Saturday, August 27, 2011

Long WWWeeeeKKKK

hey everyone
well its another week gone by. i got a email from the mission President yesturday to see how i have been and i emailed him right back and now it is your guys turn. well school here in Greenville is started and they played their first football game last night but i dont know who won or nothing i got online when we was at the stevens to watch madison play i only watch the 2nd period and they was tired tell pocky score but then i have to get off but thats not good they got there butt kick well pocky is a hard team to play. it seems like madison just let them walk over them after half time. but now coach buck has a lot to work on for the team.
well this past week we got the car on wedensday me and elder Dearden had to go and get it down in Grand Rapids from the grand Rapids 2 elders while they was on lunch cause we didnt have distrect meeting cause there was training meetings that the distrect leaders, Zion leaders and all of the new missionaries had to go to for 2 days. and when we got to the stake center on wed they was already out to lunch so we had to wait so while we was we wne t in and talked to the mission President and some of the other missionaries that was their eating lunch. now since we have had the car we have gone to all of the different towns to see all of are investigators and today(saturday) we are going to go and see Native and his family(the family that has 11 kids) we are going to go and help them move some hay that fell down in their barn. well the whole mission is getting new beds and so we have to take a new beds that we just got for are apartment about only 4 mouths old and go and get new ones are apartment was the only one that has that new of beds all of the other apartments has had like 5 or 6 year old beds in their place or even older.
well missionary work now i guess before i run out of time. Greenville is doing goos right now. Me and Elder Dearden has been trying to stay busy, we have trade offs this next week with the distrect leader so i am going to go up to Big Rapids with him and his companion is going to stay here in Greenville with Elder Dearden. we are doing it on tuesday and then and wedensday we are trading back at disrect meeting down in Grand Rapids. well on tuesday the bishop went with us to apointment out in a town called staton it is about 20 mins away from Greenville and then he took us to Belding well we had another apointment but he just droped us off their cause he had to go but we had a dinner apointment in belding anyway that day but then the stevens took us home that night. so far tuesday has been are best day and also same with yesturday(friday) was also. but this past week just has been a long week and when are disrect leader called us last night just to see how are week has been i told him that it has been a LONG week and he agreed with me and he said that today(saturday) he is going to take a hour to a hour and a half nap cause it is are p-day so they was going to go and get everything down in the morning and then go back to their apartment and take a nap. and yes we can take naps on are p-days. the stevens family is doing good. no they are going to move out west cause Jayde the daughter is going to go to school at Snow Collage when she gets done with high school. and they are getting tried of Michigan.
well buddy(is the family dog, he got lose 2 days ago) is getting tough i guess. did you get a call from the dog place to go and get him or did you get a call from Joe Plamer. speacking of him how have they been with their new child? and how is savanna senila? ya like a said earlyer i watch a little bit of it but not much i asked the stevens if i could get on and watch my high school team from back home and they you can watch it online and i said yep and they ya go ahead so they watch it with me and they could not belive how good madison was doing but i guess not good anought. hopefully next week they can win. who do they play next week? when do they play rigby this year? well only have a few more mins left tell have to get off so thats all for now hope to hear from everyone soon love ya.
Elder Webster

