Friday, September 28, 2012

Gaylord Baptism

his name is matt stange. while i was in gaylord i found him and was teaching him and while me and elder larsen was driving to mt pleasent he shooted us a text saying that i made a impact on his life and i was happy that he said that so i was excited that i have the chance to go and baptise him. thats awsome and unbelieveable that madsion is 5 and 0 they better knock on some wood that they wont lose this coming week against ribgy lol

got your email, it was great.  but who in Gaylord is betting baptized, you didn't say the name.  That is way awesome you get to go back and baptize him and that a member of Oscoda will be taking you.  Your dad forgot to tell you that Madison is now 5-0, which is pretty unbelievable.  Hugs  MOM

Monday, September 24, 2012

2 Baptisms, one in new area and one in Gaylord

hello everyone,
well another week has gone by which is pretty crazy. time is flying by here in Michigan. transfers are coming up here this week, we find out whats going on Friday morning. speaking of this Friday we have a baptism that night, and a branch activity as well. wow 25 bucks a plate that is a lot for one plate, but sounds like it was way good food for the 25 dollars. good thing dad knows a lot of people in different places. sounds like you are going to have a fun time tonight cooking for the elders from Michigan. a pro bowling from Idaho huh cool dad.
     well to start off the missionary news. there was not to much going on this past week. Tuesday this past week we was in oscoda and had some good lessons with Marice(investigator who is getting baptized this Friday) and we also had a lesson with a less active in the branch that lives in town. then on Wednesday we had are district meeting over in West branch and the senior couple drove us out their for it. then we was down in tawas city for the day. and we went to a daily queen for lunch and boy was it good. i have not have DQ for a very long time probably since the summer before i left to come out here to Michigan. well then after that we went and saw a member of the branch and shared a message with her and got to know her a little bit more. basically all that day was seeing members cause we had an appointment with a new investigator but she cancelled on us cause she was sick. we also did a little bit of door knocking to try to get some more people to teach but nothing come out of it. then on Thursday we was out in hale and we saw all members again cause a lot of the members live out is hale and hale is a very small town you blink you miss it. a forgot to say something a few weeks ago. a few weeks ago while we was in hale elder green and i had to go to the bathroom and we was by a members(the parents family) home and we called them and no one was home so we called the daughter of the family and talked to her. she was in oscoca doing something(she is 29 years old) and she said that they are camping and we told her that we had to go to the bathroom really bad so she told us how to get in. so we broke into a members home and went to the bathroom. so broke in though the back window and elder green reached in and unlocked the back door to get in. but anyway back to this week. while we was out in hale we had lunch with brother parent and he feed us soup and sandwiches and then we went to another members home the miltinmores(they are getting ready to leave for the winter they are snowbirds) and they asked us if we had lunch and we said yes and they asked us what we had and we told them and then they said that is not that much so they took us out for lunch as well. so we had 2 lunches that day and we was full after that one. then later on that night we went and had dinner with the branch presidents house and we got over stuffed their for dinner and boy was it good as well. then Friday night we get a call from the Assetisants and they told me that an investigator in Gaylord is going to be getting baptized and he wants me to baptise him so i am going to get to go back to Gaylord for a baptism this Saturday. and someone from the branch here is going to take us over their for it. well that's all for this past week.
well this week like i said we are going to be having a baptism and we also are going to be going on trade offs i am going to go on a trade off with the district leader and i am going to be staying here in oscoca with him. well family the email is short and sweet got to finish other emails and send them off as well love ya
love elder Webster

Monday, September 17, 2012

Michigan Elders serving in Rexburg, Idaho, Pocatello Idaho Mission

Elder Conn is from Mason, MI and a member of the Holt Ward.  He has been in Rexburg for almost 3 weeks, a greenie.  Elder Webster had dinner at their home while he was serving in Holt in May of 2011 and Elder Conn remembers him.  Elder Dunford has been out over 22 months and will be returning to his home in Midland MI the middle of November.  Elder Webster is now serving in his home stake, Midland Stake, in the Oscoda Branch.  They have stake conference October 13-14 when Elder Webster will meet the Dunfords.  What an exciting day it was when these two elders from Michigan stopped at the Webster home.  It made this mom's heart almost burst with joy to have a little part of Elder Webster home. 

