Monday, October 31, 2011


well first off i am getting transfered down to Grand Vally it is right above Grand Rapids it is only a 30 min drive from Greenville. i am going to be with elder Korher he is from Ammon, IDaho so not to far away from rexburg. He went to Skyline high school and he granduated the same year i did from high school. and i talked to the Assitends to the mission President about the Mclains and they said since i am only 30 mins away from Greenville that i can come back for the baptisms which is good. o we got a email from the mission office and they are moving and so here is the new address for everyone and i do know the address of where i am going, but i dont have it on me i forgot to grap the paper i wrote it down on. and it is a big town and it is a big ward. their is a post office their and a lot of stores also. we are going to be living in a apartment. we are in the same distrect as Greenville is so we might be going to Greenville sometimes for Distrect meeting if not down in Grand Rapids at the Stake center.
Michigan Lansing Mission
1400 Abbott Road, Suite 310
East Lansing, MI 48823
ya we are going trick or treating tonight with them and another family in Belding and we are going to be dressing up as missionaries lol. we are going around 6 pm tonight and so i have to make sure all of my stuff is packed and ready to go for tommorow, we are having brother Longtin coming and picking us up in the morning and he is taking us out to breakfast then taking us to the stake center for transfers. ya mom i dont know about the care packages ya food is always good for us missionaries and same with toilet paper, socks, and winter stuff as well. o i need some new shoes so i am going to be going and getting some next week when i am down in Grand Vally. and i also need a new winter coat cause i dont know what happed to the inside on mine. so i was thinking mom if you just want to put in my accout that would me good then i can go out and buy one and i wont have to wait for it to get sent to me. i have my boats but i dont think we can have sownpants but i can asked on tuesday when i talked to the assitents at transfers. my white shirts are their i do need some new ones. umm i dont know about chrismans yet i will let you know thou here in the next few weeks if that helps. i did let the Mclains and the Kavanughs know about me getting transfered and i can keep in touch with them as well which is good. ya it is getting way good on sunday when we got a ride to church it was in the low 20's when we woke up but it warmed up to 32 but still it is getting COLD outside and i am not looking forward to it. o well.
well this past week as been the slowest that Greenville as seen in a very long time but o well. This past Wedensday we had distrect meeting down in Grand Rapids and the Zone Leaders was their so it was good. we all went out for lunch afterwords at MickyD's then we got a ride back from are Bishop but he was late picking us up from the stake center and so we was late for a few apointment but we called them to let them know and they was fine with it. Other then that we got the call on Friday around 1030 in the morning and so it was good. and i called Grand Vally just to talk with them around noon and they said that they have 2 baptisms coming up here in a few weeks but then i called them later that night after 930 pm and they have 2 more dates with people so i am going in a place that has been really good for baptisms. Grand Vally and Greenville is the 2 of the best places in the mission right now for baptisms which is good. Well the next day we went down to the community center and talked to a few poeple cause their was a frae market going on their from 9 to 3pm and so we got their around 1 pm and we stayed and helped taked it down and we had to help put up for a wedding reception and also a funeal down starits and their was only 4 of us doing that. and the wedding the the funeal both started at 5 so we was was busy setting up for the both of them and getting everything ready. Elder Robles new companion is going to be elder Meng and no he is not from China lol he has only been out for 4 and a half mouths in his mission and Greenville will be his 2nd area he has been up in the U.P. I have only been in the Grand Vally apartment for a few mins everytime we are their when the whole mission got new beds we had their with us so we went and took them to their apartment so i know what it looks like. and Grand Vally and Greenville is on a car rotation so Greenville dosent have a car right now tell tuseday and then they get the car so i will be walking for 2 weeks which i guess wont be bad. so when you write to me let everyone know the address all of the family and friends as well. but hope to hear from you soon got a few other people to email love ya
elder Webster

