Monday, August 27, 2012

Transfered to Oscoda, Michigan

Hello everyone,
well i am in Oscoda. and it is a small town here. and we live in another town called AuSable Michigan and it is only 2 mins away from Oscoda and it is another small town. we live 10 mins away from the church here and a lot of the members for the branch live a even smaller town called Hale, Michigan. and that's where the branch President lives at as well. and everything Thursday we go out to hale for the day and we get feed twice that day which is really nice. well mom was wondering how i got to oscoda, so i am going to tell how i got here from Gaylord. when me and elder Larsen leaved Gaylord early Tuesday morning at 6:30 in the morning we got down to Mt. Pleasant around 8 in the morning and that's where i met elder Green at. and while i was there before i could even get out of the car i was almost drugged out by other missionaries cause they came and gave me a hug when they saw us pull up to the church house their in Mt. Pleasant. so it was fun we was their tell after 9 in the morning then me, elder green and the West Branch missionaries all got in a members car and drove to west branch to drop off the all of us at the west branch apartment which we left Mt. pleasant around 10 after getting something to eat their in town cause all of us was hungry. and then the 4 of us had to go to Houghton lake to go and grap a few things at the houghton lake apartment, we went with the west branch elders. so then after that when we got back to west branch was around 2 in the afternoon we left for a small town called Tawas city and elder Green and i spent the rest of the day their in Tawas and that's where we do are shopping and we go shopping on Tuesday cause that's when we are down in Tawas that's where the walmart is at. and mom yes i got your letter i got it on Saturday and are mail comes around 1pm everyday so it is like back home it comes in the afternoon. o you would not believe this a lot of people remember elder Chris Dustin here. they remember that he was kind and loving and a hard working missionary. and they also told me that i have a lot of live up to here to keep up the work.
so here in Oscoda we have a long week cause we don't have that many miles to drive around with. when we got back to Oscoda we only had under 200 miles left to go everywhere so last Thursday tell Saturday we was riding bikes and we rode around 10 miles a day on the bikes. and we have 6 bikes but only 3 of them are in working order so we are going to use the other ones to get 2 working for we can give to the west branch missionaries for they can have bikes to ride. on Wednesday we was out in hale and while we was out their we stop in at a members home to introduce me to them and it was the Parents(that's their name, see if Chris Dustin remembers them). and while we was there we was talking about some past missionaries that have served here and they started to talked about that they went out to the Tetons and when with a missionary that served here to go 4whelling and a few other things as well. and they was saying that he worked on a farm and i asked them if they remembered his last name and they couldn't and all this time i was thinking in my mind that it was Chris Dustin so i asked them if it was a elder Dustin and they said yes it was and then i told them that i was cousins to him. and it was kinda cool. i was hoping that i was going to be able to serve in a area that Chris did while he was out here in Michigan. but the big day this past week was on Friday night and Saturday afternoon. on Friday night we was over at are top investigators house and she only lives town the road from where we live at so we walk their almost everyday when we see here. but on Friday when we was over their we was planning on setting an baptismal date with here and elder green asked her to think of a date that she wants to get baptized cause we was talking about baptism and then i came in and i asked her to pray about a date when she wants to get baptized and we could fell the spirit that whole lesson. and on Saturday while we stopped by she told us that she had a great felling come over her and she told us when she wants to get baptized and it was awesome so we set a date with her. and she is excited. o on Sunday as well i got asked to help with the sacrament and while i was sitting their the 2nd counselor in the branch President's asked me to come up and be the 1st speaker and to bear my testimony in other words and to say where i was from and how long i have been out. and it was no big tell and then i while i was bearing my testimony i said that i was consins to elder Chris Dustin and you could see the smiles on every ones faces which was good. so their you go for the week. this branch here is going to be fun. and get this here in Oscoda their is only 2 stop lights it is that small. how crazy it is a little bit bigger(city limits) size then Driggs is lol.
well elder green is from santaquin Utah. that is about the same size as driggs is for a city elder green told me. he is the middle child in his family. but still don't know to much about him yet still trying to get know him a little bit. he is about ready to go home here in a few months, something like 2 and a half months tell he goes home. ya i called the McClain's and talked to both of them and they told us that they have a good reason to come up to Oscoda now to see me and elder green since the both of us served in Greenville. school doesn't start tell next month here for Oscoda. the branch here in Oscoda, their is about 50 to 60 people coming each week to church. but their is close to 150 members in the branch so their is a lot of less active work to be done here. elder green told me that the branch President loves us so in other words we have him rapped around are finger lol. elder green said that not me. but other then that their you go for my first week here in Oscoda. love ya
love elder Webster

