Friday, January 20, 2012

Baptism for Elder Webster and Elder Kohler

Elder Webster Kimberly and Elder Kohler
 Elder Webster and his companion Elder Kohler have been teaching Kimberly for a few weeks now. Kimberly soaked up the gospel of Jesus Christ like sun rays shining down on us and loving every bit of it.  Baptized on January 14, 2012 in Grand Rapids, MI by Elder Kohler.

Kimberly and Her friend from Utah that flew out especially for her Baptism

Kimberly the Newest Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints along with 2 of her kids

Elder Kohler, Kimberly and 2 of her kids

Thursday, January 19, 2012

hello everyone,
     well another week has gone by here on my mission. today is tuesday the reason why i am sending a email today is cause it was MLK jr day yesturday and all of the libarys was closed. well it snowed last week and i mean it snowed so we got over 6 inches of snow in 2 days but now today it is melting cause it rained all night last night so we can see the green glass underneath the snow. so right now we dont have that much snow on the ground anymore. thats good that eric is liking his job that he has but he will get used to being on his feet cause thats what i did all the time when i was working at broulims i was on my feet all the time and all day long. well we are on trade offs right now i am down here in Grand Vally with Elder Meng and elder Kohler is up in Greenville with elder Robles. we went up to Greenville yesturday to hang out with them and played games cause it was are P-day we traded off last night and we are going to trade back wedensday at distrect meeting. thats cool that brenner, tyler and derek all stoped by and you guys all talked for 30 mins or so thats good that they stoped by. was you glad that they stoped by?
     we had a baptism over the weekend and it was Kimberly's baptism and she was way excited for her baptism. her friend form utah was here for the baptism as well and we asked him if he could bare his testimoney about the church and he also asked us if he could sing a song and we was like ya sure and so he did. and the baptism went really good. and get this we went to go and fell the font up with hot water and well their was not that much hot water so it was really cold and elder Kohler was the one that got to baptise her. she told us that she was not worryed about the cold water but then when she got into the water she was like "burrrr it is cold" and the grand rapids elders was their and they also had a baptism that day but later on that day. but their is some bad news tho now that she is baptized we have to hand her off to the grand rapids elders cause she lives in the grand rapids ward now cause thats why her parents live and she is living with them. one set of the grand rapids elders lives just down the street from where kimberly's parents lives. but this was funny when the grand rapids elders told us that they went and door knocked on the same street that she lives on kimberly's dad answered the door and said that they are baptised but this was 4 months ago to before we was meeting with her at mickyd's. so i thought that was funny when they told us that. and kimberly told them that if she had answered the door she would of told them that she didnt want to hear the message of what we had to tell her but a month later she came to church and now look at kimberly she is baptized a member of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints. then on sunday she was comfirmed a member and her daughter came and her daughter is 16 years old. then later that night she called us and we was talking with her over the phone. while we was talking i asked her how her daughter like the church and kimberly said that she loved it some of the young women came up to her and talked to kimberly's daughter. Kimberly told us that and we was like cool and now she wants to learn more about the church but we wont be able to teach her cause they live out of are area o well  the grand rapids elders can teach her.
     well we had traning last thursday over in Lansing and their was 2 people from the MTC their and gave us good stuff to learn about. we left the Grand Rapids stake center at 7:30 in the morning and then we didnt get back tell 6:45 and then we had to hurry back to are apartment cause are dinner apointment was picking us up to take us out to dinner and then he was going to go with us to an apointment after that. so we didnt get home tell after 9 and we was tried but it was a good and learning day. well we found something out last week about George(one of are investigators) he has to get married i dont know if i told you that or not but now he knows why he has to get married in order to get baptised. so he told us that they are planning on getting married anyway but they are waiting on a few things to get here then they are going to get married then he will be able to get baptized. but other then that are week went good it was a good week. and this next week we have a few apointments distrect meeting here in Grand Rapids. then on Friday we will be getting a call ether from the Zone leaders or from the mission president about transfer. we are hoping from the Zone leaders saying that we are staying together. and if we do stay together most likey we will tell the end of his mission. so thats all for now hope to hear from everyone soon love ya.
elder Webster

