Monday, April 30, 2012

"using are spiritual muscles"

hello everyone,
well first off i am going to be out 15 months this week, which is pretty crazy where has the time gone by to. we go to the branch Presidents, President Bleford is his name by the way. we go over their every Tuesday for lunch cause we are up in a town called Boyne city and that's where he lives and they feed us lunch. but ya elder smith warned me that he would be wanted your phone number mom and dad and so i gave him the house phone and also the cells but i could remember which one was which. ya yesterday when we got to church we had to be their early to practice to sing cause all of the missionaries and some other people was singing for church and it was "Ye Elders of Isreal" and President Bleford told me that he talked to you guys and found out some stuff about me. President Bleford is a really nice person and he knows how to work and help us out as well. and he is a talker as well he can talk your ear of if your not careful lol. hey mothers day is coming up and was wondering when would be a good time to call cause elder smith might be calling on Saturday the day before mothers day cause New Zealand is a day ahead of the united states. got the letter thanks mom i got it on Saturday. wow i didn't know that Jaden was not a member i thought he was a member as well wow. but that's cool that he got baptized. wow dad golfing for free huh it is good to know people lol.
well this past week me and elder smith have been busy. we have a baptism for the 19th of may and i do believe that it is going to work for them. they are really cool it is a mom and and her 3 daughters. elder smith and another missionary named elder Johnson door knocked into them and started to teach them. we go over their twice a week to see how they are doing and also prepare them for baptism. well on Tuesday we was up in Boyne city and we really didn't have to much going on that day cause a lot of people didn't want to meet and no one was home as well. and on Wednesday i was in Kalkaska on trade offs and boy is that town really small it is a village but it is home for the natural tourt festival every year. i was their with elder sugar and he has only been on his mission for 4 months and while i was their i helped him out a lot with different things to work on as a missionary and gave him some advice as well for different people that they are working with. well on Thursday elder smith and i was door knocking in an apartment complex and we got kicked out. we went and visited a member that lives in those apartments and after we leaved the members house we started to door knocked and a person came out from working on something in the apartments the maintenance person. well it was that person that kicked us out and he told us that we couldn't  come back at all even to visit the member and we told him that we would be back cause we have people their that we see as well that is learning more about the church. and well we haven't seen him but that's OK we are not afraid of him cause we have the right to be their and to talk to people, even the cops told us that when we talked to them after that happened. are busiest day that we had was on Saturday we had 6 appointments and we taught 5 of them and we also found some more people to teach as well. and yesterday at church the subject that people was talking about was "using are spiritual muscles" and it was really good. one of the speakers was saying that we need to study the scriptures everyday to make are spiritual muscles strong in the gospel. and then the last speaker was talking about catching are 2nd wind and he was comparing it to a cross country race. and he said that as the person was racing for the cross country race the coach asked the person after the race "did you find your 2nd wind" and the ? that he told us to asks are selfs everyday is. have we found are 2nd wind? well after church yesterday we got back to the apartment and it was after 9:30 when we got back cause we was at an appointment and then about 9:45 we got a phone call from the relief society and she was asking if we could be on call cause a older lady in the branch was heading into the hospital and she was asking for a blessing and we said that we would be on call. well about 30 mins later we got another phone call from her saying and asking us if we could meet her at the hospital to give the member a blessing and well we did and we beat the ambulance there. it went and picked her up from the older ladies home. and don't live to fay away from the hospital. only half a mile away and well we was at the hospital tell 11:30 our time so past are bed time and we still woke up on time at 6:30 and we didn't get to bed tell close to 12:30 or 1 in the morning. so it was a long but short night last night. well today we are going to be going to go out the relief society Presidents house for dinner and their are going to be the people that are going to be getting baptized their as well for dinner and FHE as well so it is going to be a good day today even thou it is raining outside but that's OK work must go on. well that's all for now got to email some more people but time is up. hope to hear from everyone soon love ya
love elder Webster

