Thursday, March 24, 2011

Letter from Joe

Dear Sis and Bro in law
How ar things going in the valley? Things are going good here in Michigan, in the small little town of Alpena.  Can you do me a favor, get on my facebook for me please you should have my password. Can you put all the pics from 2010 into 1 album for me if not 2.  And then put all of the MTC pics in one, Then I will send my other sim card when I get transfered to another area.  But I don't think I will get transferred this coming transfer right after General Conference, cause Elder Smith will be here for 6 months at the end of this transfer.  So most likely I will be staying here, But if you could so that for me that would be great, thanks.  Just put the different areas in different albums for everyone can tell where I have been, and everything that I have done.  O another thing that I do need is blank cd's cause Elder Smith has some cd's that I want to copy. 
But this past week and this coming week I will tell you about last week we had 17 lessons, 7 of those was to different investigators, them 2 of them was to less actives but 2 of those was to members when we went over to dinner.  I have done 2 different priesthood blessings already also. One of the blessings was to a non-member but has family that is members.  So I don't know how that is.  But an investigator that we are teaching right now he is going to collage, he is about 20 years old, went asked him to think about being baptized over this past weekend(which was the 12th to 13th). So we was going to see him today(tues the 15th), but he was either not home or didn't answer his phone.  And another investigator or investigators we are teaching 2 less actives and 1 is an investigator, we invited her to be baptized on the 16th of April which is a saturday and are p-day but o well.  And me and Elder Smith is teaching a family now as well.  We started to teach them yesterday(mon the 14th) They invited us back every Monday which is good. Get this the boy in the family bowls but for the handicap and his high is around 250 he said.  The girl in the family and rest of the family is interested to learn more.  So I guess we will have to see what happens, But on Wedensday I get to go up to the UP ( The upper penecsa above michigan) for the day, then on thursday I get to go to cha-bay-gen again. So I will be out of town for 3 days in a row.  We have a district meeting every Wed. in cha-boy-gen. O I found out that the bridge to go up to the other part of the state is over 5 miles long. It is longer then the golden gate bridge in California. Just a fun fact that I learned, so I thought I might share it with you.  Well today (Weds the 16th) I am up in South Saint Marie for the day on the trade off.  I am with Elder Mcmuride for the day and don't worry I will and have done already took pics of it.  One of the pics is the bridge of Canada and United States.  Another pic on their is the bridge to get to South Saint Marie. 
O Elder Mcmuride is from Idaho to. He is from Gooding Idaho small little town he saids.  There is not even a stop light their just a highway thats it.  And I will get a pic of me and him, ya so as for as I know their is 3 people from Idaho. Their is me, Elder Mcmuride from gooding and then Elder Casper from Idaho Falls.  I guess the tradition up here in the Sue ( they call it) They do traditions on trade offs. One of them is the person that is from the Sue or the UP buys the other person drinks. Then the other tradition is if they have enough money they take them out for lunch or dinner. And another one that some people do it look at the pictures they bring them with them on the trade offs.  And of course I did take my pictures with me.
But if you can't tell I have done this in different days this week and still not done.  I started it on tuesady and today is thursday.  Didn't really have time on wedensday to write at al, only late around 10, I did. so not it is 10 pm and I am in Cha-boy-gen for another trade-off with Elder Sneed. He is from Arizona, Elder Sneed has been out for 21 months now. And tonight we went and did, but we didnt we watched the BYU game, ARe mission president told everyone in the mission that we can watch BYU games, so we went and did which it was a good game so they play on saturday now don't know who against and what time yet.  Will find out for sure.
I was thinking about writing Elder Taylor Clark, but he must of read my mind, cause I got a letter from him today(thursday) They got the mail before they left to come and meet up in cha-boy-gen with everyone.  I thought that was cool.  But how is everything going with everyone at work(both jobs) And how is the family doing up there, Grandpa, Grandma, the deweys and the websters.  I have been writing Nate so far but thats it, I didnt have Uncle Barts, tell he gave it to me in a letter, but I still don't have Ryan's though, which I do want to write him, but no address.  And I don't have the deweys either.  So if you would don't mind giving me their address that would be great.  Thanks but keep me updated with everything that is going on.  Got to go for now here from you soon. Tell everyone hi keep them updated.

