Monday, December 12, 2011

Staying Together

hello everyone,
      well transfers just happened, we are staying together here in Grand Vally and he is called to be the distrect leader so we get a full time car this transfer. well got some bad news from the mission as well. 2 areas are getting closed. one of the areas are in the distrect that i am in. it is Big Rapids the reason why is cause elder Jones who was up their rolled his ankle really bad and he has to be off his feet for a few weeks so he is going to be with the assistends for a transfer and he companion elder Ballard is going to go to st. Johns. and the other area is cheboygen the reason for that getting shut down is cause one of the missionsire didnt want to stay up their and take the area over so they just took both of the missionaries out of their. well the Grand Vally ward has 3 missionaries out in the field and the parents yesturday read a few letters of how they are doing and everything else. i am sure that the Kohler family was happy to see you guys. and i got the pics that you send to me. well their was snow here but it is gone now the weather here has been crazy. the weather has been in the low 30's high 20's and we did have snow this past week but only a inch and it is gone now.
          well mission news now. well this past week has been a good and long week as well. we meet with kimberly this morning and she is still looking forward to her baptism for the 14th of next mouth. the Grand Rapids elders had a baptism last saturday so we invited her to it for she knew what was going on and everything. she was very excited to be their this morning we told her that she can pick people to talk on baptism and the holy Ghost and to do the baptism as well. we are thinking of doing a musical number for it as well but who knows. well not much going on here in the mission. we have traning meetings this friday and saturday here in Grand Rapids. and all missionaires have to be to that but the Grand Rapids zone and the Kalamazoo Zone is going to be here as well. it is from 9 to 4 both days but on saturday we are having a christmas party for the 2nd half of the day so it should be good. but letters will be in the mail this week to everyone. well thats all for now. ya i know this one is short but not much going on. hope to hear from everyone soon. love ya
elder Webster

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

10 months

hello everyone,
well another week has gone by where has the time gone to these days. I have been out for 10 months now. time is flying by. the past week has been really good. we have had a lot of good things happened to us this past week. are best day of the week was polly on Friday. thanks for sending me the package mom and tell the ward thanks as well. the ward here in Grand Vally is having their ward Christmas party this Saturday so we are planning on going to that cause i guess the elders in the past help out with some stuff. the ward here in Grand Vally polly has around 110 people that came every week but their is a lot of people that is less or inactive in the ward as well so if everyone came to church their would be i am guessing tho polly around 200 people. o here is some big new from the mission at least for us anyway we found out last Monday evening that their is a new area opening up and it is in the Lansing Zone and it is in Holt so their is going to be 2 area's in the Holt ward.
well missionary work now. On Friday it started out not to bad but it ended up to be a great day. we was going to go out to lunch with the stevens from Greenville, but we got a text from them saying that their daughter Jayde was getting admitted into the hospital. so we didnt get to have lunch with them so it is around 4pm now in the day we are getting pickup up by Bro Wadsworth who is the stake Patriark and he is in are ward and he came with us to appointment that day. it is a part member family that we started to teach his name is Elmer Ybama, he wife has been a member her whole life and they have been married for 60 years now. and Elmar is 91 years old but boy his he is way good shape and i mean good shape. he told us that you are never to old to learn something new. when we was talking to him about the first lesson and everything and as we was getting done with the lesson and just talking he asked us when we was going to come back again and how often we could come in a week and both me and elder Kohler looked at each other and then at him and we told him once a week but he said thats not good enough and he asked what about twice a week and we was like ok we can do that. and then he asked us if bro wadsworth could come with us and he said "i think i can work with that and i would love to come" bro wadsworth and Elmer has known each other for a very long time for polly close to 50 years now. so we are going to be meeting with Elmer every wedensday and friday at 4pm and bro wadsworth is going to come with us.
another story that was really good on the same day friday the 2nd was after that meeting with Elmar so this is 6:30 that evening and we are at a dinner appointment with a member family in the ward and we asked a few weeks ago if we could bring a investigator and they said ya why not we so we set it up for last Friday evening with the Sigmans family. they have 2 young kids as well, both of the kids are around the same age of Kimberly's kids(she is the investigator). well earlier in the week kimberly was reading in the book of mormon about the tree of life in 1st nephi chapter 8 and the iron rod as well but as she was reading more in the book of mormon nephi talks about it in chapter 11. well in the october ensign is talks about Lehi's dream and the tree of life and the iron rod so we thought it would be prefect cause she loves that story of lehi's dream so we went over that and gave her a copy of the engisn. Kimberly is just shocking all of the information that we are giving her in. so when we got done with what we was talking about elder Kohler asked her when she wants to get baptized and we was thinking about the 17th and she said ok thats sounds good. well it was arond 9pm when bro Sigman took us back to are apartment. well on sunday at church we was talking with brother Sigman and he told us that Kimberly was their tell midnight just talking with sister Sigman about a few other things about the church as well. and they had a extra kuald and they gave it to her and she was so excited about it. and when sister Sigman was talking to kimberly she was using scriptures as well to back it up. so if you cant tell the work here is picking up good and picking up with member help as well. last week we only had 10 lessons but 6 of them was with members.
are apartment complex is having a christmas holiday contest to see how can decorate their back pouch and windows the best. so we are using the lights that you send me mom and their was lights ana a few other things that was left from other missionaries as well so it is going to be good. they are going to be coming around and judging on the 15th of this mouth and we will get pics and send them. but thats it for now hope to hear from everyone soon. love ya. letters will be in the mail here hopefully this week or next week for sure.
elder Webster

Monday, November 28, 2011

hello everyone,
hey how is everyone doing? how was everyones thanksgiving? ares was good, we went over to a family in the ward and we was their all day with them. we went and saw a member who was in the hospital and we went to go and see how she was doing. well last saturday me and elder Kohler got to go back up to greenville for a baptism for jonny and betty mclain. the baptism went really good they was a few non members their that was friends of them and also family. the bishop did the baptism but i was on backup for it cause he hurt his leg 2 weeks ago and he was not sure if he was able to do it or not but once he got in the hot water it was fine and it was not hurting at all. and he was able to do the baptisms but it went really good. jonny and betty came down and picked us up o get this. we went to sonic to keep some of the chesse sticks cause they are 99 cents every saturday during the winter and while we was their guess who pulled up, they did(jonny and betty mclain) as well. cause when they came and picked us up at are apartment they said since they had time that they thought about getting a sonic burger and they did and we was their was well how funny is that. well this sunday night we are having a big thing with the Grand Rapids ward. we are having a broad cast from salt lake for the chrismans devotional and the mormon tablenacical choir is going to sing as well and a lot of people her in michigan knows who they are and has herd about them. so we are hoping for around 300 or 400 people to be their or even more. well this friday the stevens from greenville is going to take us out for lunch somewhere i forgot where they was going to take us. but it is somewhere by are apartment thats all i know.
well now some about the mission news. well the Mclains got baptized up in greenville and i was their for it and it went really good. they was a few non members their that was family and friends of theirs. well here in grand vally we have 5 people with a baptismal date for a goal to work towards but we will have a pushed some of them back cause we have not seen them in the past week or so, we are guessing cause it was a holiday week and weekend so they was not home but we are hoping this week. we have a a busy week in front of us. first off tommorow(tuesday) we have trade offs with big rapids and thats where they distrect leader is and so he is coming down here for the day to be with me here in grand vally. and we have a few apointments that day as well so it is going to be good. then on wedensday we have distrect meeting up in big rapids and that is a hour away from grand rapids. good thing i like driving and it is a stright shot up their not like driving from rexburg to the vally or back lol haha. we just have to hope on the highway and the way we go. but then the rest of the week we have a few other apointments as well. me and elder Kohler we get around 9 lessons everyweek but this week we will polly get around 15 lessons cause we called a few less actives that has not been to church in a long time for us to got and see. and are distrect leader told us to see the people that we have baptismal dates with to see then twice a week. and the members here in the grand vally ward is helping out a lot with missionary work it is picking up a lot. we are having members come out with us almost everyday and sometimes for dinner apointment they bring their friends over as well that they have talked to them about are church. well transfers are coming up on the 9th of next mouth but most likey we will stay together cause the mission president wants the missionaries to stay longer in the ares and to work with the ward members a lot more as well. and elder kohler got here in grand vally about 2 mouths ago. but thats all for the mission news anyway and all for now as well but letters will come soon and hope to hear from everyone soon. love ya
elder webster

Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Week

hello everyone,
well it is thanksgiving this week. you all known what that means good food lol. we are going over to a members house for thanksgiving around 1 that day for dinner and we might be having another one that night but who knows. well i have some way good news, if you remember me talking about the McClain's from Greenville they are getting baptized this coming Saturday at 3 pm in Greenville and i get to go back for it. and they said if i cant find a ride that the bishop will come down from Greenville and pick us up. and i was talking with the steven yesterday(Sunday) on the phone and they are going to come to the church on Saturday to come and see me and my companion and they said that they are going to take us out to eat on the 2nd of next mouth somewhere here in Grand Rapids as well. with thanksgiving coming up are district is going to be having a big thanksgiving lunch in Greenville somewhere cause that is where we are going to have district meeting this Wednesday. are district might have a Christmas party but we don't know yet we polly wont know tell next transfer. if we do have a little party it is going to be on a Wednesday after district meeting.
well i don't know if i told you this or not but we had a general authority here last week his name was elder Nash he is in the 70. we had a half mission zone conference for it and it went really good. he talked a lot on using members in during the lessons and how we can use them as well. Well after words the mission president came up to me and told me that i am going to be in a leadership position sometime here soon in my mission, so i told him ok sounds good. and if i do become in the leadership spot in the mission like a district leader i get a full time car YYYYYAAAAAA! lol. but i don't know when that is going to be ether. we have training meeting for all missionaries coming up on the 29th and 30th of this month and all of the missionaries have to be their from the Grand Rapids zone and the Kalamazoo Zone which is south of Grand Rapids. and so polly some of the missionaries from the other zone will be staying in the grand rapids zone somewhere. and on the 30th we are only have a half day training cause the other half we are having for a Christmas party with everyone, so it is going to be a good day. don't worry mom i will get a picture with my coat on when it gets really cold don't worry it has not been that cold to put the inner layer and the outer layer on at the same time. when they send the package they will leave a notice in the mailship that we have and they will take it to the apartment office ad i can go and pick it up later on that day. cause we can get the mail any time from 12:30 to 3:30 in the afternoon so who knows when we will get it. if you are going to send any packages from you guys i would polly wait tell after transfers cause we cant take that much with us if we do get transferred but most likey we will polly stay together here in Grand Vally cause we have been doing good work for this area. Grand Vally has not had a baptism for over a year now. and we have 5 people with a baptismal date: 1 for the 3rd of next mouth, 2 for the 10 of next mouth and, 2 for the 17th of next mouth. and the other ward that goes to are building they have 2 sets of elders and they have 2 or 3 baptisms coming up as well so we are going to invite are investigators to their services for they know what is going to happened for when it is their time to get baptized. and they are going to do the same when we have baptisms as well.
but that's all for now that i can think off. time is just going by a little to fast these days if i say so myself lol. but hope everyone will have a good week, hope to hear from EVERYONE SOON.
Elder Webster

Monday, November 14, 2011

Feeling like Home

hello everyone,
well it is getting colder outside here in Michigan now but no snow yet. well we did have it for a few hours last wedensday. i was on trade offs with the Disrect leaders companion up in big rapids and when we was on are way back on thursday morning it was snowing and the distrect leaders companion was driving and he is a scary driver, o well i cant speak much about that but i have not been pulled over in a long time and it is a good thing lol. knock on wood. well come this winter here in michigan is going to be crazy but people say that the michigan winters are bad but elder Kohler saids that idaho is worse. so we will have to see how it goes. o here in Grand Vally their a member that is from idaho and guess what he is a idaho license plate on his turck that he has. so i am going to take a pic of it with me by it and send it one of these times. o we have elder Nash coming to the mission on friday and saturday of this week so we are having a big half mission Zone conference type thing and it is here in Grand Rapids. so we dont have to go far for it which is good ya. by the way Chris HAPPY BRITHDAY buddie love ya hope you have a good brithday. thank you for the hot cholate it is going to be used this winter for sure. and the jurkey is already gone i ate it that night cause i was hungry and i didnt want to cook anything so i had some of the jurkey. o when the bishop sends the package to me just tell him to send it to where i am staying at cause the mission office was having trouble last week all of their computers and phones was down for a few days so hopefully today(monday) they will be back up.
well ok mission work now. well we had distrect meeting here in Grand Rapids last wedensday and we had trade offs with the distrect leader so i went with his companion back up to big rapids. boy was that a long day. when we got back their we went and walked around the collage that they have their it is like BYU-I up their in Big Rapids, so thats all they do is working on campus which is ok but it was cold. well here in Grand Vally are busy days are on friday and saturday and we dont know why on friday but it seems like thats when everyone can meet with us but i guess that is a good thing thou. monday we had a dinner apointment with a members and their family. the husbend is the young men president but when we was over their for dinner they have a pig pong table and the wife plays it a lot and she is really good. so elder Kohler played her and wow she is good and they invited us back to come and play again on are p-days so we are going to do that. on tuesday we was going to go and meet up with a person that we had a return apointment with and they told us that they didnt want to meet with us so their was somemore people that live in that house and they told us that they would love to meet with us so we asked if they had time and we told them about are church and invited them to be baptized and they said yes so we set a date with them for the 10 of december and they said ok. so now we have 5 people with a baptism date but we are going to have to move some of the dates back a few weeks cause we cant get a hold of them right now which is not good. so if you cant tell heavenly father works in different ways for different people. o here in Grand Rapids us the Grand Vally ward and the Grand Rapids word is doing a chrismans devo from the 1st Presidence chrismens messgae on the first sunday of december and it is at 8 pm our time so polly will be around 6pm your guys time. so we are going to invited all of are investigators to it and the mormon tableernackel choir is going to be singing and a lot of people knows about the choir that we have in Salt Lake City. but before that we are going to have a dessert party with everyone then watch the broadcast. we have dinners all this week but saturday with members which is ok with me and we have dinners all next week as well but saturday so we are getting feed which is good. o how was the missionaries that came to the door mom and dad. but thats all for now hope to hear from everyone soon ether in letters or in email. love ya
elder Webster 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

hello everyone,
how is everyone doing? it is getting colder here in Michigan i had to go and get a new winter coat and boy i have only used the outer part on it and it is warm and it only cost 75 bucks for it. at nights it is getting around 15 dregees but during the day time it has warmed up to around 50 somedays crazy weather i tell ya. o well what can you do it is like idaho weather. well mom i dont know if you got my letter or not but it has the address for grand vally on their. well here in Grand Vally if we dont have a car wow it is crazy we have to ride the bus around town tell it trops us off by a spot where one of are apointments are at and sometimes it is fall away. so far since i have been here we have polly walked around 20 miles since tuesday and boy are my legs and feet tried.
elder Kohler and i have been really busy here in Grand Vally. sometimes we have not got home tell after 9 pm and those are long days. here in Grand Vally their is already 4 people with a baptism date and i talked to the Mclains sunday after church and Jonny Mclain has the church court on wedensday and from their it is has to go to the stake President then to salt lake city and then we have to wait for it to come back so it may not be tell the end of the mouth tell he gets baptised or ether tell the 1st part of januray but everyone wants it to be the end of this mouth. and i talked to the Assitends and they said if we can get a ride up their i can go to it which will be sweet cause they really want me to be their. they said that if they have to they will come and pick me up to come to it thats how bad they want me to be their. well when we dont have to car here in Grand Vally we have to plan around the times for the bus pickups, luckerly we have a bus pickup right by are aparmtment complax so it is not to bad. I have not met up with any of the investigators that has the baptism dates yet but hopefully this coming week we will be able to meet up with them. The ward is a good size ward but not to big if i would have to guess on how many people their is that comes each week polly around 150 people. in are area for Grand Vally we cover from a little bit of down town Grand Rapids all the way up to a small town called sparta and sparta is next to the Greenville area. and their is some members that live up in sparta and so we are going to be going up to sparta on friday for a dinner apointment. o we are having a 70 coming though are mission on the 18th of this mouth so we are going to be having a big half mission Zone Conference that day and we are soo lucky it is going to be here in Grand Rapids at the stake center which is only 10 mins away from where we live. The 70's name is elder Nash i dont know where he is from, but he is in the mission Distrect back in Salt lake city. we also are having a mission training as well at the stake center here in Grand Rapids on the 29th and 30th as well from 9 to 4 both days. and the mission President wants all missionaries their for it.
I dont really remember elder Kohler from baseball cause he was the cacther for Hillcrest and he only played his fresmen year for them. so just incase everyone forgot that the mission office is going to be moving this tuesday and wedensday to a new location and here in the address for ya. so let everyone know about the new address. so what has been going on in rexburg, and in the teton vally. we dont have nay snow yet but knocked on wood lol. o get this in Greenville a lot of people like Michigan state football and now here in Grand Vally a lot of people like the Michigan(the blue team). the address for the Grand Vally apartment will be at the bottom of the email as well for everyone to have. but thats all for now hope to hear from everyone soon. have a good week love ya
elder Webster
Michigan Lansing Mission
1400 Abbott Road, Suite 310
East Lansing, MI 48823
elder joseph webster
3165 riverview Dr. NW apt A1
Grand Rapids, MI 49544