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Transferred to........side note only 3 more transfers (not counting at all)

hello everyone,
well it is transfer time again here in Michigan. and here is the big answer i am getting transfered to Oscoda and that is on lake Huron and i mean right a long the lake. and the elder live is a small town called Tawas city and that is below Oscoda. the building for Oscoda is in Oscoda. and i am going to be with elder Green and he is going to be going home at the end of this next transfer. we are going to be living in an house but that's as far as i know. President Hess told me a little about the area. he said that the branch President is awesome and that there is an senior couple their as well. ya President Belford called us last night while i was still packing a little bit and told me that he lost the paper that has your guys phone number on their he said that he always losses things when his head is not on and we both laughed. President Belford is an really funny guy and an awesome person as well. the Gaylord Branch is so awesome i am going to miss going their every Sunday and talking with all the members and we also had an baptism this past weekend just one though. and the reason why we only had one is cause Nancy smocked last week and so we had to chancel the baptism and this was on Friday when she told us that she had smoke. so we had to call everyone and tell everyone that no one was getting baptized anymore but we didn't say why and everyone was upset but o well things happened. but then on Saturday we had an lunch appointment that we had to be at noon with some members that was feeding us. so we went and then we had an felling to go over and see Nancy and Laura so we did and i guess we got their like 10 mins after the Tischlers left. and we talked to Laura and she was a little upset at Nancy cause she smoked and their was not going to be an baptism but we told Laura that she could still get baptized cause she has not smoke at all for awhile and she was happy about that. so we had to call a few people and tell them that Laura still wanted to get baptized and we put this together with in 4 hours noticed and the font takes 3 hours to fill up. so ya it was a throw together baptism at the last min. but it was way good. their was only 12 people their for the baptism but that's OK. and Laura wanted me to baptize her so i did and elder Larsen was in the font as well just for safety. but we had an baptism YA!!!!!! and i will send pic as well don't worry. and mom for the package i was cleaning house cause i needed to send some stuff home cause i was getting too much stuff and when i do get transferred and cant have that much stuff so i have to send some stuff home but that's OK. so that's why i send an package home.
Well not for the west of the week and how it went. on Tuesday we was up in Boyne city for lunch like always and well we didn't stay in boyne city for very long cause we got a call from Nancy and it was not very good. elder Larsen was talking to her on the phone for like 40 mins and we was sitting inside the tisclers car with them and elder and sister Tischler could here every word of it. so we was talking with the the Tisclers for close to an hour about what to do and we prayed and all of us got a felling to call President Hess and talk to him about it and so we did and we also got the felling to go back to Gaylord and talk to Nancy and Laura as well and we went back and we leaved Boyne City around 3:30ish and got back to Gaylord around 4 to 4:30. and has we was driving back to Gaylord President Hess called us back and we was talking to him for a good 15 mins on the phone about everything cause he didn't answer when we called him. so we had a crazy day that day. on Wednesday we had are last district meeting for this last transfer and their was 12 missionaries their and it was fun. and i was on trade offs with elder Sheperd from Alpena and we had a fun time serving together for the day. we was here in Gaylord well grayling anyway. that night and on Thursday morning it rained here and it rained for good 7 or 8 hours but it came down so i guess you must of got the storm that we got with rain. and me and elder Sheperd had to drive to trade back and it was just a coming down i had the rippers on the car on full blast and going fast and we could still bearing see. it takes us on an sunny day 35 mins to get where we trade back at with the alpena elders but it took us 50 mins to get their cause of the rain and how much it was coming down. but not to much more about last week.
and before i forget dad Happy birthday dad we herd about President Monson's bday but we didn't get to see it. but that's OK we was doing an baptism. well everyone that's all for now tell next week when i am going to be in my new area. and chelle i have a letter for ya and it has been sitting on my desk to send for 2 weeks now and i keep on forgetting to send it every time we walk out the door o well. i will send it off today but love ya everyone and talk to you next week.
love elder Webster