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

October 24, 2011

hello everyone,
well this coming Friday is when we find out about transfer, we will be getting the call ether from the Zone Leaders, if we get a call from them it will be from 8 in the morning tell 9 sometime and it means we are staying together for another transfer. If we get a call from are mission President it will be from 9 in the morning tell sometime around 1 or 2 just really all depends. but it means that one of us are going to be leaving the area. and then next week is transfer just all depends on where you are going is when you are getting transferred. wow Madison won that is like a basketball score 75 to 52 where was the defense at. i wonder what everyone was thinking when it went up that high, that's just crazy. dang maybe next year Madison can make it to the playoffs. ya we hear about the sports all the time from a few members if not people tell us at the door when we go door knocking. i miss Rupes that is a good place to eat at, are they still trying to come to rexburg? what kind of job is Eric trying to get? i know when i went out to go and get the mail i was like wow that is a heavy package i was like what could be in here. and i opened it up and i was like Potatoes and they was even from Idaho i was like wow thanks mom. ya sometimes we don't have dinner tell around 8 in the evening as well cause when we don't have dinner appointment we just don't go back to are apartment tell 8 that night and then have dinner. but when we do have dinner appointments we have then around 5 or 6 with the members when they feed us. when did Horkleys change their name and why did someone buy it from them. but it still will be known as Horkleys though. ya i didn't get the pic sorry.
Mission work is going good it is picking up a little bit and slow but it is getting their. we picked up a few new people that we are teaching now, which is good. This week has gone by fast, elder Robles is doing alright he doesn't feel good today and same with me we both think it is something we ate on Saturday we know it was not yesterday cause what we ate was really good, a member feed us. but he has a bad headache and a stomache ache as well. we had apartment check last Saturday the 22nd someone from the mission office came and check are apartment and we passed ya but we just have to do a few things. Well Trade offs was good it could of gone better o well things happen that's why we have trade offs for we can get better as missionaries. The Investigators are doing good now we still have not herd on any news about the McLains maybe when we go over their they will tell us if they herd anything. he really wants me to be their for it and same with elder Dearden. but he did tell us on Sunday at church it might be only a couple of weeks but he was not sure if it is for the church chort or for the baptism he wasn't sure he still needed to talk to the bishop about that. none that has a baptismal date yet but hopefully here soon we will. we only get a car for a week so we did get it but only tell Wednesday and that's district meeting and we are going to have the Zone Leaders their for it and hopefully it is going to be here in Greenville that way we don't have to travel anywhere and it is in the middle of the areas as well. The Stevens is going good sister Stevens she is good like always the family haven't been out to church yet every weekend they always have someone over to spent the night. The Kavanughes we have not been able to get out their at all and they have not been out to church. This transfer we have only been at are church every other week cause of Stake Conference and General Conference and so it has been really crazy with everything. well hope everything is going good that's all for now. glad to hear from everyone. love ya
Elder Webster

Monday, October 17, 2011

October 17th

hello everyone,
well first off Transfers are coming up again and they can be ether on the 31st of this mouth or on the 1st of next mouth just all depends on where you are going. If transfers are on the 31st that means that you are going up north somewhere in Michigan and if they are on the 1st of next mouth that means that you are ether staying in the zone(stake) that you are in or staying down south of Michigan. that reason for the 2 day transfer is cause when they take the missionaries that are going up north is cause they have to leave around 6 in the morning from Lansing to get to the middle of the state and then that is where they are dropped off. next we had Interviews on last Saturday with the mission President, President Hess in Grand Rapids so we had district meeting that day as well which was ok with me. well i was the first one to go for interviews and i was talking with him for over 15 mins in the interview about a few things and everything that has been going on with me and elder Robles. then earlier in the week we got a phone call from a past investigator that elder Robles was teaching in a different area about someone that he baptized. the person that he baptized past away earlier in the week and the services was on Saturday as well so we got to go to that cause it was down in Grand Rapids and boy was Saturday a long day for us. we was down in Grand Rapids from 8:30 in the morning tell 5:30 that evening. well Wednesday we had 7 appointment and we was only able to teach 2 lessons but we still had dinner with the stones but we didn't share a message with them cause the bishop came and so he took us home cause he was going that way and it saved a trip for Jason stone and gas for him as well. the 2 appointment that we had was with 1 investigator and a less active lady in the ward. we was able to visit with another investigator but that it so it was a long day that day. but hopefully this next Wednesday we can have a better day cause we have trade offs with a different area. and i am staying in Greenville and the District Leader elder Bready is going to be coming here with me and elder Robles is going to go up to Big Rapids o i was talking with the Zone Leaders on Saturday and i told them that i have been talking to the Assistants and asked them if i can do a trade off with the Zone Leaders and they said maybe they would have to talk with them about that, cause the Zone Leaders does about 10 trade offs a transfers cause they do trade offs with all of the district leaders and also with the new missionaries that has came out in the mission. but other then that the week has been a way slow week for teaching and also finding for some odd reason but we are hoping that this week we can get back into things and have lots of appointments and time for finding as well. well last night i was talking with are district leader on the phone and he got word that their was a emergency transfer in the mission and we lost some elders that was in are district they went to another district and so we have only 6 elders instend if 8 elders o well. and their was 15 areas that was involved with that but we wasn't dang it opps did i say that haha lol. The elder Quorum President is Jason Stone and they do not have any kids at all. they live in Ceder Springs they are the ones that feed us every Wednesday, he works down in Grand Rapids and he makes different designs for a lot of things.
the Kavanugh family came and picked us up on Saturday night from the Stevens but no the Kavanughs live on the other side of Greenville then belding, they live on the north side on greenville closer to where the Zima's live at. but we was able to visit with them while they took us back to are apartment which was good elder Robles finally got to meet him. first thing that Native said was hi of course but what is your first name? and so he told him native and his family call us by are first name but o well. it is not the first time that we have had to say are first name to anyone and it polly wont be the last ether. and we have not set a date with the family yet we are hoping here in a few weeks we will be able to. so the Mclains now we was able to meet with them on Friday and a member came with us and it was the ward mission leader. all we are waiting on for them is the papers still from salt lake city and they are with the stake President which is good and now just the bishop has to get the papers from him and then we can set a baptism Day with them. well stake conference was down in Grand Rapids yesterday(Sunday) and so we was down their for 2 days in a row. but stake conference went good President Hess was their and he spoke and so everyone in the ward but a few cause they was not their knows who he is now. and this is the first stake conference here in this stake but the 2nd one on my mission so far. and most likely i will have 2 more before i come home but who knows. i have not had to speak in church yet but knock on wood lol...
so all of the wood is in for everyone huh? that is good no more cutting word for a while right lol.. I will keep grandma and Grandpa in my prayers for they both can get better tell them that i love them and that heavenly father does as well. ok thanks mom for the letter and i wait for the package with the cloths in their for me. i cant remember the elders name that is from Ammon area i well tell you in a letter and you can let everyone else know as well. once again transfers are going to be ether on the 31st of this mouth or on the 1st of next mouth. wow Madison basketball already wow where has the time gone to. is mikael going to help with the freshmen again do you know? the tigers lost huh dang o well they did pretty good this year but we herd yesterday from a member we was at his house and the loins game was on and they lost o well they cant win every game lol.. but that's all for now got to elder the mission President and a few other people as well hope everyone is doing good, hope to hear from everyone soon.
love ya
elder Webster