Monday, October 31, 2011


well first off i am getting transfered down to Grand Vally it is right above Grand Rapids it is only a 30 min drive from Greenville. i am going to be with elder Korher he is from Ammon, IDaho so not to far away from rexburg. He went to Skyline high school and he granduated the same year i did from high school. and i talked to the Assitends to the mission President about the Mclains and they said since i am only 30 mins away from Greenville that i can come back for the baptisms which is good. o we got a email from the mission office and they are moving and so here is the new address for everyone and i do know the address of where i am going, but i dont have it on me i forgot to grap the paper i wrote it down on. and it is a big town and it is a big ward. their is a post office their and a lot of stores also. we are going to be living in a apartment. we are in the same distrect as Greenville is so we might be going to Greenville sometimes for Distrect meeting if not down in Grand Rapids at the Stake center.
Michigan Lansing Mission
1400 Abbott Road, Suite 310
East Lansing, MI 48823
ya we are going trick or treating tonight with them and another family in Belding and we are going to be dressing up as missionaries lol. we are going around 6 pm tonight and so i have to make sure all of my stuff is packed and ready to go for tommorow, we are having brother Longtin coming and picking us up in the morning and he is taking us out to breakfast then taking us to the stake center for transfers. ya mom i dont know about the care packages ya food is always good for us missionaries and same with toilet paper, socks, and winter stuff as well. o i need some new shoes so i am going to be going and getting some next week when i am down in Grand Vally. and i also need a new winter coat cause i dont know what happed to the inside on mine. so i was thinking mom if you just want to put in my accout that would me good then i can go out and buy one and i wont have to wait for it to get sent to me. i have my boats but i dont think we can have sownpants but i can asked on tuesday when i talked to the assitents at transfers. my white shirts are their i do need some new ones. umm i dont know about chrismans yet i will let you know thou here in the next few weeks if that helps. i did let the Mclains and the Kavanughs know about me getting transfered and i can keep in touch with them as well which is good. ya it is getting way good on sunday when we got a ride to church it was in the low 20's when we woke up but it warmed up to 32 but still it is getting COLD outside and i am not looking forward to it. o well.
well this past week as been the slowest that Greenville as seen in a very long time but o well. This past Wedensday we had distrect meeting down in Grand Rapids and the Zone Leaders was their so it was good. we all went out for lunch afterwords at MickyD's then we got a ride back from are Bishop but he was late picking us up from the stake center and so we was late for a few apointment but we called them to let them know and they was fine with it. Other then that we got the call on Friday around 1030 in the morning and so it was good. and i called Grand Vally just to talk with them around noon and they said that they have 2 baptisms coming up here in a few weeks but then i called them later that night after 930 pm and they have 2 more dates with people so i am going in a place that has been really good for baptisms. Grand Vally and Greenville is the 2 of the best places in the mission right now for baptisms which is good. Well the next day we went down to the community center and talked to a few poeple cause their was a frae market going on their from 9 to 3pm and so we got their around 1 pm and we stayed and helped taked it down and we had to help put up for a wedding reception and also a funeal down starits and their was only 4 of us doing that. and the wedding the the funeal both started at 5 so we was was busy setting up for the both of them and getting everything ready. Elder Robles new companion is going to be elder Meng and no he is not from China lol he has only been out for 4 and a half mouths in his mission and Greenville will be his 2nd area he has been up in the U.P. I have only been in the Grand Vally apartment for a few mins everytime we are their when the whole mission got new beds we had their with us so we went and took them to their apartment so i know what it looks like. and Grand Vally and Greenville is on a car rotation so Greenville dosent have a car right now tell tuseday and then they get the car so i will be walking for 2 weeks which i guess wont be bad. so when you write to me let everyone know the address all of the family and friends as well. but hope to hear from you soon got a few other people to email love ya
elder Webster

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

October 24, 2011

hello everyone,
well this coming Friday is when we find out about transfer, we will be getting the call ether from the Zone Leaders, if we get a call from them it will be from 8 in the morning tell 9 sometime and it means we are staying together for another transfer. If we get a call from are mission President it will be from 9 in the morning tell sometime around 1 or 2 just really all depends. but it means that one of us are going to be leaving the area. and then next week is transfer just all depends on where you are going is when you are getting transferred. wow Madison won that is like a basketball score 75 to 52 where was the defense at. i wonder what everyone was thinking when it went up that high, that's just crazy. dang maybe next year Madison can make it to the playoffs. ya we hear about the sports all the time from a few members if not people tell us at the door when we go door knocking. i miss Rupes that is a good place to eat at, are they still trying to come to rexburg? what kind of job is Eric trying to get? i know when i went out to go and get the mail i was like wow that is a heavy package i was like what could be in here. and i opened it up and i was like Potatoes and they was even from Idaho i was like wow thanks mom. ya sometimes we don't have dinner tell around 8 in the evening as well cause when we don't have dinner appointment we just don't go back to are apartment tell 8 that night and then have dinner. but when we do have dinner appointments we have then around 5 or 6 with the members when they feed us. when did Horkleys change their name and why did someone buy it from them. but it still will be known as Horkleys though. ya i didn't get the pic sorry.
Mission work is going good it is picking up a little bit and slow but it is getting their. we picked up a few new people that we are teaching now, which is good. This week has gone by fast, elder Robles is doing alright he doesn't feel good today and same with me we both think it is something we ate on Saturday we know it was not yesterday cause what we ate was really good, a member feed us. but he has a bad headache and a stomache ache as well. we had apartment check last Saturday the 22nd someone from the mission office came and check are apartment and we passed ya but we just have to do a few things. Well Trade offs was good it could of gone better o well things happen that's why we have trade offs for we can get better as missionaries. The Investigators are doing good now we still have not herd on any news about the McLains maybe when we go over their they will tell us if they herd anything. he really wants me to be their for it and same with elder Dearden. but he did tell us on Sunday at church it might be only a couple of weeks but he was not sure if it is for the church chort or for the baptism he wasn't sure he still needed to talk to the bishop about that. none that has a baptismal date yet but hopefully here soon we will. we only get a car for a week so we did get it but only tell Wednesday and that's district meeting and we are going to have the Zone Leaders their for it and hopefully it is going to be here in Greenville that way we don't have to travel anywhere and it is in the middle of the areas as well. The Stevens is going good sister Stevens she is good like always the family haven't been out to church yet every weekend they always have someone over to spent the night. The Kavanughes we have not been able to get out their at all and they have not been out to church. This transfer we have only been at are church every other week cause of Stake Conference and General Conference and so it has been really crazy with everything. well hope everything is going good that's all for now. glad to hear from everyone. love ya
Elder Webster