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


hello everyone,
well transfers happened and well i am getting transferred and i am going up to a little town called Gaylord, MI. i have been their a few times for different things like zone conferences and interviews but never stayed the night their. Gaylord is still in the state of Michigan and it is about 3 hours north of grand rapids. and i am going to be with elder Smith and i have already been with him before he was the one that trained me out here in Michigan up in Alpena. and we will be having a full time car which will be nice to have again lol. the address will be on the bottom of the email. and we are only a block and a half away from the church house up their and their is about 70 people that go their to church every Sunday and it is a branch as well. o and the branch President does what your phone number so i am going to give him the home phone number or which one would be good to give him let me know. i didn't get to many of pics from the grand valley area and from the ward members cause it was stake conference and we don't have a car right now but i did give them my info for face book and everything as well to keep in contract. hey for trent when you do go and see him tell him that he better come over for the home coming or i am going to have to go over to Boise and find him lol. that's funny that elder Pace is going to Shelley and that would be funny if they do go and knock on scott and kathys door for dinner. are they members at are? why did the price go up to go to reno? that is to funny about desiree and her ring i will have to write her and give her a hard time about it. and dad you better tell her to write and as well. i am not going to get a new pair of shoes tell i get up in Gaylord cause i have too much stuff right now and by packs are way pack with all of my stuff so i think it is time to send some stuff home this next transfer.
well my last week in grand valley was not to bad. we had dinner with the Sugiyama's last Monday and that was really good. they are a sweet family and always willing to help out us as missionaries. and on Tuesday the elders quorum President, President felt came out with us to a couple of appointments and those appointments went really good. he is such a way good person and he is picking us up for transfer to take us to the stake center. then on Wednesday we got a call from president Hess for transfers a little after 10 in the morning and saying that i am going up to Gaylord and the new missionary that is going to be coming into grand valley is elder Waite and he is from Preston, ID and he has been out a little longer then me in the mission he goes home right before Chrismans this year. then on Thursday we had district meeting here in grand rapids and it was the last one for the transfer and it was really hard not to focus cause a lot of times when i am leaving i don't really pay attention like i should but the district leader did a good job of keeping us focus cause he knew it was going to be hard to focus. then on Friday we was over at the Ison's for dinner with Christina Wyatt(she is a investigator and has been investigating for over a year now and she is good friends with the Ison's) and it went really well even though i was living and she was not to happy. o before i forget next spring she is planning a trip to come to Utah to go climbing and sister ison is going to be coming with her as well and she is wants all of the missionaries that has taught her to come and go climbing with her. but don't know when though she has not told us but i do have her info and i am going to keep in contact with her. well then on Saturday we had 4 appointments and they all canceled on us which was no fun at all cause we was on the buses again, but o well. but other then that just been packing and getting ready for transfers i am going to be going to Lansing tonight to spend the night their with about 20 other missionaries and then i am going to be heading up to Gaylord in the morning. we have to be in Mt. Pleasant at 7:50 in the morning so that means we have to be up by 5am if not earlier Michigan time so 3 your time. well other then that the address is down below and hope to hear from EVERYONE SOON and also get some LETTERS as well thanks love ya.
love elder Webster

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter

hello everyone,
Hope everyone had a good Easter over the weekend. we got invited to go over to the Richmonds a family in the ward and then they called us on Saturday and told us that we are going to be going over to the Stake Presidents house for dinner with them and so we did(the stake President lives in the ward). it was a good day yesterday o before i forget sister sugiyama and her son are going to be in rexburg come Wednesday i gave him the house address and the phone number for them to come and visit. he is going to be going to school at BUY-I and he just got off his mission last Tuesday and he spoke in church yesterday and now he is leaving for school. yesterday in church went really good the choir sang 3 different songs and the primary sang a song as well and we had a youth speaker and then a homecoming talk. and both of the talks was about the atonement and the homecoming talk was really good he was talked about want happened in the garden, and the cross, and the resurrection as well. and we are going to be going over to the sugiyama's house for dinner tonight. i got the package and the birds nests did not make it in one piece sorry. thank you for the calendar and i see why chelle that you was waiting for my SD card. buddy ate some of the barbait wow buddy she one strong and crazy dog that's all i got to say and plus we have had him since i was 12 i think so for almost 9 years now. cause i remember des bring him when they came from hamer or somewhere and they brought a dog for me cause nikey got hit and was killed the day before school started one year. did i ever help out on those lawns as all for Robin Parkinson and that is way up their as well. that is going to be a all day job for ya so have fun to bad i am not their to help out. and have fun driving bus this week and you will polly go golfing sometime down their if not you will have to go golfing with tom and mikeal edelmayer sometime. i know they will enjoy it. hey trent ricks gets home this month as well sometime don't know when but you might have to call his mom and find out when for you can go to it and see him and his mom. that's cool that scott and heather was back in town and visited over the weekend you should have told them that he better come back for my homecoming as well and come and visit. ya let me know about elder Forsgren and how he is doing. maybe that's why i have not got a letter from him in a while but who knows. maybe i will get one from him this week sometime.
o i got to tell a funny story that happened to me and elder bullard a couple of days ago. we was doing some less active hunting trying to find some of the less actives or inactive i should say that has not been to church in years and we was going to this one house and the last name was Shiffer(keep that in mind) and we was going up to the door we asked if she lived here and she said "ya that's me me last name is Shiffer" and we was like sweet and then she step out the door and we was talking and she asked me where i was from and all of that and i told her that i was from Idaho and then she asked me where in Idaho i told her rexburg and she was like "really" told me that she was from rexburg as well. she lives right across from the hibbard school and i asked her if she was related to ty shiffer and ty is her younger brother i graduated with ty back in 2009. i also played football with him, he was the kicker for my senior year. and so we was talking about that and some other stuff as well. it was just really cool that i talked to someone that is from rexburg. she is going to school out here in grand rapids for Law. so i thought i would share that with you guys.
well last Tuesday we was at a investigators house and talked to her about church and how she needs to come to church every Sunday. she is in her 80's right now and she can move around pretty good for being in her 80's. and then after that we went less active hunting again for a little bit and we found a inactive that has not been to church since he has got out of high school and that has only been like 5 years and we was talking with him and then after that we had to ride the bus back to go and get something to eat and while we was eating we got a call from are ward mission leader saying that are appointment with him to go and see another less active fell though cause she was sick and not felling good and she didn't want us to get sick ether. so we had to wait for the bus for 50 mins to ride it back for 30 mins then wait for 10 mins to get on another bus to go back to are apartment for the evening. on Wednesday we had district meeting up in greenville and it was really good the zone leaders was their for it cause i guess they was going on trade offs with the zone leaders cause they might be getting a full time car and same with us next transfer but we will see. but then has we was coming back down we stop and got elder bullards bike cause he was getting it fixed their and i had to buy some stuff for the other bike that i was using and i had to buy a helment as well. then later on that day we was just teaching less actives and one investigator as well that day. then on Thursday we had 7 appointments with less actives and investigators as well and well only 2 of them was their and so we only taught 2 lessons that day out of 7 which was sad o well it is a everyday thing for a missionary lol. but on Friday we had 5 appointments and that all was home which was way good and we was really busy that day as well. so for the week it was really good we had a good week here in grand rapids teaching and finding some less actives and some new investigators as well. well today we are going to go to the church house and play some volley ball with some other missionaries and also some members that are going to be their. so hopefully it is going to be a good day today and that i wont be on crutches jk i wont be i am just making fun on Mykal forsgren lol which i should be. but that's all for now got to get some other emails off and then off to go and play volley ball with some other missionaries and i will let you know about transfers next week if not sooner and well. bye for now tell next week and we will talk to you then love ya.
love elder Webster