Monday, August 22, 2011

Oops a Fall but got right back up

hey everyone
sorry didnt have a email out on saturday but we was way busy that day with everything that was going on. are p-days are still on saturday we got permissin to send a email today. well to start off this past week has been good tell friday. on friday we was riding are bikes and we decied to go under the road their is a underneath path that goes from side of the road to the other side, and this is by are apartment as well. their is a down slop to it on one side and a up hill slop on the other and when we got to the up hill slop i was down shifting on the bike to get going up hill and the chain came off and i went flying over the bike and hit my left side of my body. and boy did it hurt but i got right up when i fell down and kept on going but i got a good scrape on my left arm and by my left knee but i was ok it hurt for the rest of the day and whenever i touch it it hurts now. but o well i deal with it. on wedensday we had to give the car away to the Grand Vally elders so we dont have a car tell wed. but we got a ride from a investigator and his name is native he is the one that has 11 kids in the family. we was with him and the rest of the family for a few hours and then they took us to are next apointment in ceder spring with the stone's family and they took us back home after words. the stones family was the ones that took us to the coner bar and thats where i did the 12 hot dog challange. the 12 hot dog challenge was i had to eat 12 hot dogs in 4 hours but i didnt have that long to eat them i only had a hour and a half to eat them. but i ate them all in less then 45 mins but i threw up a little and jason stone(he is the elders qourm president) he was sitting by me and we was in a both and boy did he move really fast when i threw up and same with elder Dearden haha. but no matter what you got a t-shirt out of it i got one saying "i lost the challenange at the corner bar" and their is a pic on their of getting beat up by a few hot dogs and then it saids below "12 hot dogs served but not 12 down" but it was fun anyway but i am going to do it again here soon polly not tell next mouth thou.
well the mission work is going good last week was a slow week for us cause we didnt have a car for half the week so we could go and see all of are investigators cause they all live outside of greenville. and whenever we have the car we use it like crazy to go and see all of are investigators but we get yelled at for going over miles but we cant help it. it is ether get yelled at for not seeing are investigators or get yelled at for going over miles so we choose to get yelled at for going over miles to see are investigators. Native's family their is only 7 out of the 13 that is over the age of 8 but still that would be awsome to get them all baptized before the end of setpember. one thing that will hold a few people back is drinking coffie but me and elder Dearden has something that tastes just like it but it is not coffie and it has work with a few other people elder Dearden has said, so we are going to have them try it and see what they say.
ya if you didnt hear from my mom that i had to send my quitar home and everything that went with it. and i got permission to call to find out if it got their or not and i called almost everynight to see if it was their or not and i send it last tuesday and ot got their last friday the 19th and dad you can learn how to play it and i got that book of grath brooks so i could play it some day as well. the bast place to get new strings would be at Mikes music store which if i remember it is a main street their in down. and asked then which strings would be good for my quitar and they should know. so is coach buck going to win against his old team this year and go to state as well with being back at madison. and i herd that the basketball team might win back to back from what Mikael was telling me and that have 6 coming back or something like that from last years team that would be awsome if they won back to back at state for basketball. ya i remember cory i knew he was going to get married before i left on my mission it was on facebook. ya it sounds like i will not be in the same house when i get back and that rexburg wont be the same ether i will have to do what chelle did when she got back. go and drive around and see what has happened and see all of the changes that has happened. ya sorry if this letter is crazy i only have a hour and i want to get everything in that i can. ya greenville had a dansish festival over this past weekend and we went and helped a little on saturday and walked around as well. on friday was the first day for it and boy was their a lot of people in greenville for it as well. me and elder dearden both looked at each other and said i had never seen this many people and cars here in greenville before haha. but it was good we didnt buy anything cause we didnt have any cash on us but then we went to Native's place and hanged out with them for the rest of the day and then they brought us back to are apartment and we notice we didnt have the greenville area cell phone so native drove back out and got it for us and brought it back so we could have it and he didnt might doing that. we told him not to answer any calls that came in and he didnt cause we didnt have a calls that came in which is good. but thats all for now letters will be in the mail soon we have a busy week this week so polly will be the next week hopefully but hope to hear from everyone soon love ya
elder Webster

