Saturday, April 30, 2011

Letter of the Week

Hello family

things are going good. thanks for all of the emails and all the letters. Transfered are coming up here in a few weeks on the 16th and 17th. and most likey i will get transfered out of alpena and so elder curtis will stay in alpena for his last transfer before he goes home. he said that most all new missionaries dont stay in their 1st area for over 2 tranfers, but who knows. this week as been a slow week for us cause of all the rain that we have had. it has rained from tuesday morning tell thursday afternoon non stop. and are road golf course road got flooded really bad so we was only had 1 road to go up and down on cause of all the water. and a fireturck came and tried to help out and he had to turn around or else he would of got stuck with all the water that was on the road. and the dam that they have they had to open it up a little just to get all the water out of the river into lake Huran. Their is 2 ways to get to are apartment and one of the roads was closed. so we had to go the other way to get to are apartment, and one of are neighbors had over 4 inches of rain all around his house and most likey some on the inside as well. and one of are investigators we are teaching her name is Lisa and she had over 700 gallens of water in her basement and she called the water master at 2 am and he had took out over 500 gallens and the water master guy told her that i give up so then she had a 5 gallon water bucket and she lost count after taking out over 200 buckets of water and she was tried big time. i think i would be to with all that water. but now yesturday and today as been sun shinning and warm weather all in the 50's and 60's ya heat wave YES finnaly warm weather, and no wind.

thats good that you did good in the state bowling sounds like you will get a lot of money back which is good. but that polly will be about the amount that you spend just to get their and back with all the gas and the motel and everything else. and hopefully nationals you will do good as well. ya we have not had a chance to fix the bikes we might today cause we have a little time tonight to. cause we are going to go and do ladurary right after this then we have service at the soup kitchen and then we are going to go bowling yep you herd right bowling. ya i got a letter from mykal today and he is doing good which is good. sounds like you had a long week at the temple this past week. which can be good but it can also be a long week as well. thats is cool that Savannah is getting blessed tommorow to bad i am not their o well i am out here in michigan. i dont think that you did tell me where tanner perks is going. ya we have not done any door knocking this week cause we have been doing other stuff and some of are apointments took longer then we really want o well, what can we do about it. Thats crazy that school is almost out for the summer where as the time gone to. it has gone by fast but then once you know it, it will be back into school again. what is everyone going to do for the summer break of no school. the kids can always go to summer school jk i know that they are smarter then that.

Ya so a little bit about my work. Darrion Pyscher he is still planning on getting baptized on the 21st of may. and his dad is going to be happy about it he was happy that his daughter was baptized. but they are splet up tho, they have been for over 3 years. and his father is a member but a less active which we are trying to work with. ya other then that we are trying to work on a lot of other people as well at the same time. Lisa told us when we was over their that she wants to get baptized but she has to work on somethings and start coming to church again. but other then that the other people that we are working with has been the same. but thats it for now not to much going on here in alpena this week. got to go for now and send a weekly report to are mission president online now instend of hand witten.

elder webster

Saturday, April 23, 2011

April 23, 2011 Email

hello everyone

how is everything going? how is the weather for idaho? hope everyones easter went good? me and elder curtis got invited to go to the formal branch Presidents house for a easter dinner and he knows how to cook big time. and he loves to cook as well so everytime we go over their we get a big dinner. ya we are not riding are bikes yet still have not got the tire fixed and still to cold to ride them as well. but we will get them fixed here soon for we can start to ride them. ya weather here has been crazy we warmed up to around 50 for a week and then we got dumped on with over 5 inches of snow over night and we had to dravel that morning as well so we left earlyer then we planed to. me and elder curtis and the cheboygen elders we did a trade off so i stayed to Alpena and i brought back Elder Davis he is greenie fress out on he mission. so me and elder davis had a good time in alpena. then Thursday morning we had to go to Gaylord for a distrect meeting and President Jones showed up for interviews after words. and the interviews went really good, most likey i will leave alpena when tranfers come and elder curtis will stay cause he only has 2 mouths left but i might stay. but he said that most missionaries that just came out if they stay in the same area for 2 transfers is going to be tranfered. so tranfers are coming up on the 17th of next mouth and we get are call on 13th from ether the Zion leaders or most likely President Jones will call us that morning. and happy easter before i forgot. hey about mothers day i am going to call around 3 to 330 my time so it is going to be around 1 or 130 your time in idaho. Elder Curtis wont call tell after 6 cause his family wont get out of church tell 4 their time in utah so i have 1st call, and he will go after me when we are done talking. President Jones(mission president) saids that we can have as long as we want to talking to everyone and keep talking tell we run out of things to talk about on the phone. thats good news from Zack glad he is going on a mission as well you will have to get his mission address for i can write him as well. ya he is going to have fun in the mtc with all the food and learning another language. he will be in their for 9 weeks at least.