Monday, October 17, 2011

October 17th

hello everyone,
well first off Transfers are coming up again and they can be ether on the 31st of this mouth or on the 1st of next mouth just all depends on where you are going. If transfers are on the 31st that means that you are going up north somewhere in Michigan and if they are on the 1st of next mouth that means that you are ether staying in the zone(stake) that you are in or staying down south of Michigan. that reason for the 2 day transfer is cause when they take the missionaries that are going up north is cause they have to leave around 6 in the morning from Lansing to get to the middle of the state and then that is where they are dropped off. next we had Interviews on last Saturday with the mission President, President Hess in Grand Rapids so we had district meeting that day as well which was ok with me. well i was the first one to go for interviews and i was talking with him for over 15 mins in the interview about a few things and everything that has been going on with me and elder Robles. then earlier in the week we got a phone call from a past investigator that elder Robles was teaching in a different area about someone that he baptized. the person that he baptized past away earlier in the week and the services was on Saturday as well so we got to go to that cause it was down in Grand Rapids and boy was Saturday a long day for us. we was down in Grand Rapids from 8:30 in the morning tell 5:30 that evening. well Wednesday we had 7 appointment and we was only able to teach 2 lessons but we still had dinner with the stones but we didn't share a message with them cause the bishop came and so he took us home cause he was going that way and it saved a trip for Jason stone and gas for him as well. the 2 appointment that we had was with 1 investigator and a less active lady in the ward. we was able to visit with another investigator but that it so it was a long day that day. but hopefully this next Wednesday we can have a better day cause we have trade offs with a different area. and i am staying in Greenville and the District Leader elder Bready is going to be coming here with me and elder Robles is going to go up to Big Rapids o i was talking with the Zone Leaders on Saturday and i told them that i have been talking to the Assistants and asked them if i can do a trade off with the Zone Leaders and they said maybe they would have to talk with them about that, cause the Zone Leaders does about 10 trade offs a transfers cause they do trade offs with all of the district leaders and also with the new missionaries that has came out in the mission. but other then that the week has been a way slow week for teaching and also finding for some odd reason but we are hoping that this week we can get back into things and have lots of appointments and time for finding as well. well last night i was talking with are district leader on the phone and he got word that their was a emergency transfer in the mission and we lost some elders that was in are district they went to another district and so we have only 6 elders instend if 8 elders o well. and their was 15 areas that was involved with that but we wasn't dang it opps did i say that haha lol. The elder Quorum President is Jason Stone and they do not have any kids at all. they live in Ceder Springs they are the ones that feed us every Wednesday, he works down in Grand Rapids and he makes different designs for a lot of things.
the Kavanugh family came and picked us up on Saturday night from the Stevens but no the Kavanughs live on the other side of Greenville then belding, they live on the north side on greenville closer to where the Zima's live at. but we was able to visit with them while they took us back to are apartment which was good elder Robles finally got to meet him. first thing that Native said was hi of course but what is your first name? and so he told him native and his family call us by are first name but o well. it is not the first time that we have had to say are first name to anyone and it polly wont be the last ether. and we have not set a date with the family yet we are hoping here in a few weeks we will be able to. so the Mclains now we was able to meet with them on Friday and a member came with us and it was the ward mission leader. all we are waiting on for them is the papers still from salt lake city and they are with the stake President which is good and now just the bishop has to get the papers from him and then we can set a baptism Day with them. well stake conference was down in Grand Rapids yesterday(Sunday) and so we was down their for 2 days in a row. but stake conference went good President Hess was their and he spoke and so everyone in the ward but a few cause they was not their knows who he is now. and this is the first stake conference here in this stake but the 2nd one on my mission so far. and most likely i will have 2 more before i come home but who knows. i have not had to speak in church yet but knock on wood lol...
so all of the wood is in for everyone huh? that is good no more cutting word for a while right lol.. I will keep grandma and Grandpa in my prayers for they both can get better tell them that i love them and that heavenly father does as well. ok thanks mom for the letter and i wait for the package with the cloths in their for me. i cant remember the elders name that is from Ammon area i well tell you in a letter and you can let everyone else know as well. once again transfers are going to be ether on the 31st of this mouth or on the 1st of next mouth. wow Madison basketball already wow where has the time gone to. is mikael going to help with the freshmen again do you know? the tigers lost huh dang o well they did pretty good this year but we herd yesterday from a member we was at his house and the loins game was on and they lost o well they cant win every game lol.. but that's all for now got to elder the mission President and a few other people as well hope everyone is doing good, hope to hear from everyone soon.
love ya
elder Webster

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Another Week Gone By

hello everyone,
another week as gone by wow where has the time gone to. How is everyone doing? how is the fall over their. it has been in the 70's and 80's here in Michigan and everyone has been saying that this is not like Michigan at all it is like a indain summer we know how that is from being in idaho some years and even in the teton vally as well. well it is suppose to rain on tuesday but who knows it is like being in Idaho people never know what the weather is going to be like. got the package on friday we didnt get it tell we got home after we leaved to stevens and so i have the paper for her mom. and thanks for all of the icepops they are going to be used up. well last night(sunday night) i called the assistents cause they said that i can call them anytime and just talk and see how things are going, well we was talking for almost 20 mins again about a few things and well elder DeHart is one of the assistents and he told me that we have interviews with the mission President on saturday morning and we didnt even know that so i called are distrect leader and i asked him about that and he was just about to call us and tell us that we have interviews and i told him that i just got done talking with the Assistents about a few things and they said interviews and he just found out about that as well that night from the Zone leaders and he asked me why i was talking to them cause i guess some other missionaries has been talking to them as well so i told are distrect leader that they said that i can call them and talked to them anytime that i need someone to talk to about what has been goin on with me and Elder Robles. well we have stake Conference this weekend as well both on saturday and sunday but we dont have to go to the meetings on saturday but we have to on sunday so we have to find a ride with a members.
Ok so now missionary work. this past week has been a long week on tuesday and wedenday we was busy like crazy we had the bishop with us on tuesday and another member with us all day his name is sean(like shawn but spelled different) and he was awsome with some of the people that we are teaching. we also ran into some of the Less Actives as well and we sharded a message with them and it went good. so this coming wedensday the 12th we have 10 apointments all in one day so we are going to be dead tried that day good thing they are all within 1 mile of everyone. and are 1st apointment is at 11:30 and are last one is at 7 pm that night and that is are dinner apointment with the stones and so we are going to be in Ceder Springs that day. well on Friday we was out at the Mclains and we went over the baptismal questions with them and they are ready to get baptised they just need to find more info from salt lake which they did yeasturday(sunday) st church we had the stake President there and so they got more news which was good. so hopefully we can get them baptised before i leave greenville and if i do. we find out about transfers here in a few weeks on the last friday of this mouth. we have not been able to get ahold of the Kavaunghs lataly and so we have not been able to teach them anymore about the church. but yeaturday at church we have 4 investigators come which was good, the Mclains came and same with a investigator that we door knocked into a few weeks ago we finnaly met with her this past week and when we door knocked into her so said that she was going to come to church the first week but she had things come up at the last min and same with last week but she finnaly came and she brought a friend with her as well. her friend is a member of the church but less active but she lives in another word or branch somewhere else. she said that she really like it which is good. she has a little 2 year old daughter and she let her go into nersly and everytime she went and checked on her, her daughter was doing good. well we didnt teach the pristhood lesson yesturday cause the stake president was their.
Coach Buck is not doing so good this year for madison hope they dont let him go again. he needs to win the last 2 games. i am going to send a email with just pics in their for everyone from the past 4 mouths that i have been here. ya me and elder Robles went bowling last week and wow i think i have not bowled like that in years i only had 1 game above 100 and that was a 132 game their lanes are slick and i am not used to that i am used to not having that much oil on the lanes cause on teton Lanes. but o well i had a few stircks in the 3 games that we did. so thats not bad for a 171 ave to start of the year but you should be bowling a lot better then that dad lol... well thats all for now got to write some other people and send a email of pics to ya, letters will be in the mail this week.
elder Webster

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tribulation equals Patience

hello everyone,
well it is another week gone by in the mission and yesturday i am now 8 mouths out in the mission where has the time gone to huh lol. well General Conference was on this past weekend and wow was it good. I like when President Monson said about the temple that is going to be going up in Stay Vally, Wyoming wow what a thought huh. that will be good for them so will Driggs still be in the Rexburg Temple Distrect of that one? Well this past week was really a slow week in missionary work. we had Zone Conference last friday(sept 30th) and while we was their i wrote a little note to the Assistences to them what has been going on cause everytime i was able to talk to President Hess(mission President) about it someone came up and cut me off but o well, so i gave the note to them after Zone Conference and later that night we got a call from the them and they wanted to talk to me and see how things was going. well before that both of us got back to are apartment and Elder Robles fell asleep well he was asleep for a little over 2 hours well after he woke up he yelled at me for not waking him up and i was not happy with that at all. cause we cant go door knocking after it gets dark outside and well it was after 7 when he woke up and when he was asleep i was just studying, watching dvds that we got cause we got a dvd player for all of the apartments so i was watching that and writing stuff down but he came in and yelled at me for that as well but o well, but back to when the Assistents called they called at 9 that night and i was talking to them for a little over 20 mins on the phone and one of the Assistents gave me a Qoute to think about and to remember. i cant remember what it saids right now but i have it hanging up on the wall in the apartment and well when we was talking they both said to call again sunday night after we get done planning so i did and we was talking for a little bit tell they had to go but they said to call anytime that i need to and to talk about things that has been going on.
well missionary work now well this past week was slow like i said earlyer. we only have 5 lassons taught but we picked up a few new investigators and so we are going to be teaching them now. well on tuesday we took a member out with us to a town called Ceder Spring he was baptized back in March so we thought it would be good to take him out with us and to see how he would do. He is only 18 years old so thats why we took him out with us and he is working on his Melchizedek Priesthood and i guess for new converts they need to go out with the missionaries and so we took him out and wow did the lesson go good with a investigator and i think it really helped her out with a few things as well. so we are hopey he can come out with us again tommorow(tusday). well we have not been able to meet with Native and his family yet cause ether they have been busy or we have been busy and same with the Mclains but they came to General Confernece yesturday(sunday) and watched it at the church but they watched it at their house as well on saturday and it was the first time they the wife(betty) watched it and she said she like it a lot and same with Jonny Mclain. and he came to the priesthood session as well. and last week when we was door nocking we door nocked into 2 less actives in the ward and i guess one of them he used to go out with the missionaries a long time ago when he was active but he has not been to church in a long time ether.
well things between me and elder Robles are going down and a little up not much but for the most part down so thats way the Assistents told me to call anytime that i need to talk to someone as well. but we are going to be teaching the priesthood class on sunday cause i guess elder Robles wants to talk about a few things that needs to be work on but we will guess to how this is going to work out. i hope good anyway. but thats is pretty much what has been going on so for here in Greenville. thats not good that madison last on their homecoming o well hope they dont fire coach buck this season cause coach buck has been the best coach that madison has had for football. but got to write to President Hess for are weekly report to him well hope to hear from everyone soon love ya and happy late b-day mom and happy 18th b-day marissa hope you guys both had a good b-day.
elder Webster

