Monday, November 28, 2011

hello everyone,
hey how is everyone doing? how was everyones thanksgiving? ares was good, we went over to a family in the ward and we was their all day with them. we went and saw a member who was in the hospital and we went to go and see how she was doing. well last saturday me and elder Kohler got to go back up to greenville for a baptism for jonny and betty mclain. the baptism went really good they was a few non members their that was friends of them and also family. the bishop did the baptism but i was on backup for it cause he hurt his leg 2 weeks ago and he was not sure if he was able to do it or not but once he got in the hot water it was fine and it was not hurting at all. and he was able to do the baptisms but it went really good. jonny and betty came down and picked us up o get this. we went to sonic to keep some of the chesse sticks cause they are 99 cents every saturday during the winter and while we was their guess who pulled up, they did(jonny and betty mclain) as well. cause when they came and picked us up at are apartment they said since they had time that they thought about getting a sonic burger and they did and we was their was well how funny is that. well this sunday night we are having a big thing with the Grand Rapids ward. we are having a broad cast from salt lake for the chrismans devotional and the mormon tablenacical choir is going to sing as well and a lot of people her in michigan knows who they are and has herd about them. so we are hoping for around 300 or 400 people to be their or even more. well this friday the stevens from greenville is going to take us out for lunch somewhere i forgot where they was going to take us. but it is somewhere by are apartment thats all i know.
well now some about the mission news. well the Mclains got baptized up in greenville and i was their for it and it went really good. they was a few non members their that was family and friends of theirs. well here in grand vally we have 5 people with a baptismal date for a goal to work towards but we will have a pushed some of them back cause we have not seen them in the past week or so, we are guessing cause it was a holiday week and weekend so they was not home but we are hoping this week. we have a a busy week in front of us. first off tommorow(tuesday) we have trade offs with big rapids and thats where they distrect leader is and so he is coming down here for the day to be with me here in grand vally. and we have a few apointments that day as well so it is going to be good. then on wedensday we have distrect meeting up in big rapids and that is a hour away from grand rapids. good thing i like driving and it is a stright shot up their not like driving from rexburg to the vally or back lol haha. we just have to hope on the highway and the way we go. but then the rest of the week we have a few other apointments as well. me and elder Kohler we get around 9 lessons everyweek but this week we will polly get around 15 lessons cause we called a few less actives that has not been to church in a long time for us to got and see. and are distrect leader told us to see the people that we have baptismal dates with to see then twice a week. and the members here in the grand vally ward is helping out a lot with missionary work it is picking up a lot. we are having members come out with us almost everyday and sometimes for dinner apointment they bring their friends over as well that they have talked to them about are church. well transfers are coming up on the 9th of next mouth but most likey we will stay together cause the mission president wants the missionaries to stay longer in the ares and to work with the ward members a lot more as well. and elder kohler got here in grand vally about 2 mouths ago. but thats all for the mission news anyway and all for now as well but letters will come soon and hope to hear from everyone soon. love ya
elder webster

Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Week

hello everyone,
well it is thanksgiving this week. you all known what that means good food lol. we are going over to a members house for thanksgiving around 1 that day for dinner and we might be having another one that night but who knows. well i have some way good news, if you remember me talking about the McClain's from Greenville they are getting baptized this coming Saturday at 3 pm in Greenville and i get to go back for it. and they said if i cant find a ride that the bishop will come down from Greenville and pick us up. and i was talking with the steven yesterday(Sunday) on the phone and they are going to come to the church on Saturday to come and see me and my companion and they said that they are going to take us out to eat on the 2nd of next mouth somewhere here in Grand Rapids as well. with thanksgiving coming up are district is going to be having a big thanksgiving lunch in Greenville somewhere cause that is where we are going to have district meeting this Wednesday. are district might have a Christmas party but we don't know yet we polly wont know tell next transfer. if we do have a little party it is going to be on a Wednesday after district meeting.
well i don't know if i told you this or not but we had a general authority here last week his name was elder Nash he is in the 70. we had a half mission zone conference for it and it went really good. he talked a lot on using members in during the lessons and how we can use them as well. Well after words the mission president came up to me and told me that i am going to be in a leadership position sometime here soon in my mission, so i told him ok sounds good. and if i do become in the leadership spot in the mission like a district leader i get a full time car YYYYYAAAAAA! lol. but i don't know when that is going to be ether. we have training meeting for all missionaries coming up on the 29th and 30th of this month and all of the missionaries have to be their from the Grand Rapids zone and the Kalamazoo Zone which is south of Grand Rapids. and so polly some of the missionaries from the other zone will be staying in the grand rapids zone somewhere. and on the 30th we are only have a half day training cause the other half we are having for a Christmas party with everyone, so it is going to be a good day. don't worry mom i will get a picture with my coat on when it gets really cold don't worry it has not been that cold to put the inner layer and the outer layer on at the same time. when they send the package they will leave a notice in the mailship that we have and they will take it to the apartment office ad i can go and pick it up later on that day. cause we can get the mail any time from 12:30 to 3:30 in the afternoon so who knows when we will get it. if you are going to send any packages from you guys i would polly wait tell after transfers cause we cant take that much with us if we do get transferred but most likey we will polly stay together here in Grand Vally cause we have been doing good work for this area. Grand Vally has not had a baptism for over a year now. and we have 5 people with a baptismal date: 1 for the 3rd of next mouth, 2 for the 10 of next mouth and, 2 for the 17th of next mouth. and the other ward that goes to are building they have 2 sets of elders and they have 2 or 3 baptisms coming up as well so we are going to invite are investigators to their services for they know what is going to happened for when it is their time to get baptized. and they are going to do the same when we have baptisms as well.
but that's all for now that i can think off. time is just going by a little to fast these days if i say so myself lol. but hope everyone will have a good week, hope to hear from EVERYONE SOON.
Elder Webster

Monday, November 14, 2011

Feeling like Home

hello everyone,
well it is getting colder outside here in Michigan now but no snow yet. well we did have it for a few hours last wedensday. i was on trade offs with the Disrect leaders companion up in big rapids and when we was on are way back on thursday morning it was snowing and the distrect leaders companion was driving and he is a scary driver, o well i cant speak much about that but i have not been pulled over in a long time and it is a good thing lol. knock on wood. well come this winter here in michigan is going to be crazy but people say that the michigan winters are bad but elder Kohler saids that idaho is worse. so we will have to see how it goes. o here in Grand Vally their a member that is from idaho and guess what he is a idaho license plate on his turck that he has. so i am going to take a pic of it with me by it and send it one of these times. o we have elder Nash coming to the mission on friday and saturday of this week so we are having a big half mission Zone conference type thing and it is here in Grand Rapids. so we dont have to go far for it which is good ya. by the way Chris HAPPY BRITHDAY buddie love ya hope you have a good brithday. thank you for the hot cholate it is going to be used this winter for sure. and the jurkey is already gone i ate it that night cause i was hungry and i didnt want to cook anything so i had some of the jurkey. o when the bishop sends the package to me just tell him to send it to where i am staying at cause the mission office was having trouble last week all of their computers and phones was down for a few days so hopefully today(monday) they will be back up.
well ok mission work now. well we had distrect meeting here in Grand Rapids last wedensday and we had trade offs with the distrect leader so i went with his companion back up to big rapids. boy was that a long day. when we got back their we went and walked around the collage that they have their it is like BYU-I up their in Big Rapids, so thats all they do is working on campus which is ok but it was cold. well here in Grand Vally are busy days are on friday and saturday and we dont know why on friday but it seems like thats when everyone can meet with us but i guess that is a good thing thou. monday we had a dinner apointment with a members and their family. the husbend is the young men president but when we was over their for dinner they have a pig pong table and the wife plays it a lot and she is really good. so elder Kohler played her and wow she is good and they invited us back to come and play again on are p-days so we are going to do that. on tuesday we was going to go and meet up with a person that we had a return apointment with and they told us that they didnt want to meet with us so their was somemore people that live in that house and they told us that they would love to meet with us so we asked if they had time and we told them about are church and invited them to be baptized and they said yes so we set a date with them for the 10 of december and they said ok. so now we have 5 people with a baptism date but we are going to have to move some of the dates back a few weeks cause we cant get a hold of them right now which is not good. so if you cant tell heavenly father works in different ways for different people. o here in Grand Rapids us the Grand Vally ward and the Grand Rapids word is doing a chrismans devo from the 1st Presidence chrismens messgae on the first sunday of december and it is at 8 pm our time so polly will be around 6pm your guys time. so we are going to invited all of are investigators to it and the mormon tableernackel choir is going to be singing and a lot of people knows about the choir that we have in Salt Lake City. but before that we are going to have a dessert party with everyone then watch the broadcast. we have dinners all this week but saturday with members which is ok with me and we have dinners all next week as well but saturday so we are getting feed which is good. o how was the missionaries that came to the door mom and dad. but thats all for now hope to hear from everyone soon ether in letters or in email. love ya
elder Webster 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

