Monday, October 29, 2012

hello everyone, good morning/afternoon/evening
     well to state off wow thats a lot of snow over night and thats crazy about madison winning and playing on byu-i field cause of the snow. well we have NO snow but rain on its way from the big strom thats coming on the east side of the states. the strom poberly wont hit michigan but we will get some rain from it this week. it is surposse to rain some today, tommorow, and on wednesday. so you will have to let me know about madison and how they do in state and who they play. when are you flying in mom do you know yet? sorry this email is going to be short cause dont have much time to write the email and do everything. and the patotoes bags mom i got them from the senior couple they give them to all the missionaies that come in and she has also gave them to the members of the branch and she gave them to president and sister hess as well during interviews. and mom i am going to send some more stuff home come janurary as well so i dont have that much stuff with me when you come and pick me up.
alight now for the work and how is it going. to start off last monday after emailing we went back to the apartment and we played a broad called melopenly and man that was fun. we played for like 4 hours and i won big time i made him go bank rubbed o well it was fun to play. and on tuseday we had distrect meeting and interviews over in west branch. the funny thing was we didnt have the meeting tell 11am cause interviews was at 2 to 4 in the afternoon so we didnt want to wait tell then if we had are meeting at 9 which is the normal time for it but thats ok. and the thing was while i was in the interview with president hess i asked him about training a new missionary and he told me that i might have a chance to train a new one before i go home and i will find out here in week and a half when we get a call for trnafers. cause for traning a new missionary you have to trian him for 2 tranfers and thats all i have left is 2 transfers. i know crazy where has the time gone too. o before i forget mom and dad i told pres hess that you are coming out to get me and he asked me if he wants to meet you and i told him ya that would be fine. so we you fly in you will have to the lasning stake center of the mission office is lansing to meet him. the address for the mission office is at the bottom on the email for ya. well then when we and the senior couple was coming back from west branch we stopped by a less active to see how they was doing and they wasnt home o well. but we didnt get back to oscoda tell close to 5pm so it was a long day. on wednesday we had a full day and we was down in tawas and a town called Au Gre. we had 6 apointments set up and we got 5 lessons for the day. and 2 people wasnt home so we stopped in some on less actives and sharded a message with them. on thursday we was out in hale and get this during studies we got a phone call from a investigator asking us if we was going to be in hale and we said yes and they asked us if we could stop by but we said yes and we was planning on it. so that was cool. and then other then that we was seeing all active members all day their in hale. we only had 30 mins of down time that day and that was anough time for a bathroom break. on friday we did weekly planning in the morning and then we was doing a lot of finding and same with on saturday as well. we had 13 lessons for the week but no new investitgators thou o well hopefully this week we will pick some up. but thats all for the week. well family thats all for ya
1400 abott rd suite 310
east lansing, MI 48823
elder webster

