Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

hello everyone,

Happy new year,

      well another week has gone by here in michgan. thanks for letting me know when i am going to be speaking. but are you sure i am going to be speaking on that day and not on the 17th jk. we got are heater fixed. a guy came and fixed it on friday around 8pm. well mom i am going to send a few package home poberly this next month that way i wont have that much to bring home with me when we fly home, and also to take around with us when we go around michigan. i thought i would let you know. 

well here is a week. last monday was christmas eve and we was out at are branch president house all day and we played some games and also had a good dinner. well tuesday was christmas so it was good, got a lot of candy from everyone and the shirt mom that you gave me i cant believe you o well. well i am going to try and send a vedio to ya guys that i made on christmas. then on wednesday we was here in oscoda and we went and saw a active member and had a good lesson with him at the church. then after that we went down towards tawas and had dinner with another members who lives on the lake shore of lake Huron. then on thursday we went and did some finding for the week but too many people was home where we went. then we went and tryed to stop in on a few other people to see if they was home and they was but they was way busy and didnt have time to meet so then we called a in active sister in the branch that lives in oscoda to see if we could come and stop by later on and so we did. then on friday was the longest day that i have had in awhile since i was in grand rapids with elder bullard. we had to wait all for the heat person to come and fix are heat and guess what. he didnt come tell 8pm which suck o well. got a lot of studies in that day. well on saturday was are best day. we had 4 lessons that day. after we went and had lunch, we went and tryed to stop by an investigators place and too see how their christmas was and so we did and they was home and told us to come on in. i am going to tell you. i got 70 dollors in cash from everyone for chirstmas and bishop hannah gave me 40 and told me to use it on people that we are teaching and so the family that we stop at, didnt get to much for christmas and the 2 boys really wanted 2 games for chirstmas and they was call of duty black opps2 for xbox360 and also halo 4 so we went to kmart the day after christmas and we went and brought halo4 for them with the money for a christmas present and we are going to go and buy the other one for them as well when we go down to walmart cause kmart didnt have it. but anyway back to what we did on saturday, after that we went and tryed to stop by another persons home to see if they was home but no one come to the door or no one was home. but we did a have a good week. yesturday for church the branch presidency all talked and all of talked about missionary work in a way. brother parents talked about st. john 21 well chirst is talking to peter about feeding his sheep. bro scherbel talked about 4 things to do when you have a calling and they are 1) parparing spiritaly 2)meet and cousel with other people about the calling and see what you need to do to best do your calling that you have, 3)ministering to others and 4)teach people. he also said "every single part in a car is important and it is just like every single calling that you have had in the past, persent and furture and everything that goes with it are important" and pre karn talked about that the spirit is going to gives us the knowledge that we need from are father in heaven and he also said that we need to love everyone and also love are heavenly father cause he gives us the most inportant thing which is the holy ghost and he can take that away when he wants to. so we have to be wrothy of it all of the time. well thats the week here in oscoda michigan. 

well family thanks for everything, got to got for now so talk to you again love ya

love elder webster

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve/Staying in Oscoda for last 6 weeks

hello everyone,

well another week has gone by here in michigan. it was a long and crazy week. first off we got transfer calls and elder johnson and i are staying together here in oscoda and i am going to finish my mission off here. to start off the week here. on friday we got a bad wind, rain, and snow strom that put a lot of people out of power for a little while. but it was back on for church yesturday which was good. and specking of no heat with power off. we lost heat in our place sunday morning but we still had power so we had no heat for the whole day and last night so the person that owns the house she is going to come and fix the heater today sometime. so we wont be sleeping in the good again cause it got below 30 in are house last night but we had a lot of blankets and warm clothes. are plans for today(christmas eve) are going out to hale to the branch presidents house and spend time with them and then for chirstmas we are going over to the hancocks place here in oscoda for dinner and spend time with them for a little bit. ya mom sister parents stopped me at church and told me that she has been talking to you about everything with caleb and all the stuff that he has to do before he leaves on his mission. and thats to funny about her knwoing are consin up in the vally

well to start off the week it was a good week we had 18 lessons and we did a lot of singing this past week and boy was my voice tried after that lol. tuseday we was out in hale like always and we was door knocking and while we was doing that we found a new investigator and he asked us for a book of mormon and a few phamphets that we give out to people as well and we going back their on the 8th of janurary. then for dinner with steve and sue parent and it was a good dinner then we went with the karn family and we went and sang songs to pres karns mom and dad(who are not members) and we had a good time. then on wednseday we had are last distrect meeting of the transfer over in west branch and it was good. then we was in tawas and in Au Greu and while we was in tawas we a less active and it was sister calkins and she came to church this sunday and same with her non member husbend. then after that we drove down to Au Gre and we saw another inactive family and had a visit with them and then we went over to are new branch mission leaders place and had a meeting with him and had dinner then he had some more living christmas cards he wanted to do with us so we went and did them and it was cool. we was at each place for 20 to 30 mins talking with them and sharing the story of christ birth. then on thursday we saw brain who is a active member that we meet with each week to help him out with some things as well then after that we went and did some finding and nothing came out of it that day. then on friday we went down to tawas again cause we have so many miles to use cause we are getting transfered so we went and saw some other people down their some members and also did some door knocking down their but we didnt get to far cause their was not to much light left in the day to do it. but o well. then on saturday we went and tryed to do some knocking but a lot of people was still without power so their was not that many people home cause they was gone. then yesturday, sunday we had church and it was the chirstmas program and it was a great program. we sang 2 times. once with the prisethood and the song was hymm number 212 and then we sang for the branch choir and the song was called "still, still, still" and man was that a sweet song. then we had dinner with the Scherbels and they are a way sweet family to be with. 