ya finnaly herd from Mykal this last week and send off a letter to him with a few other things as well in a package for him. so how is the list coming for the lawns dad is it big this year or around the same like every year. hope the weather is good for you can get them all done before summer hits. ya me hair is getting a little long and i polly wont cut it tell next mouth or next transfer. ya thanks for the easter package mom and tabs i will share the candy and that was a lot of candy. we both got packages that day on thursday the 21st. and they both had candy in them. sounds like the guys in the bus shop loves to eat to bad eric cant make any beans for me and send them this way i love his beans.

but ya things are going good here in Alpena. we tought the 9 year old(members son) and he told us last night that he wants to get baptised and so we set a date for the 21st of next mouth in Oscoda where his sister got baptised this mouth on the 9th. so now we have to meet with him a few times a week and teach him all the lessons cause he is a investigator now, cause he is over 8 years old. so we will be doing that with him now. but we are trying to work with all of are other investigators as well with less actives in the branch to bring all of them to church every sunday. this week we are hopeing to have a lot of people their cause its easter sunday. and a lot of people here just come for the 2 big holidays for easter and for chrismans which is sad but o well. at least they are coming to church but they should come everyweek and not just those 2 holidays. but got to go letters are on their way talk to everyone soon, hope to hear from everyone as well.

Elder Joseph Webster

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Email March 9th

hey how is everything going? how is the weather? how is work going for some people? it is after 2pm here. we just got back from the baptism in the branch. she turned 8 last mouth and she got baptized. we had to go down to Oscoda for the baptisem cause we dont have a font yet in are chapel. it went good. me and elder curtis was the witnesses they had to do it 3 more times cause the dress on her didnt go down all the way and then another time her foot came up then her hand was above the water. and on top of that the font was a little small and the drane for the water to go out was a little open and the water was going away. so we had to put more water in it man was it a fun baptisem. and the Oscoda missionaries had a investagator their cause she has a baptizem date coming up towards the end of the mouth. ansd so it went good tho over all their was about 20 people their all together.

ya tranfers went good i drove both down to Mt Pleasent and back to Alpena and it was a long drive down their we left a little after 6am and we didnt get there tell almost 9 and i was speeding the whole way for we could get their on time but ya it didnt happen but we made it before the transfer van made it their so that was good. the tranfer van didnt get there tell around 9:15. but it was a good day i saw a lot of missionaries their and i mean a lot i guess their was over 40 missionaries their easy. it was good tho and a long day me and elder curtis didnt really do anything that day except went and got food for the apartment and some other things. but then thursday went better we wasnt has tried as we was on wed. this week went by kinda slow for me but idk it will go by faster i think as the tranfer goes on. Conference went good we went over to are chapel and watched it their and a few more people. we was in charge of setting it up and taking it down and stuff like that so we kinda had to be their. but the priesthood season went good we had a investagtor their and the rest of the priesthood branch as well and some less actives came as well so it was good. this is about are new mission priesdent Stephen H. Hess was born in Salt Lake City and raised in Farmington, Utah. His wife Vicki Killpack Hess was born in Provo and raised in Orem Utah. They are the parents or nine children, six sons and three daughters and 25 grandchildren. Prior to their marriage Brother Hess attended school at Brigham Young University where he met Vicki and the University of Utah. He has three degrees from the University of Utah, a BS. Major in History, minor Psychology, secondary teaching certificate, a Master Degree in Instructional Systems and Learning Resources and a PhD in Education Administration with an emphasis in higher education. He served in the New England Mission headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts in the areas of Northern Vermont, Nova Scotia, Portland Maine and Boston from 1967-1969. He has since served in many church responsibilities including Elders Quorum President, Stake Young Men’s President, High Councilor, Bishop, First Counselor in the Bountiful Stake Presidency, Regional Welfare Agent and Patriarch. Brother Hess is the Vice President of Information Technology (Chief Information Officer) for the University of Utah where he has worked in the Administration and taught for 38 years, and Assistant Commissioner (CIO) for the Utah State System of Higher Education. Vicki studied in Home Economics education and has been a full time mom all her married life. She has also served as a counselor in the Primary Presidency, Ward Young Women President, Ward Relief Society President, 2nd Counselor in the Stake Relief Society and many other callings.
They currently reside in Bountiful, Utah. so their you go a little about are new mission president

Elder Curtis is from Utah pleasent cove, Utah. he is going home from his mission at the end of june so he only has 11 weeks left on his mission. he is excited to go home and be with his family again. there is 9 kids in his family and he is in the middle of all of them. umm lets see what else. o he has been to Alpena before coming back here. he was here about a year ago for 5 mouths he would of been here for 6 but he had a E.T (EMERGENGY Tranfer) someone got was sick and they had to send him home. o and he loves to cook and bake so i am going to asked him to see if he can teach me some stuff about cooking. and we are going to bake a green cake for a greenie in are disrect we got a new missionary as well so i am not the youngest one anymore ya. but other then that thats all i know about him so far. When we get done here we are going to go back to the apartment and get some stuff then go and do some ladurary and get some food for the apartment and then go back and deep clean the apartment as much as we can anyway. we have cleaned it since elder smith has been gone it is clean and i forgot to take a pic of it before we cleaned it sorry but i will take pics of it while we are cleaning. so we are busy today o well.