Monday, April 2, 2012

been out 14 months

hello everyone,
well General Conference was great it felt like we was getting told what we need to be doing all the time. on Saturday and Sunday we was at the church house for all of the sessions and on Saturday after the 1st session we was talking with the other elders and seeing what they was doing cause we didn't have a car and they had a lunch that they was going to go to and they called there lunch appointment and asked if we could come as well and they said ya the more the merrier(or how ever that saying goes) so we went with them and then back to the church house for the 2nd session on Saturday but then after that session all of us missionaries went out for dinner and elder bullard payed again for all of us which is way nice of him. and then we went back to the church for the priesthood session but during the first 2 session we only had 1 investigator their and it was Christina Wyatt. she watch all 4 session and she like them she told us after words that some of the talks was ok but then some of them she didn't like but that's normal for some people. but then on Sunday after the first session we went with the other elders to the same place to have lunch with a member in their ward cause we didn't have any buddy sign up for dinner or lunch those two days. but ya general conference was way good it did talk a lot about the book of Mormon and how it goes with the bible. i took a lot of notes down and now i am going to go over them and see what i need to improve on. and on Sunday their was a few more people their watching them then on Saturday. on Saturday their was only 13 people at the church watching them and that was all members but 1 and that was Christina. and on Sunday their was around 25 to 30 people their watching it. we guessed that their was going to be more people their on Sunday then Saturday.
glad you got the letter ya we was busy last week. on Wednesday the greenville elders came down and got the car from us and we was going to go to lunch with a member she took us out to a buffet right by are apartment and when the greenville elders came and got the car the member that brought them took them out to eat at the same place that we was going. but then later on that day we had to ride the bus from are apartment down to central station to get on another bus to go to appointment up by where the bishop lives and instent of talking 10 mins to drive their we had to ride on a bus for 1 hour to get their but o well. then we had dinner with a member that night and then she took us to the church house cause every Wednesday night we have corrilation with the ward mission leader and the ward missionaries as well. then we had to ride up to big rapids and the stake patriarch took us up their for trade offs and then drove elder bullard and elder kings ford back to grand rapids. trade offs went good they had a few appointments that day and they fell though and called us and had to reshuchled for another day. and then one called and chanced on use and we was just about to go over their and meet him he called us and told us that his work called and asked if he could come in. and this was all while i was in big rapids on trade offs. we was on trade offs from Wednesday night tell Friday morning cause we had district meeting and interviews with president Hess and that went good. me and president Hess was talking for about 15 mins in the interview.
geez dad i think mom in right for the power rakes you might need to get them working during the winter to make sure that they are ready to go come spring time lol. tell the kohler family hi from me and that they will need to come to my home coming as well when i get home. that is funny that Hilary Kohler came up to you and ask if you had a missionary in Michigan or not. got called to be a director for bowling huh dad. congrates on that. so what did Robert Leoloff do with the bowling alley? sounds like the pot luck was good then and that you got warm from all the chilli that was their and then you had ice cream to cool it down huh it must have been some HOT chilli jk haha lol. ya the priesthood meeting was all about the less and inactive members of the church and how we need to go out and get them back coming to church and me and elder bullard have been doing that the past 3 weeks now. and some off the less active people are starting to come back to church now. and well today we have deep clean are apartment and then we have a dinner appointment with the bishop and his family as well at 5:30 this evening. but that's all for now love ya and will talk to everyone next week. hope everyone loved general conference.
elder Webster