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Another Week Gone By

hello everyone,
another week as gone by wow where has the time gone to. How is everyone doing? how is the fall over their. it has been in the 70's and 80's here in Michigan and everyone has been saying that this is not like Michigan at all it is like a indain summer we know how that is from being in idaho some years and even in the teton vally as well. well it is suppose to rain on tuesday but who knows it is like being in Idaho people never know what the weather is going to be like. got the package on friday we didnt get it tell we got home after we leaved to stevens and so i have the paper for her mom. and thanks for all of the icepops they are going to be used up. well last night(sunday night) i called the assistents cause they said that i can call them anytime and just talk and see how things are going, well we was talking for almost 20 mins again about a few things and well elder DeHart is one of the assistents and he told me that we have interviews with the mission President on saturday morning and we didnt even know that so i called are distrect leader and i asked him about that and he was just about to call us and tell us that we have interviews and i told him that i just got done talking with the Assistents about a few things and they said interviews and he just found out about that as well that night from the Zone leaders and he asked me why i was talking to them cause i guess some other missionaries has been talking to them as well so i told are distrect leader that they said that i can call them and talked to them anytime that i need someone to talk to about what has been goin on with me and Elder Robles. well we have stake Conference this weekend as well both on saturday and sunday but we dont have to go to the meetings on saturday but we have to on sunday so we have to find a ride with a members.
Ok so now missionary work. this past week has been a long week on tuesday and wedenday we was busy like crazy we had the bishop with us on tuesday and another member with us all day his name is sean(like shawn but spelled different) and he was awsome with some of the people that we are teaching. we also ran into some of the Less Actives as well and we sharded a message with them and it went good. so this coming wedensday the 12th we have 10 apointments all in one day so we are going to be dead tried that day good thing they are all within 1 mile of everyone. and are 1st apointment is at 11:30 and are last one is at 7 pm that night and that is are dinner apointment with the stones and so we are going to be in Ceder Springs that day. well on Friday we was out at the Mclains and we went over the baptismal questions with them and they are ready to get baptised they just need to find more info from salt lake which they did yeasturday(sunday) st church we had the stake President there and so they got more news which was good. so hopefully we can get them baptised before i leave greenville and if i do. we find out about transfers here in a few weeks on the last friday of this mouth. we have not been able to get ahold of the Kavaunghs lataly and so we have not been able to teach them anymore about the church. but yeaturday at church we have 4 investigators come which was good, the Mclains came and same with a investigator that we door knocked into a few weeks ago we finnaly met with her this past week and when we door knocked into her so said that she was going to come to church the first week but she had things come up at the last min and same with last week but she finnaly came and she brought a friend with her as well. her friend is a member of the church but less active but she lives in another word or branch somewhere else. she said that she really like it which is good. she has a little 2 year old daughter and she let her go into nersly and everytime she went and checked on her, her daughter was doing good. well we didnt teach the pristhood lesson yesturday cause the stake president was their.
Coach Buck is not doing so good this year for madison hope they dont let him go again. he needs to win the last 2 games. i am going to send a email with just pics in their for everyone from the past 4 mouths that i have been here. ya me and elder Robles went bowling last week and wow i think i have not bowled like that in years i only had 1 game above 100 and that was a 132 game their lanes are slick and i am not used to that i am used to not having that much oil on the lanes cause on teton Lanes. but o well i had a few stircks in the 3 games that we did. so thats not bad for a 171 ave to start of the year but you should be bowling a lot better then that dad lol... well thats all for now got to write some other people and send a email of pics to ya, letters will be in the mail this week.
elder Webster