Monday, September 26, 2011

A Long Week into a New Transfer, Patience is the Key

hello everyone,
well this past week has been a long week and i mean a long week. I dont like Elder Robles it may seem like it but i don't. some of the ward members here already hate him cause whenever we go over for dinner at their house we always stay for a while and well now ya not we can't we can only stay for like a hour and a half and some of the members say already you guys normaly stay for hours and we do well Elder Robles he donest do that. and well i dont think i am going to be staying with elder Robles for that long here in Greenville. I will tell you Greenville is a relaxed area and well Elder Robles is not relaxed like all like me and elder Dearden was even tho we worked hard. well so this tansfer is going to be a long transfer unless he gets transfered out early from Greenville and i wont might that at all. Ya when we was over the Steven's house on friday we was their helping them with some service and we was their for almost 3 hours and elder Robles said that we need to get going and when he said that Sister Stevens and Mike Steven's both said already wow this has never happened. ya you could polly tell that it is going to be a long transfer. He has already prove some of the members wrong on a few things and elder Robles also judges people before he gets to know them.
are investigators so far is still with native and his family and also betty and Jonny Mclain. the Kavanugh family is doing good they are going to be moving into their new place on friday but we wont be their cause we have Zone Conferenve down in Grand Rpaids from 9 in the morning tell 3 or so in the afternoon. we havnt been able to go over their and polly wont be able to go over their tell next week some time cause we are busy this week. We are going to be in Ceder Springs tommorow(tuesday) and also on wedensday as well. Well hopefully on saturday we can go out to the Mclains house and watch General Conference with them out their. and he told us on the phone that he was planning on coming to the Pristhood season on saturday evening at the church house. the Mclains are still waiting on info from the bishop about a few things from salt lake still. other then that nothing to much is going on just door knocking a lot and also finding where some less actives are at. me and Elder Robles went around town yeaturday(sunday) after church and to see if any less actives live their still, we had a list of 10 people to go and see and out of those 10 their was 5 people that has moved away and out of town. other then that nothing to much going on just trying to stay clam with Elder Robles its not easy its polly a good thing that i have good paycense but he is getting close to the line and about to step over it with a few things.
thats not good that madison lost o well they need to win this next week cause it is homecoming and it is aganist his old school for coach buck. but i got to get going for i can write the mission Presdient. love ya all letters will be in the mail. hope to hear from you soon.
elder webster

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Transfers New Companion

hey everyone
well transfers just happened and if you cant tell we didn't get a Chance to come to the library yesterday(Monday the 19th) and email. we was busy from 10 in the morning tell we had to leave to go down to Grand Rapids and meet up with all of the other missionaries. well my new companion is elder Robles he is from the state of Oregon. he has been out for a year now. and this is his 4th area he has been in here in Greenville. he came from a town called St Johns and he was their for 6 mouths. well elder Robles loves to work and does like to go door knocking so that is a good thing i think lol. it is a good thing that he likes to go door knocking. well i found out that another missionary that is in are district he got transfered to Grand Vally which is in are district but don't know where he came from i cant remember but he asked me where i was from and i told him from rexburg, ID and he told me that he is from Idaho falls the Ammon side of Idaho Falls and he went to Hillcrest for school.
ya P-days are now on Monday which i guess is a good thing it used to be on Mondays in this mission but we got told that someone in the Quorum of the 12 was the one that changed is to go to saturdays but now it is back to Mondays cause i guess it was someone in the 70 cant remember who ever but he said that saturdays are better to get people at home. well with P-days on Monday a ward member called us last week and asked if me and my companion would like to go golfing in a little Golf Tournament and we both said sure it cost 25 dollars for 18 holes and it starts at 9 in the morning and runs to 2 in the afternoon so now we just have to find golf clubs to go golfing with but their is some ward members that have clubs that they would let us borrow.
well last week was pretty good and we got a few things done but mainly it was a good week. it went by pretty fast. o ya yesturday(Monday) when we was down in Grand Rapids at the Stake center when we was putting stuff in the car i guess my camera was on the tunck and when they went to shut it, it got smashed so now we are going to go and get a new camera for me cause the screen on it borck and i cant see anything when i turn it on. so we are going to go to walmart today(Tuesday) and go and buy a new one for me. well me and Elder Robles was talking last night about a lot of things of how we can bring the area up and running and we found a few ways, we are going to start to go on the community collage we have here in town and start to talk to people their and also when we go the the community center as well and also Door Knocking. and we was also talking about the different people that me and Elder Dearden was teaching and how we can get them to comit to being Baptized so we are going to do that with Native and Lisa and with the new people we are teaching as well. last week when i was on trade offs with Elder Ballard we went to a referral we got from Slat Lake and when we got to their house and nock on the door they invited us right in. That lesson that we shared with them when way good and we told them about General Conference and they said that they would love to come to it and listen to the talks and we invited them to come to church as well we told them where the church was and what time it starts, and they said they would come.
ok sounds good on the package Elder Robles has one coming as well he had to tell his mom what the address was for Greenville. so how did the talks to in church on Sunday? so golfing huh dad well we got rained on to Sunday night all night it rained and it rained but it was not humid when we work up Monday morning which i thought was weird but that's ok with me i don't do humid. that's good that Madison finally won a game and it was against Shelly at their home coming ya good for Madison. who do they play this week. ya i think that coach buck is going to do good for Madison maybe he wont go to state this year but next year he well. well that's all for now hope to hear from everyone soon letter will be in the mail. o ya we are having Zone Conference this next week down in Grand Rapids and we are still on rotations but only with 1 area this transfer so we are doing a week on and a week off with the car so we get the car for 1 week and then we lose it for 1 week. and we lose it next Wednesday but that's ok. but that's all for now love ya
elder Joseph Webster

Monday, September 12, 2011


hello everyone
well the reason why i am sending it this way is cause today is monday and we didnt get a chance send emails on saturday we was busy. well to start off with today we went to a chiense place to eat and when we was paying we got the little cookies that has a paper inside and well guess what mine said it saids "Next week, green is a lucky color for you" and it is transfers next week and elder Dearden and i have been saying that i am going to be training and when we train new missionaries thay are called "green" lol. well last week went really good we had a long week it started out to be really good but then we only had 1 bad day and it was thursday. we had distrect meeting that day down in Grand Rapids and we had to give the car away for a week so we needed to find a ride back to greenville and we did the night before. Jason Stone's dad picked us up after he got off work and he didnt get off tell 2:30 which was ok we had to wait at the stake center for him to come and pick us up then we had a dinner apointment with the Zima's and so they had to come and pick us up which was ok with them they didnt mind. and when we dont have the car we cant really go anyway but then the Kavnughs came and pick us up on saturday for we was able to help them out. then when we was done their he toke us to are dinner apointment and he thought it was in Ceder Springs but it wasnt it was in belding on the other side of Greenville so he stil toke us their. he said in the 2 years that i have lived in greenville i have never been in belding and he liked to drive over their. ya this week we have trade offs with the distrect leader again but this time i am staying here in Greenville with the greenie or the distrect leaders companion Elder Ballard and Elder Dearden is going up to Big Rapids with Elder Bready, he is the distrect leader.
transfer are next week, we find out what is going on on friday moring afternoon sometime we can get a call from the mission President from ether 8 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon or tell he is done. we just can not call around the mission tell after 12 pm. so i will let everyone know when we email next which polly will be ether on friday or saturday but polly will be friday for i can email at the stevens cause we are going to be with the kavanaughs again all day. the Kavanughs are going to be moving into a double wide trainer he in 2 weeks so we are going to be helping them do that here soon. this past week we have been not been doing that much finding cause we dont have a car.
sounds like you guys have been staying busy with getting wood and everything else that has been going on in Rexburg. well sorry this email is short but only have a few mins left tell we got to get going. hope everyone is good and i love ya
elder webster