well family thats all for now hope all is well back in idaho talk to you soon. love ya

love elder webster

Monday, December 17, 2012

good morning, afternoon or evening
hello everyone, hope everyones week was good. i had a great week here in michigan. and mom i was thinking for the day that we fly home we can just stay in utah and then come home the next day. and go to the temple down in salt lake or something and visit family while we are down their. thats crazy about cam not going to be about to go tell after the new year huh, wow. and you are going to have 5 elders for dinner tonight thats crazy. you better get a pic with all of them and get the emails for you can send then home to their parents. o hey mom tell brenner that he needs to wait and get married after i get home for i can be their for his wedding.
to start off the week. tuesday was a good day. we was out in hale where a few of the members live at. we had lunch out their at the Schorlders place and boy was we stuff once again and i mean stuffed i thought elder johnson would had to roll me out of the house of how stuffed we got. then after that we went and did some finding out their but nothing and while we was their we had the thought to go and see a less active and we did and good thing we did. cause he was just about to go down to the hospital cause he has a son that got a skin burn and has to get new skin on his arm. then we went and had dinner with steve and sue parent and he is a good cook as well. on wednesday we was with the dittrecks all day. first we went to distrect meeting over in west branch and then we went and saw 2 less actives and then we went down to Au Gurs for a corinlation meeting with the new branch mission leader and they feed all of us dinner and it was good. then thuursday we saw a member and we picked up a new investigator as well that day then on friday we had a lesson with a member that has been coming for a little while now cause he was gone for school but now he is back and coming all the time which is good. then saturday was the best day this past week cause we was at the temple. and we went down with the branch mission leader and they also took a recert convert down as well and the recert convert she said that she loved it their. and while we was their i was the excort for johnny McLain and that was fun and a aswome time. while we was in the temple we was in the last room in the celestail room and their was also a furture missionary going out and going thought the temple for his first time as well and while we was in the celestail room he came up to me and told me how greatful it was that i am worthy to come to the temple and to serve a mission. and as we was changing i gave him my info to keep in contact with me while we his out on his mission. he enters the mtc the same day that we leave to go back home so on february 13 of next year. then on sunday(yesturday) we had the primaly program for christmas and it was cool. their is 5 or 6 kids in the primary and then later that day we went and saw marcie and had a lesson with her and her son and read from the book of mormon stories book for her.
well family the email is really short this week but dont have much time left and still got to email 1 more person before we got to go. so love ya and talk to you soon.
love elder webster

Monday, December 10, 2012

hello everyone,
well to start off the email. we did get a ride down to the temple for saturday. the new branch mission leader is taking us down their. the temple trip is a 3 hour trip down their from here in oscoda and it is just little over 2 hours from the new branch mission leaders place. so this saturday is going to be a great day. we got a lot of snow this past week here in oscoda. we got snow on saturday during the morning but it went away during the day and then yesturday we got more snow but it was towards the evening and boy was it fun to drive on it. the snow was slick to drive on but it was fun. and before i forget transfer calls are this week so i will let you know by next monday or maybe even before who knows. mom i do not know the Mclains address off the top of my head sorry. but you can send the package this week with those stuff in it.
well to start off the work here in michigan to start off last week was a busy week with meetings. last sunday we had 3 lessons and 2 of them was with investigators and one of the lessons with them was are top investigators here. they are Gui and Lalananai and she is the one that has read to moshia already. and we only had a short time with them cause we had to get going to go and see the christmas devo at the church. on tuesday we was out in hale and it was a good day out their. we had lunch with the relife socity president and she is a good cook and boy she makes a lot of food as well when she cooks for us. then we went and saw steve and sue parent and then we went and had dinner with the Karns and they told us that they was going to take us to west branch for trade offs with the houghton lake elders cause they wanted us to save miles for christmas eve to come out for dinner. so they drove us their which is way nice of them. so i was on trade offs with elder reese and we had a good time. we was on trade offs from tuesday evening tell thursday at training. on wednesday me and elder resse went and saw a few members of the branch and we did about 2 hours of finding that day which was good. on thursday and friday we was down in Mt. Pleasent for traning and a christmas party as well. we learned so much both of the days and guess what?????????      i had to bare my departing testimoney that day as well. i didnt know i was going to do that ether and man was that ruff to do. but i did it. well then after traning we had to drive back to oscdoa for the branch christmas party and their was about 40 people their. and we help out with the christmas program for it and it was a great turn out. and then on saturday we went and tryed to see some more people but they was ether sick or not home so we stopped by the dittrecks cause they have been with the flu so we have been stopping by and helping them out as much as we can. yesturday we went to church and while we was their their was a few changes in the branch and we got a new branch mission leader. he was in the branch presidency but he got released and got put in for the branch mission leader. well we went and stopped by the dittracks again later on that day and while we was their it started to snow and it came down a lot at one time as well. well for the week we had 8 totel lessons but get this we also had 12 referrals that we recieved from members here for a living christmas card that we are doing.
well family thats all for now hope everyone has a great week. love ya
love elder webster