Elder Joseph Webster

Monday, March 21, 2011

MIssion or Vacation

I can not beieve he is on a mission. I ask him is he ever goes out tracting? You know that door approach where you knock on a door and say "we are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and we have a message for you" But we are glad he is having a great time, meeting new people and new places. And loving the companions and trade offs he is having. Way to go Joseph.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

March 18, 2011

It is not long but it sounds like they are busy

hey well i have been busy this week. i was in 2 different areas for trade offs.
i was up in the U.P on wed with elder Mcmuride he is from Gooding, ID. he showed
me around a little and we have some apointments fall thou up their as well but
hey it is missionary work. but then the next morning we meet up with everyone
again in che-boy-gen to trade back but not me and elder smith. i stayed to
che-boy-gen agian with a different elder this time. i was with elder Sneed he is
from arizona. elder sneed and me went and tryed to talked to some less actives
and no one was home. but then we had a dinner apointment at 5 so we went their.
but the dinner apointment was good she just put it in a comtainer for us and we
took it home. then after that me and him wented and did and watched the byu game
for the finil 4 NCAA tourament and they won. and we get to watch all the games
also even if they are not on are p-days which is awsome. so me and elder sneed
was at their church house in the family history center watching it on the
computers it was fun, we didnt leave their tell around 930. we was up tell
almost 11 talking then we want to bed but we was both still wide awake so we
keep talking to each other tell we fell alseep. we didnt fall alseep tell around
midnight. and Elder Sneed said i fell alseep fast and was snoring really fast
once i fell alseep. and he said it was all in about 5 mins also. but we didnt
wake up tell around 730 or 8 am. but we did do are studys and everything. then
we had to meet up with Elder Smith(my compain) and Elder Deardon(Elder sneeds
compaion) half way to trade back. but we did get good news i guess this morning.
the training meeting is only 2 days instend of 4, but we have to have another
distrect meeting instend on thursday or friday. and one the following week as
well. but letters are getting done today michelle yours in on your way. same
with carl and desiree's. marissa's is still working on. and same with eric and
tabitha's and shad and senila's and same with yours mom and dad. and i got a
letter from elder clark and i wrote him back really fast cause i didnt know when
his p-day was. but thats it for now hope everything is going good with
everything, hope to hear from everyone soon.

elder webster

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Letter From Elder Webster March 12, 2010

thanks for the pic of savannah. she looks cute. how is shad senila shon,
and now savannah. Tell nathan happy bday before i forget, since it was
yesturday. Are week has been good, ups and downs a lot i guess. apointments
falling though everyday this week. but we are teaching a collage student right
now his mane is trevor and well i will tell you this. the other night we was
teaching him and some of his roommates came into his apartment with some drinks,
then they left and they got locked out of their aparment. so trevor unlocked the
door and went and got a hamburger and told them if they want it they better
leave and so they graped it and left. so trevor kicked them out in other words
which was good and funny also. We have a map of the area at a apartment by elder
smith has been here for over 5 mouths now in this area so he knows it pretty
good, which is a good thing. but i still dont know that area at all. The baptism
is not happening anymore cause he still has a lot of things he needs to work on
and everything else thats is going on in his life. The soup kicthen is good i
guess right in the middle of are pdays but o well.

      we have had snow all this week everyday mainly in the mornings thou
we have snow but thats it. i went to a town called choboygen in wed and it
snowed all day their and get this we had no car ether cause it had to go and get
new brakes and a few other things done to it as well. and it was snowning all
day their and blowing as well which was no fun so me and elder deadon from
choboygen we was in the apratment all day doing different stuff and then we
walked to their church house and did, we do that once a week
everyweek. so me and elder deadon we was their for a good hour and a half tell
we leaved to go to the apratment. but the only reason we was their all day cause
all the apointments fell though in 3 different phones calls and the 3 phones calls
was all within 15 mins to. but it was a good day thou u will have to see why thou
and the next SD card that i will send cause he did some stuff that was funny.

     We only have one branch here thats it. the citys up north are all
branches their is not that many people that goes to church up north. but down
south of the state their are different wards and everything else. last sunday i
got asked to help bless the sacurament and then got asked to give the opening
pray also. ya latey we are having different people that has been feeding us
though out the week now which is good me and elder smith is not complanning 1
bit, cause it is free food. ok thanks for looking for one cause sometimes it has
been handing to have one around, but we dont so sometimes we have to guess which
way to go. and we only have a so many miles a mouth that we can drive. and this
mouth we have 2250 but 1700 is to meetings outside of Alpena. Ya i have wrote
elder mykal forsgren already also i wrote him last week, so i am haping for a
letter from him so time now. about a week ago and i also send him a email
also, and i have wrote mikeal edelmayer and he wrote me back i get his letter
yesturday and i wrote him back again and send it out this morning before the
mail got here. the mail gets to are apartment around ten. and i cant remember
elder casper's parents name at all sorry maybe you can write him it is the same
address for the mission home just put his name instend of mine.