Elder Switcher from the Seventy C.A.S.H.

good morning, afternoon, evening everyone 
     well another week has gone by here in oscoda michigan. first off thanks for the pic when i look at it i thought that i knew elder Conn from somewhere and when you told me that he was from Mason (holt word) i was like ya i remember him. i thought it was funny. i will be home before elder conn goes home as well. well maybe asked him how much longer he has left? ya i remember going over to his home for dinner as well how funny lol. elder green goes home right before thanksgiving it is like a week or two before thanksgiving. two spanish speaking elders from MIchigan huh wow i beat they are talking about home when they got together. i imange mom that you was way excited that you almost dropped the phone when you herd that they was from Michigan. i can just picture that that you would drop the phone lol. thats cool that they are going to come over for dinner and FHE next monday night you will have to tell me how that goes. ya midland is not to fow away from oscoda, it is in the same stake as well so we will be seeing his family at stake conference next month. mom we might have to stop at the conn is mason to say high to them when you come out to get me when i am done with my mission. how long was you planning on staying here in michigan when you do come out. the mission office is going to be emailing me here next month to find out all of the detials and if you are still planning on coming out to get me or not? my talk went good yesturday i was the first speaker cause i didnt get to speak last week when i was surpose to. and the branch mission leader spoke after me and he was the last speaker and i gave him a lot of time i spoke for 10 mins and he had 30 mins to fill up and boy was his talk good. he talked about service as well. the branch President is older he has kids and they are all girls. they are all older as well two of them are moved out and going to school somewhere. their is not that many kids in the branch the primary is really small same with the young womens they is only 1 YM in the branch, and their is 7 or 8 YM in the branch.
     well to start off for missionary work. last tuesday we had a meeting down in Mt. Pleasent with elder Switcher from the 70ty and it was sweet. we had a great meeting with him and he gave us to much new things to try out as missionaries. one of them was for finding and it is the C.A.S.H methord it is C= coment of something in their yard or driveway, A= ask how they are doing or ask if they have a faith in christ at all. S= smile, H= ask for help and if they need any type of help at all with anything. i thought that was cool so i had to share that. and also we learned how to work with members a little bit more as well. and we got a NEW CAR it is a 2012 chevy mailbo. and the only bad thing is about it is, it is white. and later on that day when we was driving back to oscoda we had to stop in west branch and drop off the west branch elders in their area. and then we had to stop in tawas for dinner and also get some food for the week at walmart. then we was off to oscoda and from tawas to oscoda it is like driving to idaho falls from rexburg but you have a lake view while you are driving it is so nice. but it is was around 8:30 at night and we was half way to oscoda and all of the suddened was i was driving we just hit a wall of bugs. the bugs was hitting the window like it was raining outside and that fast as well. and on a new white car. that the next morning when we look at the front bubber it was cover with bugs everywhere and it was so bad. so the first thing that we did after studies that morning was take the car to the car wash and get all of the buggs off of it and boy did it look nice afterwords. we thought we should have taken a pic of it before we cleaned it o well lol. then on wednesday we was suppose to have corinlation at the church with the branch mission leader and the senior couple at 12:30 but the branch mission leader forgot that it was at 12:30 and he thought it was at 10am and no one was their so we called him and talked to him on the phone and he forgot that we changed it but then we changed it to saturday morning and it was out at his place. so thursday we had a meeting with the Parent family in Hale, Michigan about are top investigator cause they have know her for over 3 or 4 years now and we wanted them to be involed of what we are doing with her and how she has been doing. and we had a good meeting and everything. then after that they feed us lunch and after lunch we went and did a little bit of weekly planning and we had an apointment to get to. we are teaching a family out their in hale now. the dad told us his past 5 months of his life and how he has changed his life for the better and how he wants to do what to takes to find the turth. and i was thinking to myself well this is it. and he told his kids(they was outside cause the mom and dad wants to learn before they have their kids learn) after words that the dad wants it to be a family thing. and elder green and i was so excited to hear that. the familys name is the Clements. and i dont think that they are related to the clements from rexburg at all. but they are doing great the only thing right now thats keeping them from coming to church each week is that they dont have a car to come and their is 5 of them in the family and it is going to be hard to finf them a ride to church each week but we are working with that with the branch. later on that night we stop in on a family in the branch that is going to be leaving for the winter(snow birds we call them) and they asked us if we have had dinner and we said no so guess what they feed us. they throw some things together(left overs) and they feed us some dinner. and on saturday we had corinlation out at the branch mission leaders place and the senior couple pick us up and they picked us up a little after 9am in the morning. and they feed us lunch and we was out their for close to 5 hours and i was tried after that. but the most special yesturday after church and today or this morning. to start off yesturday after church we had a lesson with marice and the parents was their as well for the lesson and they feed us lunch. but anyway the lesson was so powerful the spirit was their so much and we was getting close to the end of the lesson and i asked marice how she feed from the begining when she first starting with missionaries and now during the lesson and she said she felt peace she felt good inside. we talked about the book of mormon and how it is so important and we also asked her if she has prayed about it as well and she said no so we asked her to pray about it. and well she did this morning around 7am are phone went off and we was still laying in bed cause we didnt want to get up but then we did and it was a text from marice and she told us that she paryed last night and while she was parying she started to cry for a good 15mins(she got her answer about joseph smith and the book of mormen). she also told us that she does need to get baptized and she is ready. so she is going to be getting baptized here really soon. she also told us that she couldnt sleep last night at all. so their you go for the week.
well everyone hope everyone has a great week. love ya
love elder webster
your son, brother and uncle