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tribulation equals Patience

hello everyone,
well it is another week gone by in the mission and yesturday i am now 8 mouths out in the mission where has the time gone to huh lol. well General Conference was on this past weekend and wow was it good. I like when President Monson said about the temple that is going to be going up in Stay Vally, Wyoming wow what a thought huh. that will be good for them so will Driggs still be in the Rexburg Temple Distrect of that one? Well this past week was really a slow week in missionary work. we had Zone Conference last friday(sept 30th) and while we was their i wrote a little note to the Assistences to them what has been going on cause everytime i was able to talk to President Hess(mission President) about it someone came up and cut me off but o well, so i gave the note to them after Zone Conference and later that night we got a call from the them and they wanted to talk to me and see how things was going. well before that both of us got back to are apartment and Elder Robles fell asleep well he was asleep for a little over 2 hours well after he woke up he yelled at me for not waking him up and i was not happy with that at all. cause we cant go door knocking after it gets dark outside and well it was after 7 when he woke up and when he was asleep i was just studying, watching dvds that we got cause we got a dvd player for all of the apartments so i was watching that and writing stuff down but he came in and yelled at me for that as well but o well, but back to when the Assistents called they called at 9 that night and i was talking to them for a little over 20 mins on the phone and one of the Assistents gave me a Qoute to think about and to remember. i cant remember what it saids right now but i have it hanging up on the wall in the apartment and well when we was talking they both said to call again sunday night after we get done planning so i did and we was talking for a little bit tell they had to go but they said to call anytime that i need to and to talk about things that has been going on.
well missionary work now well this past week was slow like i said earlyer. we only have 5 lassons taught but we picked up a few new investigators and so we are going to be teaching them now. well on tuesday we took a member out with us to a town called Ceder Spring he was baptized back in March so we thought it would be good to take him out with us and to see how he would do. He is only 18 years old so thats why we took him out with us and he is working on his Melchizedek Priesthood and i guess for new converts they need to go out with the missionaries and so we took him out and wow did the lesson go good with a investigator and i think it really helped her out with a few things as well. so we are hopey he can come out with us again tommorow(tusday). well we have not been able to meet with Native and his family yet cause ether they have been busy or we have been busy and same with the Mclains but they came to General Confernece yesturday(sunday) and watched it at the church but they watched it at their house as well on saturday and it was the first time they the wife(betty) watched it and she said she like it a lot and same with Jonny Mclain. and he came to the priesthood session as well. and last week when we was door nocking we door nocked into 2 less actives in the ward and i guess one of them he used to go out with the missionaries a long time ago when he was active but he has not been to church in a long time ether.
well things between me and elder Robles are going down and a little up not much but for the most part down so thats way the Assistents told me to call anytime that i need to talk to someone as well. but we are going to be teaching the priesthood class on sunday cause i guess elder Robles wants to talk about a few things that needs to be work on but we will guess to how this is going to work out. i hope good anyway. but thats is pretty much what has been going on so for here in Greenville. thats not good that madison last on their homecoming o well hope they dont fire coach buck this season cause coach buck has been the best coach that madison has had for football. but got to write to President Hess for are weekly report to him well hope to hear from everyone soon love ya and happy late b-day mom and happy 18th b-day marissa hope you guys both had a good b-day.
elder Webster