Monday, December 3, 2012

good morning/afternoon/evening,
     hello everyone. it is december and i cant believe it. and their is no snow on the ground here in oscoda ether. but i was talking to are zone leaders and they said that their is snow up in the UP. ok thanks on the news for the plane tickets. you might want to find out soon and then do everything has fast as you can. for i know as well. ya mom and dad i was in a interview with president Hess and he told me that he was going to talk to the person that does that in the mission office and tell them to chancel the plane ticket for me to come home. so i dont know whats going on for that. ya just let me know as soon as you find out and we will go from their. maybe if you want you could see if scott can do a 3 way phone call on his phone and you could call him and then he could call me or something like that. ya mom you might want to call the mission offoce here in michigan and find out whats going on if you dont here from the main office in salt lake and see whats going on with that and se if you would have to pay for me to get home or if the church pays.  ya we have gotten some rain as well here in oscoda. thats crazy about cameron going to brazil but awsome at the same time. tell him i wish i could be their but i am out here and i wish him good luck and have a great time. hey we was out at dinner on thursday and they asked me a few ?'s about rexburg cause their son is going to be going to school their before he leaves on his mission. and he is going to be leaving in Janurary for school. and i am going to give you their phone number for you can answer their ? a lot better then i could. it is Lynn and Dawndul parent and their phone number is 989-728-3898. they was wondering about wisdom teeth and a few other things. and the best time to call them in during the evening cause no one is home during the day. and the their son Calab is the one coming out to rexburg for school.
     alright about the mission. to start off the week. last week we got ropped into singing in the branch choir here in oscoda for the branch christmas program. so we are singing a song called "still, still, still" and it is a great song. i will have to let you listen to it once we get it all done and i can see if i can record it and you can listen to it. last sunday the 25th of nov. we saw the new investigators, Gui and Lala and she has only read half way though Mosiah but she is loving it. on monday we went out to the karns for dinner and the Houghton Lake elders was their as well for dinner cause we was doing trade offs and it was fun. Pres Karn loved having more boys their then girls. and he said that he is going to remember that night for along time. and we took some christmas pics as well for a christmas card that i am going to send here in a littlle bit to people. then on tuesday i was over in Houghton lake and i was with elder Yates for the day and we had a good day. on wednesday i was back in oscdoa and we had distrect meeting over their and it was good. it was a drive though from houghton lake to oscdoa. it is a hour and a half but it is a stright shot as well. but that night we saw some potentail investigators as well. and we saw a less active. on thursday me and elder Johnson went and did some finding but no one was home then we went out to hale and it was a good time out their. we went out and saw steve and sue parent and then we was the other parent family. on friday we was in oscoda and we went and saw a few other Less actives in the branch and am trying to get them to come back to church. on saturday we had corinlation for the first time in a while with are branch mission leader and it was good then we went and saw the Dittrecks cause they was not feeling good at all. and they are not, they both have the few and its really bad. they missed church as well yesturday and everyone was wondering where they have been at. but after that we went and tryed to do some door knocking but hardly anyone was home. and hardly anyone was home that we tryed to see as well though out the day that day. while we was walking back to are car after finding we got a call from a member that was wondering if we could help with the branch christmas party and we said sure and so we are helping out with it. and we are doing a stick i guess and i am a Sherepd and dont worry i thick it is going to be record as well so it is going to be funny. on sunday we had church and it was fast and testimoney day and it was great. their was some great testitmoneies and one of them was from the branch mission leader and he said "Jesus christ is the reason for the season" and i thought that was cool. and after church we practice for the christmas sacurament meeting program and then we had to go and pratice for the christmas party after that. and get this we also have 3 lessons yesturday and 2 of them was with investigators which is way good. ya!!! well this week we have traning on thursday and friday down in Mt. Pleasent and we are going to be staying over night in west branch on thursday. and we are going to hale tommorow and then to tawas on wednesday and we also have trade offs this week again with Houghton lake but i am going to be staying here in Oscoda and i am going to be with the distrect leader this time. well family thats all for now.
and dont know about transfer yet but my guess that i would be staying here in oscoda for my last transfer but who knows. hey family i am thinking about christmas and i am wondering what time i should call since christmas is on a tuesday this year. so let me know and as well here is a christmas list that you can get for me when you send packages. the list is: Candy, the oct 2012 conference on dvd, and maybe Gift cards to somewhere if you want but i dont know of anything else yet but i will. thanks for everything. and we will talk to you soon love ya.
love elder webster

Saturday, December 1, 2012

5 week transfer

hello everyone,
     well thanks for the emails. and chelle for the sd card. i thought you might like it and i donut know what you are going to do with it but i do have a ? for ya. can you send it back out to me with the pics on it once you are done thanks chelle. are thanksgiving was awesome. we had a great time. we was out at the karns the whole time for thanksgiving. and i mean all day we had lunch at 1pm with and their family and the parent families was their for dinner or lunch as well. and then we played games all day with the family and had a blast. we are going to be going on trade offs the week with Houghton lake and i get to go over to Houghton lake which is in the middle of the state. and we are meeting tonight for trade offs at the Karns for dinner and then off to Houghton lake i go. we got snow and we was in a snow storm for about 10 mins. Pres monson does like to go to the driggs a lot and go fishing but that's ok. black Friday sales are always fun but i dont think i do want to do them again though just cause all of the mess that you have to go though.
ok here is a quite overview from the week cause i don't have much time left and have to email other people as well. on Sunday the b18th we had a branch pot luck and their was close to 50 people that stayed and had dinnner and it was way good food and everyone got stuffed. on Tuesday we went and stopped in on a less active and he let us in and we had a good lesson with him and we was their for a hour and a half talking with him. after that we went and did some door knocking around his place and we got a return appointment and it was good. on Wednesday was a good day we had district meeting and while we was their the zone leaders was their and they taught a little bit and after that the dittrecks and us went and saw a less active the Lamottes and the Lamottes was baptized back in 2009 while chris was here in oscoda and the Lamottes love him and his companion at the time. then after that we was doing a little bit of less active work as well while we was down in tawas and it was a great day we had 3 lessons that day. on Thursday was thanksgiving and that was a FULL day with FOOD and i mean lots of food. their was 3 different families and they was the Karns and that's wholes house we was at and the other too families was the Parent families. and after lunch at the karns we was playing games with them and they was fun games. we played catch phase, apples to apples and just talked as well and a had a great time. on Friday was when the return appointment was and we picked up not 1 but 2 new investigators and get this we gave them a book of Mormon cause we only had 1 copy on us but we asked them to read it. and the ladie that was their told us that she would read it before her boyfriend got back from work and so we got another appointment with them on Sunday. and on Friday we did finding all day and then we saw a less active as well but Sunday was the best day. we went over and saw the 2 new investigators that we picked up and she told us that she has read though Mosiah chapter 2 and we was like "wow that's great!!!!" and we had a member with us as well and she also told us that she was talking to her sister over the phone and the girls name is Lalanania (call her LaLa) and the guys name is Gui. LaLa was talking to her sister over the phone and LaLa read like 80 pages to her sister and her sister loves it as well and we told her that she could go online and send missionaries over to her sisters place.
well family that's all for now hope to hear from ya soon love ya
love elder Webster