Monday, September 10, 2012

Speaking in Sacrament, Week in Oscoda

hello everyone,
well another week has gone by here in Oscoda. this morning at the start of are studies(so around 8am) and all of the of the sudden are phone goes off and it is the branch President and he wanted to meet with us at 9 for a meeting so we had to finish getting ready for the day cause on mondays we are not that ready tell after studies but so we had to get ready and then leave for the meeting but it was a good meeting. it was unexpected but it was a good meeting.
ok now for this past week and what has happened. to start off while we was down in Tawas on tuesday i brought some new shoes and they are way nice shoes. i will have to take a pic of them and send the pic next week in the email. while we was down in tawas a member was down their and she took us out to lunch to a chinesse place o boy was it good but it was not a all you can eat ether but it was well worth it. it is 6 to 7 dollors a plate but they fill your plate up with what you ordered in the meal. and i also used chop sticks as well when i was eating the food lol. and we also go shopping while we was in tawas cause thats well the walmart is at for are area. o get this we was suppose to have a dinner apointment down their as well but they was on the way out the door to go somewhere and they thought that they called us and told us but they didnt but we told them thats alright so we just went shopping and then drove back to oscoda and then had dinner at are house. well on wednesday we had distrect meeting in west branch and thats a hour drive going to speed limit but anyway after the meeting we went and got subway sandwhiches and they was good. then me and elder green had to book it back to tawas fast for an apointment that we had to get to and it was a new investigator that we picked up as well. and we watch a movie with her called "finding faith in christ" and that movie is only 30 mins long but it is a movie about christ life and what he did while he was here on earth. then after that we came back to oscoda and we was going to go out and do some door knocking right away but all of the sudden it just started to down pull and i mean down pull. we was driving though puddles that would splash up above are car. but after it rained we went out and had a long day of knocking on doors for a few hours but nothing came out of it. on thursday we was in Hale, and thats where a lot of the active members live in the branch so we are visiting members all day while we are their. we had a lunch apointment at noon and we had a investigator that we are teaching come their with us and another member as well and we had a lesson on some of the commandments. then after that we had a return apointment that we had to get going to down the street from where they live at and we picked us 2 new investigators from that as well so we had a great day that day. we had 3 lessons that day. we had dinner at the Branch Presidents house and they made me my brithday cake and it was good. i told her that i didnt have a brithday cake for my brithday and so she made me one and it was good. and then on friday we had corinlation with the branch mission leader and the senior couple and we was their for 2 hours and then he took us out to lunch and we had apointment to get to at 1 and we was late for it but she didnt mind. the apointment was Marice and she is going to be getting baptized this month. but then after that we went and taught another lesson and we picked up 2 more investigators. and on saturday we was going to clean the apartment that morning but we got a phone call from the branch President and his wife to see if we wanted to come up for lunch at their camp site and they would come and pick us up in town so we said sure but before we did that we went and saw marcie that morning then we went with their family back to