Friday, August 17, 2012

Baptism on August 18th

hello everyone,
good morning, afternoon, evening whatever lol. transfers are coming up next week. we find out this Friday so i will let you now next week of what we find out. well the mission has some big news. the whole mission got new phones and boy are they nice. they are a lot better then the old ones that we had before. they are touch screen and a slide out keyboard(like moms and dads). we got them last Saturday after zone conference. and you would not believe who i met either i met elder Mann from rexburg Idaho. i met him when he was on his way up the the UP for his first day their but he is in my zone. and so i have a pic of him and me. we learned a lol of new things at zone conference on Saturday. and President Hess also told us that in less then an month their is going to be a general authority from the 70ty here doing a mission tour. on the 10th and the 11th of next month. so did Lynda's mom pass away or something is that way they was in Washington for a while or what happened? you better grandpa that i have not seen any cute girls out here in Michigan that i like cause i have not been looking. o before i forget it was sister tischlers birthday last Thursday the 9th of August. that's good that everyone had an good time up in driggs at shons bday party and that grandpa is doing good. mom you will have to tell kirill to email me and tell me what he has been up to since he is going to stop by. and get his number as well for me that would be great. and you better get his email for me as well thanks. i got your letter Saturday evening when we got back to the apartment after 9 that night. we was gone for 13 hours on Saturday and we didn't even go out of town lol. that is so much smoke. ya you guys need the rain more then we do here. it rained here for a few days last week. wow dad back into the high Priest group leadership huh as the 1st assistant in the High Priest Group leadership nice lol haha. well next year for the elders and high priest i will be their to help the elders out and win for once lol.
well to start off here in Gaylord last week. start on Tuesday like normal we was in boyne city and east Jordon with the tischlers. it was just a crazy day while we was in boyne city cause while we was their we had lunch with the belfords and that was fine as normal but after words we got dropped at an less actives place and we had are bikes with us. well no one was home their so we rode are bikes to go and stop in on an investigator and he wasn't home ether so we called him to see if he was in town at all but he didn't answer so what we did. we rode a little bit to go and do some door knocking before we had to leave to go to east Jordon with the tischlers. but as we was riding he called us back and told us that he moved but it was only around the corner that he moved to. so we went and met up with him but while we was walking over to his place a salesman came up to us and him and are investigator started to do a drug deal so we left and when we left to go and do some knocking we was about to lock up are bikes on an stop sign but when we did that about 7 or 8 bees came out and one of them stung elder Larsen and not me so i got lucky lol. and while we was door knocking no one was home ether so you can tell it was just started out not so good. but then we went over to east Jordon and while we was their we had a great lesson with 2 investigators and hopefully if they came to church they will be get baptized soon. and then after that we went and did some service for a PM family and then we went over to another family in the branch cause the husband came with us to the appointment that we had with the investigators their in east Jordon and we shared a message with them and we got a referral from them as well. and guess what he came to church as well yesterday. he is an boyfriend of one of the daughters and she has been telling him a little about the church and he has came to church a few times as well. on Wednesday and Friday we was down in grayling all day and when we are down their we have been doing a lot of door knocking cause we only have 2 investigators their now so not much work going on down their but we are hoping for some here soon. well on Thursday we had 6 lessons planned but only 1 that was planned happened and we picked up another lesson on the door step and picked up a new investigator. and all week we have been going over to Nancy and Laura's to make sure they are still on the path for baptism and they are doing good. they had their baptismal interview last Saturday after zone conference. but on Saturday during zone conference we learned a whole bunch of new stuff for how to teach people. we learned how to asked the "why" questions to people. like "why do you thick it is important to get baptized" and the "how" questions as well. and then yesterday Nancy and Laura came to church again and they enjoyed it. Nancy has been telling everyone about her baptism on Saturday and it is at 7pm are time(so 5pm Idaho time). and done worry i well get pics. and elder Larsen had to give an talk in sacrament meeting yesterday and it was really good and also President Belford did as well. he said if he asked people to give talks he has to give an talk as well. so he thought it was his turn to give an talk. and we also told nancy and Laura last night when we went over their that if they smoke at all or drink coffee, tie or anything bad that the baptism is not on that we will have to move it back tell they are clean and have not smoked for over a week.
well their you go hope all is well family. the other pic is a rock and it is made into the state of Michigan. i saw that while we was door knocking and so i had to take an picture of it and send it was well. but their you go hope all is well back in Idaho love y'all.
love elder Webster