Monday, November 12, 2012

Transfer Week, Staying in Oscoda

hello everyone,
      well to start off we got a call last Friday from are mission president(President Hess) saying that their is going to be a change in oscoda and well it was a big shocker to both of us of what happened. we got the call around 11 in the morning. and here is the news........     well elder clay is getting transferred but not to far away. he is going to west branch and he is going to finish up training a new missionary. and i am going to stay here in oscoda for a least one more transfer and might be here tell the end of my mission. and i am getting elder Johnson and he as only been out for 3 months in the mission field. so i am going to be what we call greenie busting a new missionary and help him do a little bit more training in the mission. so their is the transfer news that's crazy congrats Kelsey for getting your mission call. and going to  Zimba Luska South Africa mission. the parents do have a daughter on a mission. cant remember where right now. and i did get the letter from ya mom. and the home made tootsie rolls was OK. they was good for home made though. dad thanks for the news on the football game and well Scott found out as well about the scores and he called me last night and told me and asked about transfers as well.
alight i am running out of time to email so here we go for a quite run down of the week here in oscoda. to start off with last Sunday the 4th of Nov that was stake conference down in midland. and that was good. and get this during a talk a young lady was talking and out of the blue she crap the stand and took a deep breath and she said that she had to sit down cause she was about to faint and good thing that stake president is a doctor and well he leaped out of his chair and same with another speaker as well and crap her as she was about to fall to the ground and they took her to the floor nice and slow and to turn out she was OK. that was just crazy. but after that we went with the parents and made some home teaching stops. and so we was in hale all day that day and man are miles for the car and for the month are shot cause we only get like 1200 miles a month and well that shot us for a little bit. you might have to tell elder Dunford to come up to oscoda and help us for rides. well last Monday we didn't really do anything cause it was pday on Tuesday we did a lot of finding but nothing came out of it. and Wednesday we had trade offs with west branch and i was with a greenie and we had a fun time. we was down in tawas all day and we visited 3 different members and had lessons with all of them. and elder clay was over in west branch for the day as well. on Thursday we traded back in hale and had lunch with the west branch elders at subway and it was good. then we did a little but of finding and while we was finding my back started to hurt and we had to go and sit down in the car and man was it hurting like crazy. but then we had dinner out at the schoulders and we got full like always. on Friday was transfer call day (see above). after that we went and saw a member from Washington that moved out here with her son and read from the book of Mormon with her. and we went back to are place and we did weekly planning and me back was still hurting me. but then we went and tryed to do some finding by the church and well both of us elder clay and i was down. and we had 2 return appointments and get this, they was not home or if they was, they didn't want to come to the door and let us come and share more of the gospel, o well. on Saturday we went and saw another member in the early afternoon and had a good lesson with her. after that we did a little bit of finding and then we had dinner with a part member family and we had soup and grilled cheese and it was way good. i have not had that in a long time.
well family that's all for now love ya.
love elder Webster

Monday, November 5, 2012

Zone Conference

hello everyone,
well to start of the email i am going to answer your questions mom that you have. I did get in contact with the Dunfords and get this i called the missionaries that go to their ward and i asked them to make sure that i meet them and they told me that they would. so come Sunday morning after stake conference i meet them. and brother dunford was leading the music for stake conference and sister dunford was singing with the stake choir that was singing so it is easy to spot them out. and get this we was suppose to go down with the districts but we called them on Saturday morning and asked them if they was still going but they wasn't going and so we had to call almost everyone in the branch to see if they was going to stake conference Sunday morning and come to find out only a few people was going and that was the parents out in hale and the branch president and his family. so their was not that many people from are branch their but the gym was packed with people. but no pics with them sorry. and yes i did like the package and the candy was gone within a week. thanks mom and i did share the candy and the potatoes was good as well. the storm sandy was pretty crazy. their was a lot of waves here in the lake huron side of Michigan as well. and we was down in tawas city for the Storm so we was away from are apartment. and we was walking out in the rain and wind knocking on doors. you got all the wood in finally huh good job mom. so what do i get to do next year mom? and Scott did call me but i had to call him back cause we was planning. mom for the new missionaries i wont be staying out any longer. we wont be getting any new missionaries that is going to turn 18 tell march. we got told that at zone conference so i will be getting released the normal time on February 6th. and for the missionaries that is going to be training the new missionaries it is going to be a 12 week program. cause are mission was the Ginny pig that had to try out the 12 week program and now all of the missions all over the U.S are going to be doing it. and i wont be doing that come January cause i will only have 1 transfer left and it is a 2 transfer training program. so you can still come out at the same time during February. just when ever you want to get the tickets to come out and get me is fine. just let me know and then let the mission office know mom and dad for they know what they need to do. cause they are going to make plans here really soon. and mom i am not even signed up to vote anyway. nice dad you had to teach the lesson in priesthood huh nice.
     well now onto missionary news. last Sunday had fast and testimony meeting and it was way good. one that spoke out to me was president Karn(branch president) he told us that he was taking the missionary lessons 28 years ago and he told everyone as well that they need to be all member missionaries and too help out us the full time missionaries with people to teach. on Tuesday we was down in tawas and while we was at a less actives place she had the storm about sandy on and we was watching it for a little bit and it was over top  of us and we didn't really care that much. it was not to bad it was pretty Windy and raining. the tempature was not bad, it was in the high 40's but the wind was the thing that was making it cold out side and making the rain cold to walk it. we didn't have any district meeting this week cause of zone conference. but on Wednesday we as in oscoda for the day. and we went and saw a member that moved out here from Washington a month ago and she has came to church once and it was this past Sunday. and she was baptized over a year ago as well. but then we was finding and it was still raining a little bit in the morning for the day of Halloween but in the afternoon it turned out to be a great day. their was a few clouds but not much. and then we had dinner with a sweet family in the branch, the Schurbels. they are a young couple and they feed us 2 to 3 times a month. on Thursday we was out in hale like always. and brother Steve parent was going to come with us to an appointment but they was not home. but brother parent was not upset cause he knows how it goes with people not home when we come over for an appointment. and then we did some finding out their and we got a return appointment for the Thursday and we are hoping they he remembers but we are going to call him on Wednesday of this week to make sure that he is going to be home. then we had dinner with Steve and sue parent. and the parents are awesome they remember Chris Dustin a lot. they loved him when chris was serving here in the branch. and then after that we went and tryed to see another less active and we caught him home and we talk with him outside for a good 30 mins about different stuff. then we went and saw Presdient karn and his family and shared a message with them. then on friday was zone conference and get this we had to go and pick up the west branch missionaries and take them down to zone conference cause their car is in the shop getting fixed. they hit a dear and man did it do a number to the car. their is not front headlight on it and the bumber was cracked pretty good. they hit it going about 50 miles a hour, the deer came out of the trees and ran across the road and the deer was fine but the elders their was fine they didn't get hurt. but we had to leave oscoda at 6, so we got up at 4:30 in the morning to get ready and have something to eat. and then we didn't get home tell close to 8 in the evening so Friday was a long day but man did we learn a lot of stuff from zone conference. pres. hess told us that right now their is over 58,000 missionaries out in the field and come 1 year from now their is going to be 90,000 missionaries with the age change, which is pretty crazy if you think about it. and he also told us that their is 122 missionaries not counting the senior couples and come next year their is going to be close to 250 young missionaries here in the mission and their is going to be 30 new areas opening up which is pretty sweet. then on Saturday we stopped in on some active people and shared a message with them and had a good time. and then we did a lot of door kocking but not a lot of people was home for a Saturday ether which was kinda a shork for me and elder clay but o well. then yesterday(Sunday) was stake conference down in midland and that was a way good time. after words we came back with the parents and we went home teaching with them and then they feed us dinner how nice of them. the parents are way awsome people here in the branch. but thats the week and thats all for now family. love ya and hope to hear from all of ya soon.
love elder webster

