward mission leader was talking to the Bishop about it the bishop asked us when are we going to be it cause he thinks that it is a great thing to do. so we are going to do it pretty soon here in the future, most likely this transfer. also what i was thinking about this and i also told the ward mission leader was that after the class or whatever that we could have a tour of the building and tell them all about the building and what goes on in their and in all of the different classrooms. this is going to be herd at the church house here in Grand Rapids.
     letters are going to be in the mail hopefully this week so i am working on some. and right now i have 7 letters that i need to write people back. and i have only done 1 so far and that letter is not even done with. o with the missionaries mom. when i was in Greenville i got the address for the mission office their in Pocky and i wrote a missionary that is from Greenville and serving in that mission and he was in Rexburg at one time. but i told he to go and visit Eric and tabs and also the people next door to them as well. and i also told them about Tyler Roberts and his family as well. and i also told the missionaries to stop by your place to make sure that you guys seen them. so you are welcome mom and dad. and now look they are coming over for FHE on the 6th of next month. but that's all for now hope everything is going good and well talk to you next week and hope to HEAR FROM EVERYONE this next week as well.
elder Webster