Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 21, 2011

well i am in Holt, Michigan now with elder Cox if you didnt know. he is from Provo, Utah. He has been out for a little over 9 mouths now on his mission. We are in a ward and he told me when he got transfered here it was just like back home in utah. their is a lot of young people and young familys in the ward and their is a lot of young women and young men also which is good. and he told it will be like being back home in a family ward. transfers went good i took a few pics with a few missionaires. ya so far this week we have had only 17 lessons but we count the members lessons as well in the zone. but we have not only 5 member lessons this week and the 2 less active lessons and the rest is with investigators, which is good. we have a baptism coming up on the 4 of next mouth with a investigator and we are hoping we can have a few more as well before the transfer is over with. cause this area and the lansing area is the hottest(the best areas with baptisms) areas right now. and so we are hoping that we can have 6 more this transfer that can be baptised. we are getting feed everyday by the members which is good. and i get full everytime. we had ribs yesturday(friday) from a family in the ward, and they gave us the rest of the ribs that was left over. and when i got their to the Holt apartment there was not that much food left so today we are going to bo going shopping for a lot of stuff(food) for the apartment. and next weekend we are going to be up in Petotosky it is up north for the half mission p-day but it is friday and saturday. on friday we have training meetings that day and then on saturday we have games and some more stuff that we are going to be doing all day. we have to leave lansing at 5 am next friday to get up their at 9am. so that is going to be a long day as well but it should be fun. and it is a goodbye thing for president and sister Jones.
so far in Holt it has been really busy and we leave are apartment a little 10am and we dont get back tell 9:30 that evening some times unless we go back for lunch but so far that has only been twice this past week. we already have 17 apointments set up for next week and we still have a few open spots but thats it. cause we can't do anything next friday and saturday cause we will be gone all day long. and so are next p-day well polly be the next monday the 30th. but we dont know for sure we will find out on wedensday when we have to go to distrect meeting in jackson. that is where are distrect leader is at this transfer. so we get to go their for 3 distrect meeting this transfer out of 5 weeks, the next transfer will be 7 weeks long. Holt is doing pretty good as of right now and we are hoping we can get it was up as well. we have 3 apointments tonight so we will finish f the week with 20 lessons and thats the best that it has been for a long time so that will be good. but other then that work here in Holt is doing really good.
sounds like everything back home is doing good. thats sounds like a long drive that you have to do. drive all the way to colorado and i thought driving from Alpena to Mt. Pleasent was a long drive i was wrong. well the weather down here in Holt is a lot different from the weather up their in Alpena. it is way warm down here it has been around in the 70's and it doesnt help that it is humet(mis spelled). ya i can tell that chris was changing everyday i think i will also. and we found out that in August that transfer their will be 8 elders, 2 sisters and a senior couple that will be coming out. but their will be a few missionaries going home as well. this last transfer there was only 4 elders that came out. so it has been a good transfer so far and i hope that it will be a good one as well.
that is stupid that they closed the spud drive-in the year. everyone goes to that everynight. it is really the only thing that people do up their in the teton vally i know that for sure. cause their was nothing to do whenever i was up their working. sounds like madona is going to be working with him and everything which is way good. so who is this Shelia person that you are talking about chelle. Thats good that Tom is going to be a apart of the interview process. i cant belive that jake is going to be going home that soon wow next mouth wow i cant belive that. where has the time gone. wow cameron is getting ole that means i am getting old as well, lol. ya on tuesday we had 4 apointments fall thought so we went door nokning a lot that day, which was ok even thought we only got a person to say that they would like us to come back. i will be seding me sim card home this week dont worry we have just been crazy busy with the different apointment and every else that has been going on as well. but thats it for now here in Holt letters will be in the mail hopefully this week some time when i have time to write them. love ya all
Elder Webster

Monday, May 16, 2011

Transfers tomorrow

well we are doing emailing again today cause we didnt have that much time on saturday to do it. so i am getting transfered down to a town called Holt, Michigan. we have a part of Lansing in are area down their. Last transfer they had 5 baptisms for the investigators. and 1 in the ward. and when i get there tommorow(tuesday) morning we have 27 apointment alreadt set up for the rest of the week so we are going to be busy. and me new compaoin is going to be Elder Cox. he was traned up in Alpena as well which was funny i thought. but he has only been out for almost 8 mouths now. and i have been out for over 3 mouths and i cant belive it, where has the time gone. but i dont know to much about Holt all i know that it is going to be a busy area, which will be good. but not to much going on as of right now, letters will be coming soon polly will be next week some time. so hope to hear from everyone soon.
Elder Joseph Webster

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Transfers this week

well i am getting transfered down to a place called Holt. It is right below Lansing and i mean right below Lansing. Last transfer i herd that they had 5 baptisms and when i get there their is 27 apointments already set up for the rest of the week. and i get their on tuesday afternoon. well we had time to send emails today(saturday) we are at the tranvers city libary they only give you a hour on the computers. which is not that long to email so we might on monday as well but only if me and elder curtis has time which i dont know if we will or not cause we are going to be pretty busy on monday. but we have to be down in Mt Pleasnt at 7:50 AM so we have to leave Alpena at 4:45 top get down their on time but with me driving if we leave at 5 we will get their on time and with time to spear. so we have to wake up at 3:30 to get everything in the car and get out the door. but Hold its a ward from what i hear but i will tell you more in the next letter/email to come.

well the weather is good here we have not no rain here at all these past few days. all it has been is just cloudy and no rain, mainly mist thats it. it has been up in the 70's already hear and boy is it warm at nights as well. so not much going on here in Michigan at all we are only going to be having a 5 week transfer this tranfers cause of the new mission president coming in. but then we are going to have a 7 week transfer next trasnfer in the last week of june. and so that transfer will be a long one so i hope i get someone fun to be with. but i guess we will see. but i will get the address for me new area soon for everyone that way you wont have to send it to the mission office for that transfer anyway. but thats it for now hope to hear from everyone soon.

Elder Joseph Webster

p.s sorry for the short email didnt have must time to do one this week.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

May 7, 2011

hey how is things going? how is the weather? things are going good. the weather is good this past week it has been warming up on sunday it got up to 80. YAY!!! hehe but the weather beside that has been in the 60's and sunny. a little clody here and there but not to much. ya mothers day tommorow yay i get to here from everyone and to see how everyone is doing. ya once agian for anyone that is going to write me, write to the mission office address then they will forward the letters to me to wherever i am at. transfers are coming up on the 16th and 17th again. but we have a distrect conference(stake conference) next weekend over in traverse city on saturday and sunday. so we are going to be over their all day on saturday. and P-days are always going to be on a saturday unless we have something else going on that whole day and that a mission wide thing that P-days are on saturday. hey tom you can wear a tie like i do everyday, you can be a missionary lol. which you should be one anyways. you should be a ward missionary or whatever they call it. well the branch is having a branch cook out today out at are branch presidents house. and we are going to play games as long as the weather is good it is going to be outside and so far it looks good weather nice and sunny.

well mission life. the mission is going good we are down to only 15 different poeple we had to drop a few cause they was not doing anything. so now we are going to forcos on the ones that we have now and hopefully they all can get baptised here in the furture. Darrion Pyscher is still getting baptized on the 21st of this mouth yay. it is going to be at 7pm down in oscoda again where his younger sister was baptized. and he has asked if elder curtis would do it but we told him to think about it and so we are going to ask him tommorow. but this past week as been another slow week as well as the week before but not to much going on here in alpena but thats all for now cant wait to talk to everyone and hope to get letters soon.

elder webster