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Getting Back to Basics

hey everyone
well thanks for all the birthday wishes i forgot to tell you that in my last email. well this past week as been a long week with everything going on in the mission. their was transfers going on and meeting with new missionaries. the distrect that i am in right now we got 2 new missionaries that just came out but me and elder Dearden just met 1 of them. he is getting trained by Elder Bready and he is the distrect leader. He had to come to greenville and drop off a few things from Lansing that we had to get cause we didnt get transfered or else we would of got the stuff at transfers. we have had 15 different lessons this week which has been a good week, we dont normally have that many here in greenville cause their is not much going on. but we got asked to help with a thing called the danish Festival here in Greenville. Greenville has been the host for it for close to 50 years now. and for the past 5 or 6 years the elders that have been here has cooked the food for it and so they asked us again this year if we would do that, good thing i know how to good some good hamburgers and hot dogs as well. we have a baptism tommorow(sunday) after church and after the linger longer for that ward. the ward has a linger longer once every mouth, it is just like the linger longer for the single ward at the church that they have every 4th sunday. we are going to have the baptism after that, his name is Kareem and he is 9 years old, he has a younger brother and a older brother as well and they are living with their aunt. their aunt is a member. and he is way excited to get baptised he is having his cunsin doing it. and his cunsin is only a priest but he lives up north in michigan somewhere. the other family that the Zima's are having us teach the dads name is Native and i cant remember but his wifes name is but their is 11 kids in the family but right now we are just talking with the parents tell they bring the kids. the parents are just coming over to the Zima's house everytime we go over their for dinner. they like church last week when they came even thou it was fast and testimoney meeting but all people was talking about was familys and that is what they like about are churhc is how familys is a big part in the church.
well if my mom didnt tell everyone we have to send all musical things home or send them to the mission home in East Lansing but we dont turst the Mission Home with all of the new Missionaries that come in and everything else, so me and elder Dearden are going to be sending them home and i am going to send mine home on Monday the 15th so eric or dad if you know how to play it you can and their is a tunner and a learning book with all different kinds of notes in it as well. the book with the songs is George Straght the greastest hits and a few other songs as well in it. and their will be a tonner and a stand that it is going to be coming with the quitar.
ya congrates tom on getting a job hey it is a job right now tell the snow falls and then hopefully you can work with them next year as well when the snow goes away. wait what am i saying it is the teton vally so their will be snow tell the middle of july for the teton vally right lol :). so dad are you saying that when i get home that i will be able to out drive you if you are hitting from the gold tees and not from the white tees lol. that is so crazy that school is starting up agian but ya i know that here as well are apartment is right by the high school and the band, football, and soccor all pratice on the fields that is by the high school so we can hear the band play every morning just like back home. they are doing a song from harry potter i am guess for the 7th movie that just came out. ya i dont remember Devin at all i might if i see him or see a pic. why would Troy take all that money that it just crazy why he would that all that, but who well. but thats it for now hope to hear from everyone soon. love ya
Elder webster

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Go Teach and Learn

hey everyone,
well first off transfers we are staying together for another 6 weeks in greenville. Yesturday(friday) we was getting phone call after phone call and we was calling people as well to see where everyone was going. so it was a crazy day and the same with today(saturday) as well. we are happy that we are staying together for another transfer and same with a lot of ward members here.we have another baptism coming up on the 14 of this mouth it is on a sunday so it is going to be right after church. well today we are going to have dinner with the Zima's they are a family in the ward and they are going to have friends over that wants to learn more about the church. so we are going to teach them tonight after dinner. my birthday went really good we went over to a members place for dinner and played some card games with them. and then on thursday we went over to the Rackhams for dinner and went and good pizza fro my birthday so i had 2 birthday dinners. and on monday the 1st i got a call from sister Hess the mission Presidents wife and she wished me a happy birthday.
ya thats good to hear that the webster reunion went good. and glad that you got my SD card chelle yes i do want the pics back for i can keep them with me thought my mission. well if you didnt here we got a call from are mission president last week cause he wanted to see us and to see how we are doing in greenville well we fighured out why we got told that the bishop called him and told him that we was not doing anything well we are we told are mission president that we just had 3 baptisms and that we have another one coming up the only thing that we are not good on is finding new people to teach but as you read already we are going to be teaching new people tonight with some ward members. the family they have 11 kids so 13 people all together. so it was crazy when he called us and so he came and picked us up as we was running back to the apartment and when we got back he was talking with us for 30 to 45 mins at least then he went and took us to mickyd's and brought us food to eat right before are dinner apointment. so it was a crazy day last friday.
thats good to hear that the shed is dont and the same with the garage. now all you need to do is have a bar-be-que with them before school starts back up and foorball for jaxon.sure i can always have another shirt to wear. so how was the churckers game? thats good that you had a couple of extra tickets and that you gave them to the missionaries that was their. ya their is a ball park that is in grand rapids that the elders their go with the members. they have gone 2 times this past transfer. they are a AA baseball team for the MLB. so what did the missionaries there say when you told them that "the tickets were courtesy of our missionary".but thats wants going on here in greenville. well thats all for now hope to hear from EVERYONE soon love ya, letters will come soon
elder webster