Monday, August 6, 2012

Post birthday 2 baptisms on August 18th

hello everyone,
good morning, afternoon, or evening lol. thank you for the birthday packages. Michelle thank you for the cookies and by the way they are half way gone. we ate some of them that night when i opened the package. i worn the tie that you gave me yesterday at church Michelle and a lot of people liked it and i like it as well. i had a good birthday and i also had a good 18 month mark as well. i was on trade off with another missionary on my birthday from kalkaska cause elder Larsen had to go to kalkaska to go and do an interview for someone that was getting baptised their. so i was with elder Sugur and we had an good time and get this when we got back to Gaylord that night cause me and elder sugur was in grayling all day we went to go and see Nancy and Laura(the two people that is going to be getting baptized here in an couple of weeks) Nancy had a card for me and also a gift card for an restaurant and well you guessed it. we went their for dinner that night and it was good. the weather here in getting cooler but it is still hot some days cause it is August and plus you never now the weather it can change within 5 mins. that's awesome that the elders had 2 or 3 baptisms last month. have you got a letter back from the elders yet that always came to the house for dinner. o mom before i forget i was talking with a ward mission leader in another area that i know. he lives down state along lake Michigan. and i have become good friends with him and i told him that you guys are planning on coming out to come and get me and i asked him if we could stay the night and he told me. he told me before this anyway, he said that anytime that i come back out to Michigan that i can stay the night their. he said that he would love it, it we stayed the night or 2 their. and he has 3 bedrooms and 2 bath at his house and dad he is a big sports fan. and i mean big sports fan. he is an Yankee fan as well sorry tom he he.
well everything is going good here in Gaylord. this past week we have been busy as well once again. we had 23 lessons and only 3 of them was with members. it has gone back and forth with member involvement but that's how missionary work goes. we had only 1 at sacrament meeting as well, and that was Nancy. their is cool story that i will tell you later in the email about them and what happened with them yesterday night. to start off the week on Tuesday last week we had a good day like always we was up in boyne city and east Jordon and we had lunch at President Belfords home then after that we went saw some investigators that we are teaching their as well. and around 4 we went over to east Jordan and we told 2 people their that we picked up 2 weeks ago that used to meet with missionaries in the past. and on Wednesday which was my birthday ya!!! but we was on trade offs like i said earlier in the email and i was with elder Sugur and we had a good time. we was down in grayling and we tryed to see some less actives as well that lives down their but no one was home and not even for door knocking ether. but then we came back to Gaylord o around 6 and went over to see Nancy and Laura and had a good lesson with them. and she gave me a 20 dollar gift card to a restaurant called Big Boy. it is like jb's in rexburg. and i had want they call the Kicten sick and it was soooo good. and then on Thursday me and elder Larsen had an good day as well. brother Taylor came with us to 2 appointments