hello everyone,
how is everyone doing? it is getting colder here in Michigan i had to go and get a new winter coat and boy i have only used the outer part on it and it is warm and it only cost 75 bucks for it. at nights it is getting around 15 dregees but during the day time it has warmed up to around 50 somedays crazy weather i tell ya. o well what can you do it is like idaho weather. well mom i dont know if you got my letter or not but it has the address for grand vally on their. well here in Grand Vally if we dont have a car wow it is crazy we have to ride the bus around town tell it trops us off by a spot where one of are apointments are at and sometimes it is fall away. so far since i have been here we have polly walked around 20 miles since tuesday and boy are my legs and feet tried.
elder Kohler and i have been really busy here in Grand Vally. sometimes we have not got home tell after 9 pm and those are long days. here in Grand Vally their is already 4 people with a baptism date and i talked to the Mclains sunday after church and Jonny Mclain has the church court on wedensday and from their it is has to go to the stake President then to salt lake city and then we have to wait for it to come back so it may not be tell the end of the mouth tell he gets baptised or ether tell the 1st part of januray but everyone wants it to be the end of this mouth. and i talked to the Assitends and they said if we can get a ride up their i can go to it which will be sweet cause they really want me to be their. they said that if they have to they will come and pick me up to come to it thats how bad they want me to be their. well when we dont have to car here in Grand Vally we have to plan around the times for the bus pickups, luckerly we have a bus pickup right by are aparmtment complax so it is not to bad. I have not met up with any of the investigators that has the baptism dates yet but hopefully this coming week we will be able to meet up with them. The ward is a good size ward but not to big if i would have to guess on how many people their is that comes each week polly around 150 people. in are area for Grand Vally we cover from a little bit of down town Grand Rapids all the way up to a small town called sparta and sparta is next to the Greenville area. and their is some members that live up in sparta and so we are going to be going up to sparta on friday for a dinner apointment. o we are having a 70 coming though are mission on the 18th of this mouth so we are going to be having a big half mission Zone Conference that day and we are soo lucky it is going to be here in Grand Rapids at the stake center which is only 10 mins away from where we live. The 70's name is elder Nash i dont know where he is from, but he is in the mission Distrect back in Salt lake city. we also are having a mission training as well at the stake center here in Grand Rapids on the 29th and 30th as well from 9 to 4 both days. and the mission President wants all missionaries their for it.
I dont really remember elder Kohler from baseball cause he was the cacther for Hillcrest and he only played his fresmen year for them. so just incase everyone forgot that the mission office is going to be moving this tuesday and wedensday to a new location and here in the address for ya. so let everyone know about the new address. so what has been going on in rexburg, and in the teton vally. we dont have nay snow yet but knocked on wood lol. o get this in Greenville a lot of people like Michigan state football and now here in Grand Vally a lot of people like the Michigan(the blue team). the address for the Grand Vally apartment will be at the bottom of the email as well for everyone to have. but thats all for now hope to hear from everyone soon. have a good week love ya
elder Webster
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