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Long WWWeeeeKKKK

hey everyone
well its another week gone by. i got a email from the mission President yesturday to see how i have been and i emailed him right back and now it is your guys turn. well school here in Greenville is started and they played their first football game last night but i dont know who won or nothing i got online when we was at the stevens to watch madison play i only watch the 2nd period and they was tired tell pocky score but then i have to get off but thats not good they got there butt kick well pocky is a hard team to play. it seems like madison just let them walk over them after half time. but now coach buck has a lot to work on for the team.
well this past week we got the car on wedensday me and elder Dearden had to go and get it down in Grand Rapids from the grand Rapids 2 elders while they was on lunch cause we didnt have distrect meeting cause there was training meetings that the distrect leaders, Zion leaders and all of the new missionaries had to go to for 2 days. and when we got to the stake center on wed they was already out to lunch so we had to wait so while we was we wne t in and talked to the mission President and some of the other missionaries that was their eating lunch. now since we have had the car we have gone to all of the different towns to see all of are investigators and today(saturday) we are going to go and see Native and his family(the family that has 11 kids) we are going to go and help them move some hay that fell down in their barn. well the whole mission is getting new beds and so we have to take a new beds that we just got for are apartment about only 4 mouths old and go and get new ones are apartment was the only one that has that new of beds all of the other apartments has had like 5 or 6 year old beds in their place or even older.
well missionary work now i guess before i run out of time. Greenville is doing goos right now. Me and Elder Dearden has been trying to stay busy, we have trade offs this next week with the distrect leader so i am going to go up to Big Rapids with him and his companion is going to stay here in Greenville with Elder Dearden. we are doing it on tuesday and then and wedensday we are trading back at disrect meeting down in Grand Rapids. well on tuesday the bishop went with us to apointment out in a town called staton it is about 20 mins away from Greenville and then he took us to Belding well we had another apointment but he just droped us off their cause he had to go but we had a dinner apointment in belding anyway that day but then the stevens took us home that night. so far tuesday has been are best day and also same with yesturday(friday) was also. but this past week just has been a long week and when are disrect leader called us last night just to see how are week has been i told him that it has been a LONG week and he agreed with me and he said that today(saturday) he is going to take a hour to a hour and a half nap cause it is are p-day so they was going to go and get everything down in the morning and then go back to their apartment and take a nap. and yes we can take naps on are p-days. the stevens family is doing good. no they are going to move out west cause Jayde the daughter is going to go to school at Snow Collage when she gets done with high school. and they are getting tried of Michigan.
well buddy(is the family dog, he got lose 2 days ago) is getting tough i guess. did you get a call from the dog place to go and get him or did you get a call from Joe Plamer. speacking of him how have they been with their new child? and how is savanna senila? ya like a said earlyer i watch a little bit of it but not much i asked the stevens if i could get on and watch my high school team from back home and they you can watch it online and i said yep and they ya go ahead so they watch it with me and they could not belive how good madison was doing but i guess not good anought. hopefully next week they can win. who do they play next week? when do they play rigby this year? well only have a few more mins left tell have to get off so thats all for now hope to hear from everyone soon love ya.
Elder Webster

Monday, August 22, 2011

Oops a Fall but got right back up

hey everyone
sorry didnt have a email out on saturday but we was way busy that day with everything that was going on. are p-days are still on saturday we got permissin to send a email today. well to start off this past week has been good tell friday. on friday we was riding are bikes and we decied to go under the road their is a underneath path that goes from side of the road to the other side, and this is by are apartment as well. their is a down slop to it on one side and a up hill slop on the other and when we got to the up hill slop i was down shifting on the bike to get going up hill and the chain came off and i went flying over the bike and hit my left side of my body. and boy did it hurt but i got right up when i fell down and kept on going but i got a good scrape on my left arm and by my left knee but i was ok it hurt for the rest of the day and whenever i touch it it hurts now. but o well i deal with it. on wedensday we had to give the car away to the Grand Vally elders so we dont have a car tell wed. but we got a ride from a investigator and his name is native he is the one that has 11 kids in the family. we was with him and the rest of the family for a few hours and then they took us to are next apointment in ceder spring with the stone's family and they took us back home after words. the stones family was the ones that took us to the coner bar and thats where i did the 12 hot dog challange. the 12 hot dog challenge was i had to eat 12 hot dogs in 4 hours but i didnt have that long to eat them i only had a hour and a half to eat them. but i ate them all in less then 45 mins but i threw up a little and jason stone(he is the elders qourm president) he was sitting by me and we was in a both and boy did he move really fast when i threw up and same with elder Dearden haha. but no matter what you got a t-shirt out of it i got one saying "i lost the challenange at the corner bar" and their is a pic on their of getting beat up by a few hot dogs and then it saids below "12 hot dogs served but not 12 down" but it was fun anyway but i am going to do it again here soon polly not tell next mouth thou.
well the mission work is going good last week was a slow week for us cause we didnt have a car for half the week so we could go and see all of are investigators cause they all live outside of greenville. and whenever we have the car we use it like crazy to go and see all of are investigators but we get yelled at for going over miles but we cant help it. it is ether get yelled at for not seeing are investigators or get yelled at for going over miles so we choose to get yelled at for going over miles to see are investigators. Native's family their is only 7 out of the 13 that is over the age of 8 but still that would be awsome to get them all baptized before the end of setpember. one thing that will hold a few people back is drinking coffie but me and elder Dearden has something that tastes just like it but it is not coffie and it has work with a few other people elder Dearden has said, so we are going to have them try it and see what they say.
ya if you didnt hear from my mom that i had to send my quitar home and everything that went with it. and i got permission to call to find out if it got their or not and i called almost everynight to see if it was their or not and i send it last tuesday and ot got their last friday the 19th and dad you can learn how to play it and i got that book of grath brooks so i could play it some day as well. the bast place to get new strings would be at Mikes music store which if i remember it is a main street their in down. and asked then which strings would be good for my quitar and they should know. so is coach buck going to win against his old team this year and go to state as well with being back at madison. and i herd that the basketball team might win back to back from what Mikael was telling me and that have 6 coming back or something like that from last years team that would be awsome if they won back to back at state for basketball. ya i remember cory i knew he was going to get married before i left on my mission it was on facebook. ya it sounds like i will not be in the same house when i get back and that rexburg wont be the same ether i will have to do what chelle did when she got back. go and drive around and see what has happened and see all of the changes that has happened. ya sorry if this letter is crazy i only have a hour and i want to get everything in that i can. ya greenville had a dansish festival over this past weekend and we went and helped a little on saturday and walked around as well. on friday was the first day for it and boy was their a lot of people in greenville for it as well. me and elder dearden both looked at each other and said i had never seen this many people and cars here in greenville before haha. but it was good we didnt buy anything cause we didnt have any cash on us but then we went to Native's place and hanged out with them for the rest of the day and then they brought us back to are apartment and we notice we didnt have the greenville area cell phone so native drove back out and got it for us and brought it back so we could have it and he didnt might doing that. we told him not to answer any calls that came in and he didnt cause we didnt have a calls that came in which is good. but thats all for now letters will be in the mail soon we have a busy week this week so polly will be the next week hopefully but hope to hear from everyone soon love ya
elder Webster

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Getting Back to Basics

hey everyone
well thanks for all the birthday wishes i forgot to tell you that in my last email. well this past week as been a long week with everything going on in the mission. their was transfers going on and meeting with new missionaries. the distrect that i am in right now we got 2 new missionaries that just came out but me and elder Dearden just met 1 of them. he is getting trained by Elder Bready and he is the distrect leader. He had to come to greenville and drop off a few things from Lansing that we had to get cause we didnt get transfered or else we would of got the stuff at transfers. we have had 15 different lessons this week which has been a good week, we dont normally have that many here in greenville cause their is not much going on. but we got asked to help with a thing called the danish Festival here in Greenville. Greenville has been the host for it for close to 50 years now. and for the past 5 or 6 years the elders that have been here has cooked the food for it and so they asked us again this year if we would do that, good thing i know how to good some good hamburgers and hot dogs as well. we have a baptism tommorow(sunday) after church and after the linger longer for that ward. the ward has a linger longer once every mouth, it is just like the linger longer for the single ward at the church that they have every 4th sunday. we are going to have the baptism after that, his name is Kareem and he is 9 years old, he has a younger brother and a older brother as well and they are living with their aunt. their aunt is a member. and he is way excited to get baptised he is having his cunsin doing it. and his cunsin is only a priest but he lives up north in michigan somewhere. the other family that the Zima's are having us teach the dads name is Native and i cant remember but his wifes name is but their is 11 kids in the family but right now we are just talking with the parents tell they bring the kids. the parents are just coming over to the Zima's house everytime we go over their for dinner. they like church last week when they came even thou it was fast and testimoney meeting but all people was talking about was familys and that is what they like about are churhc is how familys is a big part in the church.
well if my mom didnt tell everyone we have to send all musical things home or send them to the mission home in East Lansing but we dont turst the Mission Home with all of the new Missionaries that come in and everything else, so me and elder Dearden are going to be sending them home and i am going to send mine home on Monday the 15th so eric or dad if you know how to play it you can and their is a tunner and a learning book with all different kinds of notes in it as well. the book with the songs is George Straght the greastest hits and a few other songs as well in it. and their will be a tonner and a stand that it is going to be coming with the quitar.
ya congrates tom on getting a job hey it is a job right now tell the snow falls and then hopefully you can work with them next year as well when the snow goes away. wait what am i saying it is the teton vally so their will be snow tell the middle of july for the teton vally right lol :). so dad are you saying that when i get home that i will be able to out drive you if you are hitting from the gold tees and not from the white tees lol. that is so crazy that school is starting up agian but ya i know that here as well are apartment is right by the high school and the band, football, and soccor all pratice on the fields that is by the high school so we can hear the band play every morning just like back home. they are doing a song from harry potter i am guess for the 7th movie that just came out. ya i dont remember Devin at all i might if i see him or see a pic. why would Troy take all that money that it just crazy why he would that all that, but who well. but thats it for now hope to hear from everyone soon. love ya
Elder webster