Monday, October 29, 2012

hello everyone, good morning/afternoon/evening
     well to state off wow thats a lot of snow over night and thats crazy about madison winning and playing on byu-i field cause of the snow. well we have NO snow but rain on its way from the big strom thats coming on the east side of the states. the strom poberly wont hit michigan but we will get some rain from it this week. it is surposse to rain some today, tommorow, and on wednesday. so you will have to let me know about madison and how they do in state and who they play. when are you flying in mom do you know yet? sorry this email is going to be short cause dont have much time to write the email and do everything. and the patotoes bags mom i got them from the senior couple they give them to all the missionaies that come in and she has also gave them to the members of the branch and she gave them to president and sister hess as well during interviews. and mom i am going to send some more stuff home come janurary as well so i dont have that much stuff with me when you come and pick me up.
alight now for the work and how is it going. to start off last monday after emailing we went back to the apartment and we played a broad called melopenly and man that was fun. we played for like 4 hours and i won big time i made him go bank rubbed o well it was fun to play. and on tuseday we had distrect meeting and interviews over in west branch. the funny thing was we didnt have the meeting tell 11am cause interviews was at 2 to 4 in the afternoon so we didnt want to wait tell then if we had are meeting at 9 which is the normal time for it but thats ok. and the thing was while i was in the interview with president hess i asked him about training a new missionary and he told me that i might have a chance to train a new one before i go home and i will find out here in week and a half when we get a call for trnafers. cause for traning a new missionary you have to trian him for 2 tranfers and thats all i have left is 2 transfers. i know crazy where has the time gone too. o before i forget mom and dad i told pres hess that you are coming out to get me and he asked me if he wants to meet you and i told him ya that would be fine. so we you fly in you will have to the lasning stake center of the mission office is lansing to meet him. the address for the mission office is at the bottom on the email for ya. well then when we and the senior couple was coming back from west branch we stopped by a less active to see how they was doing and they wasnt home o well. but we didnt get back to oscoda tell close to 5pm so it was a long day. on wednesday we had a full day and we was down in tawas and a town called Au Gre. we had 6 apointments set up and we got 5 lessons for the day. and 2 people wasnt home so we stopped in some on less actives and sharded a message with them. on thursday we was out in hale and get this during studies we got a phone call from a investigator asking us if we was going to be in hale and we said yes and they asked us if we could stop by but we said yes and we was planning on it. so that was cool. and then other then that we was seeing all active members all day their in hale. we only had 30 mins of down time that day and that was anough time for a bathroom break. on friday we did weekly planning in the morning and then we was doing a lot of finding and same with on saturday as well. we had 13 lessons for the week but no new investitgators thou o well hopefully this week we will pick some up. but thats all for the week. well family thats all for ya
1400 abott rd suite 310
east lansing, MI 48823
elder webster