Monday, October 15, 2012

Baptism was Friday

good morning,
     well thanks for the email sorry for last week. i thought i send one out to everyone but i guess it didnt go though. the library was open but i guess the email didnt go though. well to answer your question dad of when my last day. my last day is going to be on the february 5th cause i will have a interview with president hess that day and then everyone that i came out with will be staying the night in lansing that night(tuseday night) and then fly out the next morning. so i wil get released that morning on the 6th of february. so if you fly in on the 5th that would work and then you could stay the night at someones place in greenville i image. ya madison won against blackfoot awsome. they are doing awsome this year then and that means state and hopefully they will win state this year(knock on wood that they dont lose). the weather here this past week has been raining all weekend but friday which was the BAPTISM. o tonight i am going to be going to west branch for trade offs with the distrect leader. thats crazy about the change in driggs so you will have to let me know what is going on with that. and who is in what ward their. sorry dont know for elder coon to go and visit but maybe they could go and knock into someone. she works at broulims in the non food section chelle. its not debey but her boss. i cant remember her name but if i remember they live on the road in victor when you turn to go to chelles from the highway. elder clay is from a town called kenai, Alaska.
     to start off the week with news. well on tuseday, friday and saturday we was doing a lot of finding but nothing came out of it. o well. on wednesday we had are normal distrect meeting over in west branch and it was a very excited distrect meeting cause me and elder clay made a cake for the blan new missionaries that just came out in the mission field. then we was down in tawas on wednesday and thats when we go shopping cause their is no walmart in oscoda. and we only had one apointment and it was someone we stop in on every wednesday. on thursday the 11th of october we was out in hale and we had lunch with the relief socity leader like always and it was good. and we had a lesson with marice out their at steve and sue parent and they are so awsome. they help out with anything that we need help with and they have also known marice for years which was good when the missionaries started to teach her a few months ago. and then that night we had dinner with the Karns and we had a good dinner and i had to inform elder clay about what they do for dessert. what they do is, whoever makes desserts eats it first and then everyone else can go. on friday we went and saw a less active member of the church that lives here in oscoda ans then she came to church yesturday(side note). and then after that elder clay and i went and did some finding. no one didnt want us to come back o well. then we had another lesson with a person that has been meeting with missionaries for 8 years now off and on, which is pretty crazy for 8 years but he has came to church a lot which is good. then later on that night was marice's baptism and that was awsome. their was about 25 people their for it and it was at Lake Huron and i was the one that baptised her cause elder green is on the other side of the state. their was a little wind that day o get this earlyer in the week their was wind like 15 to 20 miles a hour and it was cold but on friday their was only wind blowing 5 miles a hour which was not bad and it was in the high 40's. and get this the water was warmer then the air outside and everyone was thinking that i was crazy but we did it and it went really good. on saturday elder clay and i did a lot of finding and no one let us come back and sometimes their was no one home ether.
well family thats all for now hope all is well. love ya
love elder webster

Monday, October 8, 2012

Emergency Transfer/Baptism in Lake Heron,

hey everyone,
well got some big news here in Michigan. and here in oscoda. remember when i told you last week that me and elder green was staying together well that was changed last Friday. we got a call from president Hess and he told me and elder green that he is getting transferred over to Lundington (on lake Michigan) and so that's what we call a emergency transfer and now i have elder clay and he is from Alaska. and the other big news was during conference which you already know about the missionary age. we watched conference at the church cause the branch President lives over 30 miles away but him and his family came for the 2nd session on Saturday to the church and watched it their. and mom we don't have stake conference this weekend. it is on the 4th of next month. and we also have zone conference on the 2nd of next month down in midland and that's where stake conference is as well. and marice is still going to be getting baptized this weekend and in lake Huron and guess who is going to do it as well, me i get to do it, so i get to get wet in the lake. that is news for Kelsey, congratulations hope you go somewhere fun and exciting.
well this past week, starting on Sunday. it was fast and testimony meeting and their was a lot of people that bear their testimonies. then on Monday last week elder green and i after emailing we went and got are haircuts and we looked good afterwords. and i can say my hair does grow fast. and we also went over to the senior couples place and we made ties and i have to go and finish mine sometime cause mine is not done but that will have to wait for a few weeks cause today we have to do some deep cleaning in are house and make sure it is ready for inspections soon, don't know when but soon we herd. well after making a tie we went and help a member move from their house to another house closer to town and a lot bigger for their family. which is good. but they need some stuff to feel in the empty places in their home. then after that we went back to are house for the evening cause it was around 6:30 when we got back and we was gone all day since 10 that morning. so it was a long day and we still needed to get things done around the house as well. so that was a long day. then on Tuesday we picked up a new investigator that morning and then we went and did some door knocking for a little bit but no one invited us back to learn more. and then on Wednesday we was down in tawas all day and are first lesson was at 11 and that went well. then we went and had lunch and then we went and saw a less active, we try to see her every week but we have not met with her for a few weeks cause ether we have been busy or she has been out of town. well while we was down their we stopped in at a members home to drop something off and they asked us if we had a dinner appointment and we told them no so they told us to come back but instead they took us out for dinner at a pizza place and it was good. on Thursday we went out to hale and like normal we had lunch at the relief society place and like always it was good and we was full. then we went and stopped in at a members place at work and talk to her. then we had lesson at the parents place with marice and it went good and we talked about prophets and she was excited about general conference as well. then we had dinner at the karns that night and like always it was good as well. on Friday to start off we had a good day lined out to do a lot of different things well are plans was change by 1030 that morning by a phone call from President Hess. President Hess called us and told us that elder green had to get packing his bags and he only had 3 hours to pack all of his stuff and we had to leave to meet the assistants to Pres. Hess in a town called Clare with the Lundington elders and that's a 2 hour drive and we had to be their by 5 that night. and elder green wanted to say by to the west branch elders as well so we was in west branch by 3 that day so it was a long day of driving around. well on Saturday and Sunday it was general conference and their was some big news which elder clay and i was like wow that is huge news. but other then that are week was good.
Teton much have a good team. Madison better win this weekend and it is going to be a tuff game against Blackfoot. and how did you like the text or call from Scott here in Michigan mom or dad. sounds like you had a busy week with everything that happened. their is some pics for ya when we was making are ties and also 2 pics of a tree and the leaves changing colors here in Michigan. well family that's all for now love ya hope all is well. and mom your umm birthday card is going to be in the mail this week as well don't worry about that.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Transfers staying another 6 weeks in Oscoda