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Go Teach and Learn

hey everyone,
well first off transfers we are staying together for another 6 weeks in greenville. Yesturday(friday) we was getting phone call after phone call and we was calling people as well to see where everyone was going. so it was a crazy day and the same with today(saturday) as well. we are happy that we are staying together for another transfer and same with a lot of ward members here.we have another baptism coming up on the 14 of this mouth it is on a sunday so it is going to be right after church. well today we are going to have dinner with the Zima's they are a family in the ward and they are going to have friends over that wants to learn more about the church. so we are going to teach them tonight after dinner. my birthday went really good we went over to a members place for dinner and played some card games with them. and then on thursday we went over to the Rackhams for dinner and went and good pizza fro my birthday so i had 2 birthday dinners. and on monday the 1st i got a call from sister Hess the mission Presidents wife and she wished me a happy birthday.
ya thats good to hear that the webster reunion went good. and glad that you got my SD card chelle yes i do want the pics back for i can keep them with me thought my mission. well if you didnt here we got a call from are mission president last week cause he wanted to see us and to see how we are doing in greenville well we fighured out why we got told that the bishop called him and told him that we was not doing anything well we are we told are mission president that we just had 3 baptisms and that we have another one coming up the only thing that we are not good on is finding new people to teach but as you read already we are going to be teaching new people tonight with some ward members. the family they have 11 kids so 13 people all together. so it was crazy when he called us and so he came and picked us up as we was running back to the apartment and when we got back he was talking with us for 30 to 45 mins at least then he went and took us to mickyd's and brought us food to eat right before are dinner apointment. so it was a crazy day last friday.
thats good to hear that the shed is dont and the same with the garage. now all you need to do is have a bar-be-que with them before school starts back up and foorball for jaxon.sure i can always have another shirt to wear. so how was the churckers game? thats good that you had a couple of extra tickets and that you gave them to the missionaries that was their. ya their is a ball park that is in grand rapids that the elders their go with the members. they have gone 2 times this past transfer. they are a AA baseball team for the MLB. so what did the missionaries there say when you told them that "the tickets were courtesy of our missionary".but thats wants going on here in greenville. well thats all for now hope to hear from EVERYONE soon love ya, letters will come soon
elder webster

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Being Prepared

hey everyone,
well its my birthday coming up on monday the 1st of August. how is everyone doing? so how did the webster reunion go and where was it at this year? tell everyone hi for me as well. well this past week was a crazy week. We have been busy and it has been a long week with nothing to do on somedays and a lot to do on the other days. to start off with yesturday(friday) we was at the Greenville Area Community Center helping out with serivce and out of the blue are phone goes off. we was like who could that be and then we saw and it was the mission president calling us, President Hess. he was calling us cause he was only 15 mins away and wanted to see us and to talk to us and see how things was going. well on top of that are apartment was not clean and we had no car and we was 2 miles away from are apartment so we was runnung as fast as we could to get back to the apartment to clean it up well he beat us their and so we went in and he looked at are apartment and took a look around and then we was talking for about 30 to 45 mins about stuff. and on top of that we was in are service cloths and not in are shirt and ties. well this past week has been a long week with everything going on. on wed we had distrect meeting here in greenville and we found out that the Zoin leaders was coming and no one knew tell they called us at 7 in the morning to find out what the churchs address was. but then we had trade offs and i stayed in greenville with the distrect leader, elder Bready. and we had a good day and we also went door nocking for a little bit but while we was door nocking it started to ran on us and so we kept going cause where we was door nocking we was by are dinner apointment, and are dinner apointment was at 5:30. so we was door nocking tell then well when we went inside it stop raining, then after the apointment we cointue to door nock where we stoped at. and when we went outside side and when we hit the 2nd door the rain came down so hard it was not even funny we was so wet. so then we went walked back are dinner apointment and asked for a ride to are apartment and they gave us one. and when we got back to are apartment it was still down pulling rain and we took a vedio. Elder Bready said that this rain strom has been the longest one and the wroste rain strom that he has seen here in Michigan. and we took some pics as well.
well we have a baptism today(saturday) at 4 pm and right noe it is 12:30 and we have to be at the church at 1 to start to fill up the font cause it takes 3 hours to fill it up. the person that is getting baptised her name is Judy Lafferty and her mom is a member and same with her daughter and her sister and brothers are to. so she is the only one that is not a member but her husbend is not a member but he doesnt want anything to do with are church. whenever we go and teach Judy he went in the other room and watched tv or went outside. ya Elder Dearden he started to teach her when he first got here to Greenville. but me and Elder Dearden we was the ones that set the date with her. well we have a family in the ward named the Zima's and they have a non member family that came to the 24th ward pickneck that we had last week. and they want to learn more about are church and in the family they have 11 kids so their is 13 of them altogether. but first the dad and mom want to learn more beofre they get their kids to learn more so the Zima's(members) they are inviting them to dinner next saturday and we are going to teach them a lesson and more about the gosbel. so this past week has been a long week here in greenville and transfers are coming up again we get a call on friday August 5th to see whats going on and to see where we are going to be going. Elder Dearden thinks he is going to be leaving and that i am going to get a new companion but who knows. but i will let you know next week when we find out. but got to go and get the stuff ready for the baptism today(saturday) talk to everyone later.
elder webster

Saturday, July 23, 2011

July 23, 2011

hey everyone

well i am coming up on being out on a mission for 6 mouths now. coming up on August 2nd. so how is everyone doing? me and elder Dearden are doing good we are surving the way hot weather. this past week the weather has been in the 90's and then on top of that the humid as been close to 100 so it feels like 115 to 120 degress outside. well on wedensday we had interviews with the new mission president Hess. then we had distrect meeting and the interviews went good and while one of the compaion was getting interviewed the other copmaion was with sister Hess, cause she was getting to now all of us missionaries. then after all of that was done with we was in a town called Ceder Springs the rest of the day and we was door nocking and we went up to this house and their was a teenager around 18 we was guessing and he seemed interrested of learning more, but right before we was going to asked him when we could come back his mom came up and asked what church we are from and we told her then she shamed the door in are face. but we was door nocking for 2 hours that day cause we didnt have anything else to do and Ceder Springs is 30 mins away from Greenville, so we didnt want to drive back to Greenville and drive back to Ceder Springs. we have the car tell wedensday then we have to give it up to the Grand vally elders, so we wont have a car for a week which wont be to bad i hope anyway. are area in Greenville is the biggest in the stake right now and i dont know why ether from bottom to top it is over 60 miles long. and from west to east it is over 70 miles long that way so we have a good size area. We still have a baptism for the 30th we have to get a interview for her on wedensday when the distrect leader is here on a trade off with me. well on thursday we did about 2 hours of service for a few people. then we went over to a members house and had dinner and then we was their for the rest of the evening hanging out with them and playing cards. today(saturday) we had a ward pickneck for the 24th and some people slept over night last night(friday) but we had a lunch and a lot of games. their was hose shones and a few more it was a good turn out. Ya the Stevens family live in Belding. their is a swich away son with the dad in the Stevens family. he was baptized when he was in his teens then slat lake lost his reconds and he has had the lessons 3 or 4 times but he has to talk with the bishop about a few things and everything and i dont know when he wants to get baptized cause it is up to the person when they want to, we just set the date and it is up to them.

well thats good that the drive way is good, ya i thought i told mikeal that are road was a busy road. but o well, i have not got a letter from him yet. and thanks for the pics and and the package. the sim card is going to be coming in the mail this next week in chelle's letter. Ya i have not got a letter yet from ya it you send it out yesturday(friday) it wont be here tell tuesday or wedensday. and the same with packages as well. sounds like you are going to have a good job in the temple. elder Dearden's birthday i dont know but i think it is around december sometime cause thats when her entered the MTC. He came out in the mission when Chris Dustin went home. dad sounds like you are getting better at golfing and bowling as well. ya when i come home i will need to get all my clubs regribbed for me. but thats it for now letters will be coming soon. i have a few i need to take to the post office that is the only way that we send them out here in Greenville is to take them to the post office. love ya all