Monday, October 15, 2012

Baptism was Friday

good morning,
     well thanks for the email sorry for last week. i thought i send one out to everyone but i guess it didnt go though. the library was open but i guess the email didnt go though. well to answer your question dad of when my last day. my last day is going to be on the february 5th cause i will have a interview with president hess that day and then everyone that i came out with will be staying the night in lansing that night(tuseday night) and then fly out the next morning. so i wil get released that morning on the 6th of february. so if you fly in on the 5th that would work and then you could stay the night at someones place in greenville i image. ya madison won against blackfoot awsome. they are doing awsome this year then and that means state and hopefully they will win state this year(knock on wood that they dont lose). the weather here this past week has been raining all weekend but friday which was the BAPTISM. o tonight i am going to be going to west branch for trade offs with the distrect leader. thats crazy about the change in driggs so you will have to let me know what is going on with that. and who is in what ward their. sorry dont know for elder coon to go and visit but maybe they could go and knock into someone. she works at broulims in the non food section chelle. its not debey but her boss. i cant remember her name but if i remember they live on the road in victor when you turn to go to chelles from the highway. elder clay is from a town called kenai, Alaska.
     to start off the week with news. well on tuseday, friday and saturday we was doing a lot of finding but nothing came out of it. o well. on wednesday we had are normal distrect meeting over in west branch and it was a very excited distrect meeting cause me and elder clay made a cake for the blan new missionaries that just came out in the mission field. then we was down in tawas on wednesday and thats when we go shopping cause their is no walmart in oscoda. and we only had one apointment and it was someone we stop in on every wednesday. on thursday the 11th of october we was out in hale and we had lunch with the relief socity leader like always and it was good. and we had a lesson with marice out their at steve and sue parent and they are so awsome. they help out with anything that we need help with and they have also known marice for years which was good when the missionaries started to teach her a few months ago. and then that night we had dinner with the Karns and we had a good dinner and i had to inform elder clay about what they do for dessert. what they do is, whoever makes desserts eats it first and then everyone else can go. on friday we went and saw a less active member of the church that lives here in oscoda ans then she came to church yesturday(side note). and then after that elder clay and i went and did some finding. no one didnt want us to come back o well. then we had another lesson with a person that has been meeting with missionaries for 8 years now off and on, which is pretty crazy for 8 years but he has came to church a lot which is good. then later on that night was marice's baptism and that was awsome. their was about 25 people their for it and it was at Lake Huron and i was the one that baptised her cause elder green is on the other side of the state. their was a little wind that day o get this earlyer in the week their was wind like 15 to 20 miles a hour and it was cold but on friday their was only wind blowing 5 miles a hour which was not bad and it was in the high 40's. and get this the water was warmer then the air outside and everyone was thinking that i was crazy but we did it and it went really good. on saturday elder clay and i did a lot of finding and no one let us come back and sometimes their was no one home ether.
well family thats all for now hope all is well. love ya
love elder webster

Monday, October 8, 2012

Emergency Transfer/Baptism in Lake Heron,

hey everyone,
well got some big news here in Michigan. and here in oscoda. remember when i told you last week that me and elder green was staying together well that was changed last Friday. we got a call from president Hess and he told me and elder green that he is getting transferred over to Lundington (on lake Michigan) and so that's what we call a emergency transfer and now i have elder clay and he is from Alaska. and the other big news was during conference which you already know about the missionary age. we watched conference at the church cause the branch President lives over 30 miles away but him and his family came for the 2nd session on Saturday to the church and watched it their. and mom we don't have stake conference this weekend. it is on the 4th of next month. and we also have zone conference on the 2nd of next month down in midland and that's where stake conference is as well. and marice is still going to be getting baptized this weekend and in lake Huron and guess who is going to do it as well, me i get to do it, so i get to get wet in the lake. that is news for Kelsey, congratulations hope you go somewhere fun and exciting.
well this past week, starting on Sunday. it was fast and testimony meeting and their was a lot of people that bear their testimonies. then on Monday last week elder green and i after emailing we went and got are haircuts and we looked good afterwords. and i can say my hair does grow fast. and we also went over to the senior couples place and we made ties and i have to go and finish mine sometime cause mine is not done but that will have to wait for a few weeks cause today we have to do some deep cleaning in are house and make sure it is ready for inspections soon, don't know when but soon we herd. well after making a tie we went and help a member move from their house to another house closer to town and a lot bigger for their family. which is good. but they need some stuff to feel in the empty places in their home. then after that we went back to are house for the evening cause it was around 6:30 when we got back and we was gone all day since 10 that morning. so it was a long day and we still needed to get things done around the house as well. so that was a long day. then on Tuesday we picked up a new investigator that morning and then we went and did some door knocking for a little bit but no one invited us back to learn more. and then on Wednesday we was down in tawas all day and are first lesson was at 11 and that went well. then we went and had lunch and then we went and saw a less active, we try to see her every week but we have not met with her for a few weeks cause ether we have been busy or she has been out of town. well while we was down their we stopped in at a members home to drop something off and they asked us if we had a dinner appointment and we told them no so they told us to come back but instead they took us out for dinner at a pizza place and it was good. on Thursday we went out to hale and like normal we had lunch at the relief society place and like always it was good and we was full. then we went and stopped in at a members place at work and talk to her. then we had lesson at the parents place with marice and it went good and we talked about prophets and she was excited about general conference as well. then we had dinner at the karns that night and like always it was good as well. on Friday to start off we had a good day lined out to do a lot of different things well are plans was change by 1030 that morning by a phone call from President Hess. President Hess called us and told us that elder green had to get packing his bags and he only had 3 hours to pack all of his stuff and we had to leave to meet the assistants to Pres. Hess in a town called Clare with the Lundington elders and that's a 2 hour drive and we had to be their by 5 that night. and elder green wanted to say by to the west branch elders as well so we was in west branch by 3 that day so it was a long day of driving around. well on Saturday and Sunday it was general conference and their was some big news which elder clay and i was like wow that is huge news. but other then that are week was good.
Teton much have a good team. Madison better win this weekend and it is going to be a tuff game against Blackfoot. and how did you like the text or call from Scott here in Michigan mom or dad. sounds like you had a busy week with everything that happened. their is some pics for ya when we was making are ties and also 2 pics of a tree and the leaves changing colors here in Michigan. well family that's all for now love ya hope all is well. and mom your umm birthday card is going to be in the mail this week as well don't worry about that.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Transfers staying another 6 weeks in Oscoda

good morning/afternoon everyone,

      well another transfer has gone by here in Michigan and the BIG NEWS is that elder green and i are staying together for another 6 weeks and he is going to finish his mission off here in Oscoda with me. well got some bad news as well i wasn't able to go back to Gaylord. i found a ride but then on Tuesday he called and told me that he had to work on Saturday and no one could cover his shift for him so i couldn't make it over for the baptism. and mom the person that is getting baptized her name is Marcie their is no u in her name. Marcie has known about the church almost her whole life. she has known some of the members as well for a very long time almost 5 years now. and her baptism is moved back to the 12th of this month the reason why is because their is a member who moved out of state for work and she thought she might have had a job by now but she got sick and she had to buy some stuff to get better so she didn't have enough money to come back up for it. so we moved it to the 12th of this month and Marcie is still excited to get baptized even more now and she is going to be getting baptized in Lake Huron. 