The family we are teaching is doing good they are excepting the gospel and everything we are telling them. we had to trop a few people tho cause we can never get a hold of them we have not got a hold of them for like a mouth now. and whenever we call them and leave a message they never call us back. but other then that the investagators are doing pretty good. me and Elder Curtis are going to try and get a hold of all of them this week and set up a apointment to meet with them maybe this week if not the next week. when elder smith was here we door nocked into some people that invited us right away and invited us back but they are out of town this weekend and all next week so we set up a time on the 22nd to go and see them and they are way excited as well so thats a good thing. one person their wants to start and new life and we can help out with that. but other then that everyone else is doing good.

Deep cleaning is going to be fun i have thown out a lot of can food that was dated 2 years ago and i found one that was dated from 2006 i was like wow that is old so we threw it away and a few more things as well in the apartment. but no mood at all which is good. so i hope that deep cleaning wont be that bad today i will let you now how it went and everything as well. and we have to fix a few things in the aparmtent as well that was broke when i got their. but other then that everything is going good. so thats it for now hope to hear from everyone soon.

Elder Webster

Monday, April 4, 2011

Baptism Saturday

o i forgot something we have a baptism in are branch on saturday so i dont know when i am going to be able to write everyone back and we also have a deep cleaning day that day as well just thought i would tell everyone that.

First Transfer

hey how is things going? things here are going good. we got the call friday morning and well elder smith is going down to jonesville, it is down state by the border of Michigan. he is going to be in the Lansing zone. My new compaion is going to be Elder Curtis idk where he is from yet but i will let you know on saturday. Elder Curtis has only 3 mouths left on his mission so most likely he will finishes it out here in Alpena but who knows. he has severed here in alpena before for 6 mouths and he is going to come back. and he knows the area pretty good. so me and elder smith has to get up at 5 am are time to leave and meet up with everyone else at a town called MT Pleasate which is a 2 and a half to 3 hours drive there but to trop Elder Smith off and to get Elder Curtis. but thats it for the big news and letters will be coming soon to everyone Elder Webster

Friday, April 1, 2011

March 26 email - Sounds like he is busy

so ok to start off with. Trade offs are fun we have one more for this transfer/trade off. I am going up to the UP again for the day on wed this time with Elder Coolbear and thats how you spell his name. and pics before i forget i am going to send my SD card when i leave to a different place that way you can have my new address when i send it or do u still want me to send it at the end of each transfer. just a thought. and we get a call next friday on april 1st which is aprils fools day, so most likey we will be getting a call from the mission prsident tho cause most likey elder smith will be leaving the area and i will be staying but we will see. but transfers is on the tuesday after that. and ether we will be having p-day on the friday the 1st or the monday the 4th cause of general conference but we dont know which one yet, but it will be before transfers thou. well the traning meetings was only 1 day cause their was a strom coming in and they didnt want us as missionarys driving in it at all. so we got as much told in 4 days into 1 day which was a lot of info in a short amount of time. we started at 830 and didnt get out tell around 5 but we had a hour for lunch which was good. and i learned a lot of stuff in just 1 day. so we had to have a dristrect meeting this week as well in che-boy-gen, but no trade off. well they gave us 20 dollors for lunch for the 4 days but it was only 1 day so we still have money left over which is good. the family that we are teaching is learning a lot right now we are teaching them the 1st lesson in the preach my gospel book which is resturation, we are using a planfit and they all have one to read. we asked them to read over it for the next time we come over which will be on monday, we are going over their every monday. and the kids are 1 is 17 years old she just turned 17 on wedensday, and the other is 14 this year, he bowles in the speical olympics which i thought was pretty cool, and get this they called us her sons which me and elder smith was like ok. and the family invited to make dinner for us one night also when we go over their again. but the family is doing good everytime we go over their. we have not challenged them to read the B of M yet we will get there the next time we are over their teaching them which will be on monday. so we both hope that they will learn fast whenever we teach them. well the snow is going away here finnaly which is good it was almost gone tell we got the snow strome this past week on wed. we got close to a foot of snow which was crazy but know it is almost gone which is a good thing. the weather here is just like the weather in idaho it can change is 5 mins haha. but we have more wind here from the lakes everyday which makes it cold when the sun is out. but since the snow strome all it has been the sun and no clouds which means SPRING ya. but i am doing good over all letters on the way and thanks for the package mom and i have been using the GPS a lot now we have been putting different address in for we can find them. and the goodies was way good they are gone now. and tell everyone hi for me love ya

Letter to Uncle Steve and Aunt Marlene

That was how it was addressed along with their PO box. She said they get letters delivered as Grandma and Grandpa too. Good post office personel.

something new - scanning Joeseph's last letter

I learned something, you have to uploard the last page first if you want to read it from the first to the last. So hope you can click on this and read it. Click once and then click on the little plus sign to enlarge it. You have to do this for each page.