Monday, April 30, 2012

"using are spiritual muscles"

hello everyone,
well first off i am going to be out 15 months this week, which is pretty crazy where has the time gone by to. we go to the branch Presidents, President Bleford is his name by the way. we go over their every Tuesday for lunch cause we are up in a town called Boyne city and that's where he lives and they feed us lunch. but ya elder smith warned me that he would be wanted your phone number mom and dad and so i gave him the house phone and also the cells but i could remember which one was which. ya yesterday when we got to church we had to be their early to practice to sing cause all of the missionaries and some other people was singing for church and it was "Ye Elders of Isreal" and President Bleford told me that he talked to you guys and found out some stuff about me. President Bleford is a really nice person and he knows how to work and help us out as well. and he is a talker as well he can talk your ear of if your not careful lol. hey mothers day is coming up and was wondering when would be a good time to call cause elder smith might be calling on Saturday the day before mothers day cause New Zealand is a day ahead of the united states. got the letter thanks mom i got it on Saturday. wow i didn't know that Jaden was not a member i thought he was a member as well wow. but that's cool that he got baptized. wow dad golfing for free huh it is good to know people lol.
well this past week me and elder smith have been busy. we have a baptism for the 19th of may and i do believe that it is going to work for them. they are really cool it is a mom and and her 3 daughters. elder smith and another missionary named elder Johnson door knocked into them and started to teach them. we go over their twice a week to see how they are doing and also prepare them for baptism. well on Tuesday we was up in Boyne city and we really didn't have to much going on that day cause a lot of people didn't want to meet and no one was home as well. and on Wednesday i was in Kalkaska on trade offs and boy is that town really small it is a village but it is home for the natural tourt festival every year. i was their with elder sugar and he has only been on his mission for 4 months and while i was their i helped him out a lot with different things to work on as a missionary and gave him some advice as well for different people that they are working with. well on Thursday elder smith and i was door knocking in an apartment complex and we got kicked out. we went and visited a member that lives in those apartments and after we leaved the members house we started to door knocked and a person came out from working on something in the apartments the maintenance person. well it was that person that kicked us out and he told us that we couldn't  come back at all even to visit the member and we told him that we would be back cause we have people their that we see as well that is learning more about the church. and well we haven't seen him but that's OK we are not afraid of him cause we have the right to be their and to talk to people, even the cops told us that when we talked to them after that happened. are busiest day that we had was on Saturday we had 6 appointments and we taught 5 of them and we also found some more people to teach as well. and yesterday at church the subject that people was talking about was "using are spiritual muscles" and it was really good. one of the speakers was saying that we need to study the scriptures everyday to make are spiritual muscles strong in the gospel. and then the last speaker was talking about catching are 2nd wind and he was comparing it to a cross country race. and he said that as the person was racing for the cross country race the coach asked the person after the race "did you find your 2nd wind" and the ? that he told us to asks are selfs everyday is. have we found are 2nd wind? well after church yesterday we got back to the apartment and it was after 9:30 when we got back cause we was at an appointment and then about 9:45 we got a phone call from the relief society and she was asking if we could be on call cause a older lady in the branch was heading into the hospital and she was asking for a blessing and we said that we would be on call. well about 30 mins later we got another phone call from her saying and asking us if we could meet her at the hospital to give the member a blessing and well we did and we beat the ambulance there. it went and picked her up from the older ladies home. and don't live to fay away from the hospital. only half a mile away and well we was at the hospital tell 11:30 our time so past are bed time and we still woke up on time at 6:30 and we didn't get to bed tell close to 12:30 or 1 in the morning. so it was a long but short night last night. well today we are going to be going to go out the relief society Presidents house for dinner and their are going to be the people that are going to be getting baptized their as well for dinner and FHE as well so it is going to be a good day today even thou it is raining outside but that's OK work must go on. well that's all for now got to email some more people but time is up. hope to hear from everyone soon love ya
love elder Webster

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