that we had that night and he is such a spiritual giant in lesson but get this he is shorter then me he is only like 5 ft tall but he is so great is lessons. he is going to come with us again this Thursday to go and see Nancy and Laura and sister Brown is going to come as well. we are trying to get as many branch members to come to the lessons with us to fellowship them and to make sure they don't get left out of anything. on Friday we was down in grayling as well and we did a lot of finding and some less active work as well. but like Wednesday not a lot of people was home. and on Saturday we had an branch picnic at an members home up in onaway. and it was around 5 in the evening so me and elder Larsen did as much as we could do before we went up their with the Tischlers. it was really fun, and the members home that we went to has a huge place and a lot of land. she told us that they have 110 acres. and only a 4th of it was uncovered by trees(their is a lot of trees here in Michigan like their is in South Carolina. but we had a fun and busy week and a long week as well. but yesterday after church me and elder Larsen he had to get numbers from different missionaries and we was doing that from 1:30 tell 3pm cause we could not get a hold of the alpena missionaries. their apartment is so bad for cell phone reception. and i know that cause i served their for 3 months and you only have 2 spots in the apartment where you can get 1 or 2 bars of reception. but after that we had dinner at sister browns and the tischlers was their was well and same with some other members of the branch and we had an good time and then us and the tischlers went over to see Nancy and Laura that evening. and Laura told us she got a good surprise from Nancy earlier that day after church. Nancy left church after Sunday school cause she was going to go to an picnic somewhere but Nancy didn't end up going. she went and picked up Laura and took her to go and get an Sunday dress for church and a few other things. and now Laura had no excuses not to come to church now every Sunday. and they are doing good and are on track to get baptised on the 18th of this month and Laura wants me to do the baptism for her. and Nancy wants elder Larsen to do her baptism as well.
OK so let me get this straight for the YSA ward is going to the church by porter park and Horkleys over on the east side of town. but what do you mean by all of them. all of the wards in all of the stakes of just the north stake? so their is going to be some reorganizing going on in rexburg with different wards huh. why are they going to being the 8th ward all the way out to are church building for church every Sunday when they are right their by the stake center? why are they not going to green canyon anymore for the Webster Reunion? that was always fun their cause we could go swimming and have different activies their as well as an family. and their was a lot of people that came. but i guess Rock Creek should be fun as well. and dad we will be going golfing if it is their next year i know that one for sure. o chelle when i saw the DVD about grandma i popped it in are mini DVD player and watched it and i then listen to the funeral on Sunday morning as well. and well i started to cry when i was listening to it and seeing some of the pictures that was on their.
well family that's all for now. hope all is well love ya.
love elder Webster

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy Birthday and 18 month mark