well this week here in Oscoda, Michigan. last Monday we went fishing in the morning and we didn't catch anything but o well next time. which well be next week. then later on that day we did have a return appointment but no one was home so me and elder green had to drive out to Hale to trade off with the West Branch elders for a trade off with the district leader and i was here in oscoda with him. that was a fun day. we had 3 appointments and 2 of them was ether sick or was too busy with things that came up and they had to go. and then later on that night the district leader interviewed marcie for baptism and get this. that night she didn't get off work tell 7:30 and she still had to take her babysitter home afterwords but then her babysitters mom and dad decides to come and get her so they did and they didn't come and get her tell after 8:30 so marcie didn't get to the church tell almost 9 that night so we didn't get home tell after 9:30 and we was tried but we didn't get to bed tell way late cause we was talking and catching up on things. but then a little after 10pm that night we was talking to the west branch elders on the phone and their other line wet off and it was pres hess looking for elder blackhurst she pres hess called us here in oscoda and they talked for a good 15 mins on the phone and just talking about all different things. but then on Wednesday we had district meeting over in west branch and we got a ride from the dittrecks(senior couple) over their and then elder green and i had to go to Tawas that day for a few appointments and to see a few people. then on Thursday we was out in hale all day and like normal we was visiting members all day long and we help some members move some stuff from inside of their house to their pickup cause they was moving to Arizona for the winter(they are snow birds) so now they are on their way their come last Saturday but they was making some stopped along the way to different places. then on Friday we got the call from the Zone Leaders for the zone that we are in and telling us that we are staying together for another 6 weeks. then we went and did some finding but no one was home to talk to us at all but then we had to go to hale again(good thing we had a lot of miles to go out their 3 times in 1 week lol). the branch had a branch active out at a lake by a members home and we had hambugers and hot dogs boy they was good lol. the branch president knows how to cook good food lol. then on Sunday was fast and testimony meeting for sacrament and that was way good. but other then that family nothing much is going on here in Michigan. 

ya i herd that Madison won over rigby i had someone watch the game for me on the website. and he kept me up to date on everything. and while he was watching it he told me that Madison had good defense and same with ribgy cause it was going back and forth a lot but who knows well family that's all for now have to email pres hess still love ya

love elder Webster

Friday, September 28, 2012

Gaylord Baptism

his name is matt stange. while i was in gaylord i found him and was teaching him and while me and elder larsen was driving to mt pleasent he shooted us a text saying that i made a impact on his life and i was happy that he said that so i was excited that i have the chance to go and baptise him. thats awsome and unbelieveable that madsion is 5 and 0 they better knock on some wood that they wont lose this coming week against ribgy lol

got your email, it was great.  but who in Gaylord is betting baptized, you didn't say the name.  That is way awesome you get to go back and baptize him and that a member of Oscoda will be taking you.  Your dad forgot to tell you that Madison is now 5-0, which is pretty unbelievable.  Hugs  MOM

Monday, September 24, 2012

2 Baptisms, one in new area and one in Gaylord

hello everyone,
well another week has gone by which is pretty crazy. time is flying by here in Michigan. transfers are coming up here this week, we find out whats going on Friday morning. speaking of this Friday we have a baptism that night, and a branch activity as well. wow 25 bucks a plate that is a lot for one plate, but sounds like it was way good food for the 25 dollars. good thing dad knows a lot of people in different places. sounds like you are going to have a fun time tonight cooking for the elders from Michigan. a pro bowling from Idaho huh cool dad.
     well to start off the missionary news. there was not to much going on this past week. Tuesday this past week we was in oscoda and had some good lessons with Marice(investigator who is getting baptized this Friday) and we also had a lesson with a less active in the branch that lives in town. then on Wednesday we had are district meeting over in West branch and the senior couple drove us out their for it. then we was down in tawas city for the day. and we went to a daily queen for lunch and boy was it good. i have not have DQ for a very long time probably since the summer before i left to come out here to Michigan. well then after that we went and saw a member of the branch and shared a message with her and got to know her a little bit more. basically all that day was seeing members cause we had an appointment with a new investigator but she cancelled on us cause she was sick. we also did a little bit of door knocking to try to get some more people to teach but nothing come out of it. then on Thursday we was out in hale and we saw all members again cause a lot of the members live out is hale and hale is a very small town you blink you miss it. a forgot to say something a few weeks ago. a few weeks ago while we was in hale elder green and i had to go to the bathroom and we was by a members(the parents family) home and we called them and no one was home so we called the daughter of the family and talked to her. she was in oscoca doing something(she is 29 years old) and she said that they are camping and we told her that we had to go to the bathroom really bad so she told us how to get in. so we broke into a members home and went to the bathroom. so broke in though the back window and elder green reached in and unlocked the back door to get in. but anyway back to this week. while we was out in hale we had lunch with brother parent and he feed us soup and sandwiches and then we went to another members home the miltinmores(they are getting ready to leave for the winter they are snowbirds) and they asked us if we had lunch and we said yes and they asked us what we had and we told them and then they said that is not that much so they took us out for lunch as well. so we had 2 lunches that day and we was full after that one. then later on that night we went and had dinner with the branch presidents house and we got over stuffed their for dinner and boy was it good as well. then Friday night we get a call from the Assetisants and they told me that an investigator in Gaylord is going to be getting baptized and he wants me to baptise him so i am going to get to go back to Gaylord for a baptism this Saturday. and someone from the branch here is going to take us over their for it. well that's all for this past week.
well this week like i said we are going to be having a baptism and we also are going to be going on trade offs i am going to go on a trade off with the district leader and i am going to be staying here in oscoca with him. well family the email is short and sweet got to finish other emails and send them off as well love ya
love elder Webster

Monday, September 17, 2012

Michigan Elders serving in Rexburg, Idaho, Pocatello Idaho Mission

Elder Conn is from Mason, MI and a member of the Holt Ward.  He has been in Rexburg for almost 3 weeks, a greenie.  Elder Webster had dinner at their home while he was serving in Holt in May of 2011 and Elder Conn remembers him.  Elder Dunford has been out over 22 months and will be returning to his home in Midland MI the middle of November.  Elder Webster is now serving in his home stake, Midland Stake, in the Oscoda Branch.  They have stake conference October 13-14 when Elder Webster will meet the Dunfords.  What an exciting day it was when these two elders from Michigan stopped at the Webster home.  It made this mom's heart almost burst with joy to have a little part of Elder Webster home. 