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

11 Months Were has the Time Gone

hello everyone,
      well i have been out on my mission for 11 months now, where has the time gone too. we have been busy here in Grand Rapids. right now we have 5 people with a baptismal date and 3 of them are for this mouth but we are going to have to move one of them to next month cause we want to make sure that he knows why he is going to get baptized and he knows for himself and has a good testimoney as well. so we are just going to move it back a week or 2 but not to far back. i did not know that their was a player that played for oregon that was from st. anothony, that is cool. ya and we herd that they won as well and same with Michigan State as well in 3 over times.
      the weather here is crazy over the weekend it was snowing like crazy sunday night here it was snowning and their was a strong wind but all together here in grand rapids it only snowed a inch or so. are ward here here in Grand Vally had a open house and at the open house their was lots of games and they was watching the bowl games that was on tv. the games that they had was pool, ping pong, and foose ball. and their was lots of food as well. we also have trade offs with greenville tommorow tell thursday when we trade back sometime that morning. we also had interviews last friday with the mission President, President Hess and they went good. he asked me if i think that Grand Vally should have another set of elders in the area and over the campus cause we cant get out to the campus that is here. the campus is the Grand Vally State Unitversity and it is 20 mins away from where we live at. so we dont get out their and President Hess told me that he is going to take a look at it again.
      ok for missionary work now. it is going good right now we have 8 or 9 investigators and out of those 5 of them have baptismal dates. and out of those 5 one of them is getting baptized next weekend on the 14th and she is way excited to get baptized. she told us that she knows that the book of mormon is true and that this is the true church here on the earth. and that jesus is the only way to go back and live with are father in Heaven. and she also told us that everything that we have been telling her is true and she is ay excited to get baptized as well. one of her friends from utah is going to be here for the baptism. this past week we was pretty busy with everything going on here in are area. last tuseday we have 8 apointment but we had to reshulched with some of them cause of things that came up. but then we went down to 6 apointments for that day but we only had 3 lessons happen cause some people was not home. but it was a good day thou. on Friday we distrect meeting here in Grand Rapids and we also had interviews with Presdient Hess. like i said earlyer in the email that President Hess is thinkning about putting another set of missionaries in the area to go out on the campus here and work their. also after that a member took us out to eat at a all you can eat china buffet right by are apartment and it was good and she is going to take us out to eat again this friday at the same place. but after that we had apointment with Elmur Ybaha and he is the one that is 91 years old and he wife has been a member for over 60 years. he has a baptismal date for the 28th of this month but we are going to have to move it back a week just to make sure that he knows that it is true and he is doing it for himself and no one else. Right now we have been meeting with some of are investigators twice a week to make sure that they now and are ready for baptism. Kimberly is going to be getting baptized on the 14th of this month and she is way excited to get baptized. she has a friend that lives in utah and he is going to be here for the baptism and she was excited for that as well. o we start church at 9 in the morning now. at church on sunday they was not that many people their on time but within 10 mins everyone showed up just like the ward back home right mom and dad lol. well we are doing trade offs with the greenville elder tommorow tell thursday morning and i am going to be up their with elder Robles(my old companion) tell thursday morning. so it is going to be a good week this week with everything going on. but thats all for now hope to hear from EVERYONE SOON love ya.
elder Webste

Short and Sweet

     well Christmas is over with and new years is this weekend. it was a green Christmas here in Michigan and now today(Tuesday) it is snowing and coming down good. i don't know if you told you this or not but i have been talking to the McLains and i asked them if they wanted me to go to the temple with them for the first time and they said yes and so i asked my mission President and he said that i could go to the temple with them. well it was good talking to everyone on Christmas next time i will get to call is on mothers day, which is in may. well are library was closed yesterday(Monday) and so we got to email today and we also get to email next Tuesday as well cause the library is going to be closed again next Monday cause of new years day. when we was out at the members house elder Kohler was talking to his family for 5 hours on the phone and it was 4 hours for when we was talking on the phone. that's funny that Greg had to say a few remarks tell all of the chairs was set up lol. so how is the new TV for you guys, mom and dad. the new 47inch TV.
    when we was talking on the phone home i got a text message saying that we had to call the zone leaders to give them numbers. we was going to do it the next day which was going to be Monday but we had to call them that night(Sunday night) to tell them so we had to call the Greenville elders and get their numbers and then call the Zone Leaders to tell them. but when we called them they nevered answered so we just called them the next morning(Monday morning) and told them the numbers and everything. well the list that we got from the ward is going good we have made a few more appointments with some people on the list. last Saturday on Christmas eve we had 2 dinner appointments to go to and boy was the both of us full from the 1st one and then we was over stuffed from the 2nd was and they both gave us left overs as well. well it is a short email not much to say right now but hope all is good and hope to hear from everyone soon. love ya
elder Webster

Merry Christmas

hey everyone,
     well it is christmans time once again. well we had a traning meeting last friday and saturday here in grand rapids. it went really good we also had a christmas party the last part of the traning meeting. they had games for everyone to play, they split the 2 zones up then the split the senior companions up from the jr companions and one of the games that they did was you had to out a oreo on your fullhead and try to get in you mouth without using your hands. you just have to use you face it was like the websters when they did it at the webster renuion a year or 2 years ago at green canyon. i did it and i got in my mouth in 30 secs. but one elder did it and you would not belive it he got it in his mouth in 3 secs i got it on vedio. no one belive it tell they saw it on my camara. it was crazy. there was a few other games as well that was their. but over all the traning went really well, we learned a lot as well. well for christmas time for me to call elder Kohler is going to call first to his parents then i am going to call, so i wont polly call tell sometime after 4:30 my time so it will be 2:30 your guys time.
      well last week monday when we got dont with emailing we got a call from the assistents telling us that we had to come and get some elders from the stake center in grand rapids cause they had to stay the night cause they was going up to a area but the other elders was not going to be their tell the next day(tuseday) so they slept over at are apartment. so it was pretty crazy that we had to go and get some other elders and bring them back to are apartment. We had a good and busy week this past week. we are going to be even more busyer this week cause the ward gave us 23 less active/part member families to set up apointments to go and see. so we are going to be doing that this week. We have distrect meeting up in Greenville this week so we are going to be traveling up their on wedensday morning for it. and the Zone leaders are going to be their cause we are going on trade offs with them tommorow morning and going to trade back on wedensday after distrect meeting. next week on friday the 30th we have interviews with President Hess here in Grand Rapids at the stake center. so that is some exciting news coming up anyway. but not to much going on right now just staying busy with apointment and everything. well hope everyone has a good christmas talk to you on sunday when i call.
elder webster