     so what happened to the radio in the car or are u just getting a new
one for it that way you can have cds to play on the way down to reno or
something. tell dad to tell everyone their HI for me when he goes back in their.
and tell him to update them as well of how i am doing. I dont know the summers
person sorry but thats not good at all so what is going to happened to his fram
then and everything else. but ya everything is going good this week so far
anyway. and i lost tabs, des, dads email again and i dont know how ether. but
not to much more going on this week so far we have 3 dinner apointments which is
good and 1 of them is with a investagator. he invited us back and for dinner
also on wed. but i wont be in alpena tho i will be up in the U.P for a trade off
for the day. o and we have traning meetings not next week but the week after and
i get to go to them which is good i guess i get to learn more things but i get
to sit in meetings all day which is no fun. but on the good side of that i get 6
bucks everyday for lunch i can use in my account. and it is 4 days long. and
everynight we have to drive back to alpena and the meetings are almost 2 hours
away which is no fun. and i have to drive everyday to the meetings still but
thats ok i love to dive and the car we are driving is a 2008 chevy and every
50,000 miles they get a new car. but we are only around 37,000 somewhere in
their. but also every 2 years they get new ones also. but other then that
nothing else is going on. send everyone my love

elder webster

Friday, March 11, 2011

Savannah Marjorie Thomas

Elder Webster has a new niece. Savannah Marjorie Thomas born March 11, 2011 at 11:40pm weighing in at 7pds 13 ozs and 20 1/2 inches long. Brown hair, brown eyes, little ears and big feet. :) Mom and Dad are Shad and Selina with big brother Shon.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pictures from the Michigan Lansing Mission Office Feb 23 & 24, 2011

Thanks to Sister Jones for typing the names on the back of the pictures.

Missionaries who entered the mission field in Feb.

Left to Right: President Jones, Sister Jones, Elder Hoyt (MTC companion), Elder Swapp, Elder Merrell, Elder Gilson, Elder Collins, Elder Casper, Elder Webster, Elder Wood, Elder Blackhurst, Elder Birkett, Sister Wright

President Jones Elder Webster and Sister Jones

Elder Webster and Elder Smith (Benjamin O.) First companion . Elder Smith is the District Leader and is from New Zealand. They are in Alpena, Michigan

March 5 from Albena

my week has been good, it went by fast really fast cant belive it is saturday again wow. sundays are good tommorow is fast sunday so we will see how that will go and everything else. their is a lot of enactives in the branch tho. we are trying to work with them though out the week that we can. i did get the package thank you for the pics. thats good that you worked 3 days in the temple. i beat they was long and busy days thou but hope they was good. why is mike going to work for 5C full time his he getting tried of mary ann their at the bus shop. so does that mean he gets to dive the cat bus then? thats good that dad has been making the bed for ya maybe he should make brakfast from time to time in the mornings? huh mom. ya we do get feed thou ever thoursday by the same people in the branch. but thats it other then by the branch presdent every now and then.

hey while you are on ebay could you look up a GPS and see how much one is, that way we can have one when we go to are different meetings in different towns. cause elder smith got lost one time going to a meeting in a town called gayling. and can you do another favor for me. can you get trent ricks address for me or email for a write him and let him know about my mission. thank you. and thank you for the calendar it was polly a good thing that all of brithdays was on their cause i couldnt remember when all of them was. and maybe can you find out for me when marissa's is also i think it is around september or october sometime but dont know for sure.

well since i am with the distrect leader as my traininer, we get to go on trade offs every wedensday of everyweek during each transfer. this past week i got to go on a trade off with the zone leaders, they are in a town on the other side of the state, the town is traverse city. we also have distrect meetings every wedensday morning, this past wed it was in cheboygan, it was about a hour and a half away from alpena. then from cheboygen it was another 2 hours to traverse city. The Traverse city apartment their(the zone leaders) has foose ball, so we played one game of it before we went to bed. it was fun i lost thou big time 22 to 3 o well at least we had fun. but thats it for now

elder webster

email 3/5/11

hello tom and chelle.

ya jobs are tuff to come by now a days but what can you do right. got a
? why is madona having him staying for late what is with that? ya the weather is
snowing here also non stop since wedensday we have had close to 2 feet of snow
since then, good thing i know how to dive in it right michelle. like your time
on your mission huh. so you should tell art hi from me, and ask him how he liked
the jam.

i have been teaching people not to many thou. elder smith has done a lot of
the talking and teaching but i have put my 2 cents in thou a lot thou out the
lessons. the teaching is going good, we are starting the teach a mister from
another church. he got on the website and ordered a book of mormon. so we took
it over to him yeaturday and we started to teach him. we are going to go back
over their and teach him about joseph smith on friday again so we will see how
that goes. but other then that we have been teaching some enactives in the ward
and some investagaters also. we got a date for a baptism already also for next
mouth(pics will come dont worry). the mission is going good we are limited to
driving tho on are miles but o well what can we do. but thats it for now

elder webster