hello everyone,
well thank you for the birthday package. i cant believe that i am 21 years old, where has the time gone to and that i am 18 months out as well. the package came this morning during companion study we herd the mail ladie come up the stairs and put it by are door. and don't worry i have only opened one present up cause i could see what it was. it was not raped all the way around. you know me mom it was polly good thing that you wrapped up the presents before you put them in the package cause i would of opened up the package anyway. thanks again mom. o when we got here to the library their was an member from down state in Michigan was up here in Gaylord for a scouting thing and as he was walking out of the library he turned around and came and gave us 20 bucks to go and get something for lunch today. on Thursday we had interviews with President Hess and i asked him when you guys and if you are still planning on coming and picking me up. i asked him if i could go to the temple here in Michigan with you after my mission and he said yes i can with you guys. and i got the letter with the pioneers things in it and they are cool. i read them one night and man i didn't know that the hills came from Canada that's just cool. ya i would of agree that the Websters and the ricks line would of been to big to send. but it is cool to read about where they came from. that's cool that Cameron got his mission papers back and going to Brazil. wow that is going to be a tuff language to learn but he can do it. man to bad i am not their to play against you dad in golf again this year o well nest year. o speaking of Utah i don't know if you want to but the Tisclers are going to be done with their mission on the last day on February so they will be speaking some time in march and i told them that you might what to go down for it and to meet them and they said that they would invite us over for dinner as well after words and to visit.
to start of for missionary work, we have 4 people with an baptismal date to get baptize. and 2 of them are going to get baptised on the 18th of this month and that is Nancy and Laura. they was the ones that was smoking and Laura has not smoked for over a week now and she is still dealing with some headaches from it and coaching like crazy but we told her that is normal from not smoking cause she is cleaning out her lungs of all that smoke and everything. and her headache is from not smoking and i told here that while i was back home and drinking Mountain dew a lot before i leaved and then i quit drinking it i got headaches as well but then i got over it. and are 2 other people with baptismal dates are going to get baptised on the 26th of August as well. it just seems like everyone that we work with has a thing that they have to over come in order to get baptized o well it is life. well to start off on Sunday we had 2 investigators come to church and they loved it. and on Tuesday we was up in Boyne city and that's where President Bleford lives and we go over their on Tuesdays for lunch and this Tuesday i took some pics and they are going to be in the email. his house is a ture cowboys house and everything in his house has an story behind it. and we also picked up 2 new investigators as well that day over in east Jordan. cause the Tischlers had to go over their and so we went with them and we picked up 2 new people to teach. on Wednesday we had trade offs with the Alpena Missionaries and i was with elder Cox(served with him before for 5 weeks when i was down in Holt). and we had taught some less actives and also 2 investigators that day as well. then on Thursday we had district meeting and interviews with President Hess and other district was their as well for interviews and well i was 2nd to last to go for interviews cause we didn't have travel anywhere. so their was 16 missionaries their. so he had a lot of interviews to do and he didn't get their tell 10:30 so elder Larsen and i was their tell little after 2pm just waiting. good thing we didn't have anything planned tell 3:30 that day lol. but interviews went really good with him. and on that day we also had 6 lessons as well which was crazy we was driving as fast as we could to get from appointment to appointment and to get their on time as well. and on Friday and Saturday we was down in grayling both days and we spent the night at an members home down their. on Friday was the only day that we could of got some door knocking in and to have lessons with people cause of an big festivable in grayling. it was the AuSable River festivable. and on Saturday we helped out with a lot of stuff like parking old fashion cars and i got pics i am going to send with the email as well don't worry. and dad you will like them. their was 115 cars that was their for the car show we would have had more but their was also 2 more different car shows somewhere else in Michigan going on at the same time as this one. and we also got feed 3 times that day by different members from the church though out the day. so all together for the week for are numbers we had 3 people come to church yesterday, we had 26 total lessons taught and out of those 26 lessons 5 of them was with members. and we got 3 new investigators to teach ya lol. so we had a busy week this past week with different things going on in are area and trade offs and meetings. we are just go go go with different things haha lol.
hey tabs got a ? for ya can you get me a number for me or go to the high school and talk to coach or Mr Phippes. he as the baseball coach and get his email for me cause i have been thinking about him lately and i had a ? for him as well. that would be great thanks tabs. while we was at President Blefords home one time he told us an story about an order guy and an Priest from another church. one Sunday the Priest went up the older guy and asked him why he kept coming to church every Sunday week after week after week cause he could hear, talked that good, and even sing and he was way old. and the older guy told the Priest that he was showing God what side he was on by going to church no matter what. and who's side the older guy was on Gods or Satan and it looks like the older guy was on God's side by going to church. so i thought that was cool so i was going to tell you about that in the email today. well that's all for now love ya and i hope you enjoy the pics. and i am going to send them in another email for ya but love ya and i hope you like them
love elder Webster