good morning/afternoon everyone,

      well another transfer has gone by here in Michigan and the BIG NEWS is that elder green and i are staying together for another 6 weeks and he is going to finish his mission off here in Oscoda with me. well got some bad news as well i wasn't able to go back to Gaylord. i found a ride but then on Tuesday he called and told me that he had to work on Saturday and no one could cover his shift for him so i couldn't make it over for the baptism. and mom the person that is getting baptized her name is Marcie their is no u in her name. Marcie has known about the church almost her whole life. she has known some of the members as well for a very long time almost 5 years now. and her baptism is moved back to the 12th of this month the reason why is because their is a member who moved out of state for work and she thought she might have had a job by now but she got sick and she had to buy some stuff to get better so she didn't have enough money to come back up for it. so we moved it to the 12th of this month and Marcie is still excited to get baptized even more now and she is going to be getting baptized in Lake Huron. 

well this week here in Oscoda, Michigan. last Monday we went fishing in the morning and we didn't catch anything but o well next time. which well be next week. then later on that day we did have a return appointment but no one was home so me and elder green had to drive out to Hale to trade off with the West Branch elders for a trade off with the district leader and i was here in oscoda with him. that was a fun day. we had 3 appointments and 2 of them was ether sick or was too busy with things that came up and they had to go. and then later on that night the district leader interviewed marcie for baptism and get this. that night she didn't get off work tell 7:30 and she still had to take her babysitter home afterwords but then her babysitters mom and dad decides to come and get her so they did and they didn't come and get her tell after 8:30 so marcie didn't get to the church tell almost 9 that night so we didn't get home tell after 9:30 and we was tried but we didn't get to bed tell way late cause we was talking and catching up on things. but then a little after 10pm that night we was talking to the west branch elders on the phone and their other line wet off and it was pres hess looking for elder blackhurst she pres hess called us here in oscoda and they talked for a good 15 mins on the phone and just talking about all different things. but then on Wednesday we had district meeting over in west branch and we got a ride from the dittrecks(senior couple) over their and then elder green and i had to go to Tawas that day for a few appointments and to see a few people. then on Thursday we was out in hale all day and like normal we was visiting members all day long and we help some members move some stuff from inside of their house to their pickup cause they was moving to Arizona for the winter(they are snow birds) so now they are on their way their come last Saturday but they was making some stopped along the way to different places. then on Friday we got the call from the Zone Leaders for the zone that we are in and telling us that we are staying together for another 6 weeks. then we went and did some finding but no one was home to talk to us at all but then we had to go to hale again(good thing we had a lot of miles to go out their 3 times in 1 week lol). the branch had a branch active out at a lake by a members home and we had hambugers and hot dogs boy they was good lol. the branch president knows how to cook good food lol. then on Sunday was fast and testimony meeting for sacrament and that was way good. but other then that family nothing much is going on here in Michigan. 

ya i herd that Madison won over rigby i had someone watch the game for me on the website. and he kept me up to date on everything. and while he was watching it he told me that Madison had good defense and same with ribgy cause it was going back and forth a lot but who knows well family that's all for now have to email pres hess still love ya

love elder Webster