Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Short and Sweet

     well Christmas is over with and new years is this weekend. it was a green Christmas here in Michigan and now today(Tuesday) it is snowing and coming down good. i don't know if you told you this or not but i have been talking to the McLains and i asked them if they wanted me to go to the temple with them for the first time and they said yes and so i asked my mission President and he said that i could go to the temple with them. well it was good talking to everyone on Christmas next time i will get to call is on mothers day, which is in may. well are library was closed yesterday(Monday) and so we got to email today and we also get to email next Tuesday as well cause the library is going to be closed again next Monday cause of new years day. when we was out at the members house elder Kohler was talking to his family for 5 hours on the phone and it was 4 hours for when we was talking on the phone. that's funny that Greg had to say a few remarks tell all of the chairs was set up lol. so how is the new TV for you guys, mom and dad. the new 47inch TV.
    when we was talking on the phone home i got a text message saying that we had to call the zone leaders to give them numbers. we was going to do it the next day which was going to be Monday but we had to call them that night(Sunday night) to tell them so we had to call the Greenville elders and get their numbers and then call the Zone Leaders to tell them. but when we called them they nevered answered so we just called them the next morning(Monday morning) and told them the numbers and everything. well the list that we got from the ward is going good we have made a few more appointments with some people on the list. last Saturday on Christmas eve we had 2 dinner appointments to go to and boy was the both of us full from the 1st one and then we was over stuffed from the 2nd was and they both gave us left overs as well. well it is a short email not much to say right now but hope all is good and hope to hear from everyone soon. love ya
elder Webster

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