Elder Switcher from the Seventy C.A.S.H.

good morning, afternoon, evening everyone 
     well another week has gone by here in oscoda michigan. first off thanks for the pic when i look at it i thought that i knew elder Conn from somewhere and when you told me that he was from Mason (holt word) i was like ya i remember him. i thought it was funny. i will be home before elder conn goes home as well. well maybe asked him how much longer he has left? ya i remember going over to his home for dinner as well how funny lol. elder green goes home right before thanksgiving it is like a week or two before thanksgiving. two spanish speaking elders from MIchigan huh wow i beat they are talking about home when they got together. i imange mom that you was way excited that you almost dropped the phone when you herd that they was from Michigan. i can just picture that that you would drop the phone lol. thats cool that they are going to come over for dinner and FHE next monday night you will have to tell me how that goes. ya midland is not to fow away from oscoda, it is in the same stake as well so we will be seeing his family at stake conference next month. mom we might have to stop at the conn is mason to say high to them when you come out to get me when i am done with my mission. how long was you planning on staying here in michigan when you do come out. the mission office is going to be emailing me here next month to find out all of the detials and if you are still planning on coming out to get me or not? my talk went good yesturday i was the first speaker cause i didnt get to speak last week when i was surpose to. and the branch mission leader spoke after me and he was the last speaker and i gave him a lot of time i spoke for 10 mins and he had 30 mins to fill up and boy was his talk good. he talked about service as well. the branch President is older he has kids and they are all girls. they are all older as well two of them are moved out and going to school somewhere. their is not that many kids in the branch the primary is really small same with the young womens they is only 1 YM in the branch, and their is 7 or 8 YM in the branch.
     well to start off for missionary work. last tuesday we had a meeting down in Mt. Pleasent with elder Switcher from the 70ty and it was sweet. we had a great meeting with him and he gave us to much new things to try out as missionaries. one of them was for finding and it is the C.A.S.H methord it is C= coment of something in their yard or driveway, A= ask how they are doing or ask if they have a faith in christ at all. S= smile, H= ask for help and if they need any type of help at all with anything. i thought that was cool so i had to share that. and also we learned how to work with members a little bit more as well. and we got a NEW CAR it is a 2012 chevy mailbo. and the only bad thing is about it is, it is white. and later on that day when we was driving back to oscoda we had to stop in west branch and drop off the west branch elders in their area. and then we had to stop in tawas for dinner and also get some food for the week at walmart. then we was off to oscoda and from tawas to oscoda it is like driving to idaho falls from rexburg but you have a lake view while you are driving it is so nice. but it is was around 8:30 at night and we was half way to oscoda and all of the suddened was i was driving we just hit a wall of bugs. the bugs was hitting the window like it was raining outside and that fast as well. and on a new white car. that the next morning when we look at the front bubber it was cover with bugs everywhere and it was so bad. so the first thing that we did after studies that morning was take the car to the car wash and get all of the buggs off of it and boy did it look nice afterwords. we thought we should have taken a pic of it before we cleaned it o well lol. then on wednesday we was suppose to have corinlation at the church with the branch mission leader and the senior couple at 12:30 but the branch mission leader forgot that it was at 12:30 and he thought it was at 10am and no one was their so we called him and talked to him on the phone and he forgot that we changed it but then we changed it to saturday morning and it was out at his place. so thursday we had a meeting with the Parent family in Hale, Michigan about are top investigator cause they have know her for over 3 or 4 years now and we wanted them to be involed of what we are doing with her and how she has been doing. and we had a good meeting and everything. then after that they feed us lunch and after lunch we went and did a little bit of weekly planning and we had an apointment to get to. we are teaching a family out their in hale now. the dad told us his past 5 months of his life and how he has changed his life for the better and how he wants to do what to takes to find the turth. and i was thinking to myself well this is it. and he told his kids(they was outside cause the mom and dad wants to learn before they have their kids learn) after words that the dad wants it to be a family thing. and elder green and i was so excited to hear that. the familys name is the Clements. and i dont think that they are related to the clements from rexburg at all. but they are doing great the only thing right now thats keeping them from coming to church each week is that they dont have a car to come and their is 5 of them in the family and it is going to be hard to finf them a ride to church each week but we are working with that with the branch. later on that night we stop in on a family in the branch that is going to be leaving for the winter(snow birds we call them) and they asked us if we have had dinner and we said no so guess what they feed us. they throw some things together(left overs) and they feed us some dinner. and on saturday we had corinlation out at the branch mission leaders place and the senior couple pick us up and they picked us up a little after 9am in the morning. and they feed us lunch and we was out their for close to 5 hours and i was tried after that. but the most special yesturday after church and today or this morning. to start off yesturday after church we had a lesson with marice and the parents was their as well for the lesson and they feed us lunch. but anyway the lesson was so powerful the spirit was their so much and we was getting close to the end of the lesson and i asked marice how she feed from the begining when she first starting with missionaries and now during the lesson and she said she felt peace she felt good inside. we talked about the book of mormon and how it is so important and we also asked her if she has prayed about it as well and she said no so we asked her to pray about it. and well she did this morning around 7am are phone went off and we was still laying in bed cause we didnt want to get up but then we did and it was a text from marice and she told us that she paryed last night and while she was parying she started to cry for a good 15mins(she got her answer about joseph smith and the book of mormen). she also told us that she does need to get baptized and she is ready. so she is going to be getting baptized here really soon. she also told us that she couldnt sleep last night at all. so their you go for the week.
well everyone hope everyone has a great week. love ya
love elder webster
your son, brother and uncle