Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Merry Christmas

hey everyone,
     well it is christmans time once again. well we had a traning meeting last friday and saturday here in grand rapids. it went really good we also had a christmas party the last part of the traning meeting. they had games for everyone to play, they split the 2 zones up then the split the senior companions up from the jr companions and one of the games that they did was you had to out a oreo on your fullhead and try to get in you mouth without using your hands. you just have to use you face it was like the websters when they did it at the webster renuion a year or 2 years ago at green canyon. i did it and i got in my mouth in 30 secs. but one elder did it and you would not belive it he got it in his mouth in 3 secs i got it on vedio. no one belive it tell they saw it on my camara. it was crazy. there was a few other games as well that was their. but over all the traning went really well, we learned a lot as well. well for christmas time for me to call elder Kohler is going to call first to his parents then i am going to call, so i wont polly call tell sometime after 4:30 my time so it will be 2:30 your guys time.
      well last week monday when we got dont with emailing we got a call from the assistents telling us that we had to come and get some elders from the stake center in grand rapids cause they had to stay the night cause they was going up to a area but the other elders was not going to be their tell the next day(tuseday) so they slept over at are apartment. so it was pretty crazy that we had to go and get some other elders and bring them back to are apartment. We had a good and busy week this past week. we are going to be even more busyer this week cause the ward gave us 23 less active/part member families to set up apointments to go and see. so we are going to be doing that this week. We have distrect meeting up in Greenville this week so we are going to be traveling up their on wedensday morning for it. and the Zone leaders are going to be their cause we are going on trade offs with them tommorow morning and going to trade back on wedensday after distrect meeting. next week on friday the 30th we have interviews with President Hess here in Grand Rapids at the stake center. so that is some exciting news coming up anyway. but not to much going on right now just staying busy with apointment and everything. well hope everyone has a good christmas talk to you on sunday when i call.
elder webster

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