their camp site and they cooked BBQ chicken over the fire and also corn on the coop as well over the fire and it was so good. well on wednesday evening we was texting(yes texting cause we got new phones and they gave us texting but it is limited in a way) the branch Presdients wife back and forth and she asked us when we was going to able to answer the phone cause the branch President needed to call us and talked to us and well he wanted to talk to me and he asked me if i could speak this coming sunday and i said sure what do you want me to speak on and we went thought 3 different topics and we was thinking na thats not it and then sacrifice and service came up and we was like thats what i should talk on so the rest of the week during personal study i was doing my talk and wow did my eyes open up and i was like wow their is a lot that i can talk about on it and get this while we was praying that night the thought came to my mind to talk about the atonement of jesus christ and his sacrifice that he did for all of us. so i based my talk on it and well sunday came around and i was the last speaker to speak on sunday but the 2nd speaking bless her hart. old people can speak a lot and i mean a lot and they have a lot of stoires to say as well. so she got up and well 35 mins later she sat down and it was time to close the meeting for sacrament meeting well 10 mins before she sat down i was seating behide the branch President and he turned around and asked me if i wanted to speak next week cause of time and i told him sure i would. so i am speaking next week instend so more time to make sure my talk is going to be good.
    7 bags of frozen fruit huh mom wow thats a lot. sounds like you guys have been busy doing a lot of stuff around the house. ya i herd about tyler he has been emailing me as well so we have been emailing back and forth about things. o ya dad i knon how you like to tinker with things maybe thats where i got that from lol. well everyone thats all for now got to get other emails off love ya.
love elder webster

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Training with the a Seventy

hey everyone,

     hello well we are over at the senior couples place emailing today. well this past week was a good week. to start off the week last week we was down in Tawas all day on tuesday and didnt have to much success that day and then on wednesday i was over in west branch for the day on a trade off and i was with elder Wilkins and we had a fun day talking to all different people. and on thursday we traded back in a small town called Hale Michigan thats in are area and thats where the branch President lives for are branch. well we didnt have that many miles lived on the car and we needed to save some so me and elder green biked all day that day in hale and hale is not flat. their is a few hills that we had to go over but we did it. it took us a hour to ride 4 miles up and down hills. end up on friday we had way to many miles so we was driving around up north of are area to use some miles that we still had to use before the end of the day. o before i forget we are going to get a new car next week when we go down to Mt. Pleasent for a training with someone from the Seventhy but we dont know what we are going to be getting just a new car cause the cars that we drive they only let them get up to a serten amont of miles around 55,000 and we are getting up their so they are going to be giving us a new car. well back to are week last week. well on friday we went to a furnal for a ladie that died from the branch and after words we got ALL of the left overs and well we still have some to eat still. and i mean the left overs was a lot of food. well family sorry this is a short email but not much time today still have to go and clean are house and make sure we have everything ready to go. love ya have a great week

love elder webster