Elder Webster

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Short but Sweet July 16

hey everyone
hey how is everyone doing? how is the weather their? i am doing good trying to stay cool. it has been way hot here this past week and today(saturday) as well. this past week it has been a good week and a long week as well. This past week we have been over at a part members familys house for 3 days cause they are way awsome to be with and to hang out with as well. The familys name is the Stevens, there is 3 kids that are living at home and both of the parents as well. and the only one that is not a member is the dad but he did get baptised a long time ago but then they lost the reconds and he has took the lessons like 3 or 4 times and so he just has to do a baptismal date but he has some ?'s about some things as well. one of the ?'s is why do we as members HAVE to go to church every sunday. ya on wed we had distrect meeting up in a town called Big Rapids it is a hour away from greenville and we had to get a ride from a member their then we got a car to come back to greenville with, cause we are on rotaions with 2 other areas. ya when we got the car their was a flat and the missionaryies that had it before us they ran over a nail in the tire on the way up to Big Rapids so it was not their fault so we had to get a patch. but other then that we have had a good week. We had a baptism today and it went really good. their was 15 people there watching it. and we also have a baptism tommorow(sunday) as well. the one tommorow is also part of a part member family as well.
Sounds like you was having a good week and sounds like you put mikael to work at the house. Did he have fun at all? ya the package that you send to me mom i have to go and get it from the post office, they put a card in the mail box that we have then we have to go and get it from the post office. since it was closed after 1 today we could not go and get it or else i would of. sounds like everyone is doing good and staying out of trouble. tell Lance hi for me and get his adddress for i can write him and give him me address as well for we can stay in touch while he is on his mission as well. thanks. wow i cant belive that Jameson Rammell is home already wow where did the time go to soon i will be but in the year of 2013 i will. thats good that elder Forsgren is doing better with his compaion and sometimes that is the way to go. sometimes you just have to talk with him and to it face to face. ya sorry this is not a longger email but not much has been going on here in Greenville. but thats all for now hope to hear from everyone soon letters will be coming soon. by the way happy birthday shad and same with you k.j and tell happy birthday to ryan as well.
Elder Joseph Webster

Also They just had a baptism today July 16 his name is Chad Edmonds, Then they have a part member baptism tomorrow July 17, and then 1 on July 30th, He forgot to mention that in is email. elder webster is doing good and sounds happy, pictures are coming soon. 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 8, 2011

hey how is everyone? hope everyone has had a good week and everything is going good. The weather here has been really warm but not has humid as it has been in the past. but tommorow(sunday) and on monday it is going to be in the 90's and way humid.
ya we went down to Grand Rapids on thursday to meet the new mission president. President Hess and that went really well, we was in the meeting for a little over 2 hours. on monday for the 4th we had a good day but we didnt do any fireworks but it was a good day. ya on tuesday we meet with are ward mission leader and also had dinner with them as well. then on wedensday we didnt have distrect meeting cause we had meeting the president the next day so they didnt want to take 2 days out of are days in are area. so they just had one day. so on wedensday we went out to a members place in a town called ceder springs and they are a awsome family and they play card games like scum and a few other ones as well. and then we had to give the car up on thursday to the grand rapids 2 elders. their is 3 different set of elders in the grand rapids area, the zion leaders another set of elder and then the grand vally elders. then yesturday(friday) we went the the Greenville area community center(GACC) and helped out for awile then we went to a familys for awile in Belding. their name is the stevens and they are a less active and also a part member family as well. then today(saturday) we went to their house again they game and pick us up and we helped them out at their yard sale and now it is after 8 here and finnaly we get to email.
ya now for a little news about the missionary work. it is going good we are ave about 13 to 14 lessons a week here in greenville. we have 3 baptisms coming up one on the 16th(saturday), then on the 17th(sunday) after church, then we have one on the 30th(saturday). we are also walking along the river a lot as well. their is a walking path that goes all the way around greenville and by the river so we walk it and talk to people as we do. we have a new investigator that we are teaching on the path every thursday about the book of mormon and about the church. but church here in greenville is good. and the area is like home. this area their is a lot of awsome members and they treat us really good. they help us out as much as they can.
thats good that they are getting the drive way done. yes i do want some pics as well. k so for my sd card chelle i am going to send it but i do want some pics printed out and send back to me please cause i have not had time to print them out at all so i am just going to send it home and you can send the pics to me. thanks chelle. sounds like everything is going good and everyone is having fun. but thats it for now letters will be in the mail soon. love ya
love elder Joseph Webster

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 5, 2011

hey everyone

hey how is everyone doing? well the reason why their was no emil on Saturday was because we could not get to any computer at all. and we are at a members house right now for the 4th of July. we have a few fireworks we are going to be shooting off tonight. well this past week has been crazy here in Greenville. We had a distrect meeting in Grand Rapids this last week and i went off trade offs with the distrect leader's companion. and are distrect leader is up in big rapids this transfer. so now this week we are meeting the new mission president on the 7th so Thursday, and we have interviews as well with him. so it will be fun at least everyone is hoping. Everyone from the Grand Rapids zone is going to be their, so it is going to be like zone conference but not really at the same time.  ya the ward here in greenville is doing great we are getting feed everyday, and from what elder Dearden has said this is a big improvement. The members used not to feed the missionaries tell 2 mouths ago. now we are getting feed everyday which is good. 

We went to a open house 2 weeks ago and it was for someone that graduated from high school. ya i figured that tom and Michelle would be out in rexburg helping with fireworks. ya we are with a family for the 4th of July and they gave us stakes to eat, and they was way good. and me and elder Dearden have some fireworks we are going to shoot off sometime. and get this Michigan has some of the same laws that Idaho does with the fireworks. that's good that tom and Mikael is going to get the drive way done. me and elder Dearden has been busy this last week not as busy as i was least transfer tho. but o well we are having fun with the spear time that we have. i have taught him hand and foot and he has taught me a card game as well so it has been fun so far this transfer together. ya when we went shopping on Friday we went and got some fishing stuff as well. and we also bought food for 2 weeks as well. so dad i have a ? for ya or mom. can you send me some of my fishing stuff i don't need a rode but i need a real where the string goes in at. and i also need some of the stuff that i have in the tackor box as well. ya me and elder Dearden went fishing on Saturday out at a members house they live on a lake. but it was so warm and humid we could not catch anything at all so we are going to try again some time next week when we have a car again. we give up the car on Thursday when we go down to grand rapids to meet president Hess (new mission president). so we have had some fun here is Greenville. well every Monday morning we go running with a member along the river at 630 in the morning. he used to be in the army but he has to stay in shape still. so we go running with him and we go running almost 2 miles each time then we walk back to his house which is 2 miles back, so it is good. o we have 3 baptisms coming up in 2 to 3 weeks, which is good. but that's it for now hope to hear from everyone soon. letters will be out this week some time hopefully. Sim card will come this next week don't worry going to get some 4th of July pics then i will send it off but that's it for now love everyone.

Elder Webster

Saturday, June 25, 2011

June 25, 2011

hello everyone,
well i am now in Greenville with elder Deardon, he only has a little over 5 mouths left he goes home on december he came out when chris Dustin went home. Right now we dont have as many apointment as in Holt but that is ok cause we was going like crazy but that is good that their is a lot of apointment in Holt but not so fun riding bikes a lot and right now we have a car but i dont know if we give the car up or not. ya Elder Deardon was pretty excited to hear that i was going to be his new compaion and i was to cause we had fun when we was on trade offs when we both was up north. Greenville is a small town it is a ward a way small ward they say it should be a branch of how small it is but their is a lot of people that dont come to church everyweek and elder Deardon he does a lot of less active work more with less actives then investigators. on Wed their was a funell that was in the ward so we went to it and i met a lot of people their that is in the ward and their was a lot of people that is not members that was their. their is a ward mission leader but elder Deardon said he is not a very good one at all he does not do any missionary work for the ward. but not to much going on right noe in Greenville the members here are way nice so far but i will be meeting a lot of them tommorow during church. and elder Dearden is going to teach me how to play gutair on are P-days when we have nothing to do. ask Chris Dustin was areas he served in when he was here in Michigan.
sounds like eric was pretty excited to go camping, what was it for. sounds like eric had a lot of things that he wanted to get for the campout. well we are at the libary so if the email doesnt make since is cause we dont have much time to do it here. but we can go to the community center and do it as well but not today cause we are going with some ward members and going to a open house in a town called belding that is in are area. and i herd this past week that the church for greenville used to be in belding tell they build a churchh here in greenville but i dont know how long ago it was that they did that. ya i know that kade can hit the ball way long but i didnt know that long. wow that is a long ways for a drive i dont think that i can even hit that far away but with practice i think i can. me and elder Dearden we went bowling and i beat him i like those lanes that they have here in greenville they have OIL on them and they are not DRY like at teton lanes. ya this week it a short letter cause not that much time while we are in the libary we only have a hour to do it here unless we go somewhere else. and the family history center wont let us and i dont know why but thats ok we have a few more places that we can go and email. but thats all for now letters should be in the mail this next week hope to hear from everyone soon. love ya
Elder Webster