Monday, April 2, 2012

been out 14 months

hello everyone,
well General Conference was great it felt like we was getting told what we need to be doing all the time. on Saturday and Sunday we was at the church house for all of the sessions and on Saturday after the 1st session we was talking with the other elders and seeing what they was doing cause we didn't have a car and they had a lunch that they was going to go to and they called there lunch appointment and asked if we could come as well and they said ya the more the merrier(or how ever that saying goes) so we went with them and then back to the church house for the 2nd session on Saturday but then after that session all of us missionaries went out for dinner and elder bullard payed again for all of us which is way nice of him. and then we went back to the church for the priesthood session but during the first 2 session we only had 1 investigator their and it was Christina Wyatt. she watch all 4 session and she like them she told us after words that some of the talks was ok but then some of them she didn't like but that's normal for some people. but then on Sunday after the first session we went with the other elders to the same place to have lunch with a member in their ward cause we didn't have any buddy sign up for dinner or lunch those two days. but ya general conference was way good it did talk a lot about the book of Mormon and how it goes with the bible. i took a lot of notes down and now i am going to go over them and see what i need to improve on. and on Sunday their was a few more people their watching them then on Saturday. on Saturday their was only 13 people at the church watching them and that was all members but 1 and that was Christina. and on Sunday their was around 25 to 30 people their watching it. we guessed that their was going to be more people their on Sunday then Saturday.
glad you got the letter ya we was busy last week. on Wednesday the greenville elders came down and got the car from us and we was going to go to lunch with a member she took us out to a buffet right by are apartment and when the greenville elders came and got the car the member that brought them took them out to eat at the same place that we was going. but then later on that day we had to ride the bus from are apartment down to central station to get on another bus to go to appointment up by where the bishop lives and instent of talking 10 mins to drive their we had to ride on a bus for 1 hour to get their but o well. then we had dinner with a member that night and then she took us to the church house cause every Wednesday night we have corrilation with the ward mission leader and the ward missionaries as well. then we had to ride up to big rapids and the stake patriarch took us up their for trade offs and then drove elder bullard and elder kings ford back to grand rapids. trade offs went good they had a few appointments that day and they fell though and called us and had to reshuchled for another day. and then one called and chanced on use and we was just about to go over their and meet him he called us and told us that his work called and asked if he could come in. and this was all while i was in big rapids on trade offs. we was on trade offs from Wednesday night tell Friday morning cause we had district meeting and interviews with president Hess and that went good. me and president Hess was talking for about 15 mins in the interview.
geez dad i think mom in right for the power rakes you might need to get them working during the winter to make sure that they are ready to go come spring time lol. tell the kohler family hi from me and that they will need to come to my home coming as well when i get home. that is funny that Hilary Kohler came up to you and ask if you had a missionary in Michigan or not. got called to be a director for bowling huh dad. congrates on that. so what did Robert Leoloff do with the bowling alley? sounds like the pot luck was good then and that you got warm from all the chilli that was their and then you had ice cream to cool it down huh it must have been some HOT chilli jk haha lol. ya the priesthood meeting was all about the less and inactive members of the church and how we need to go out and get them back coming to church and me and elder bullard have been doing that the past 3 weeks now. and some off the less active people are starting to come back to church now. and well today we have deep clean are apartment and then we have a dinner appointment with the bishop and his family as well at 5:30 this evening. but that's all for now love ya and will talk to everyone next week. hope everyone loved general conference.
elder Webster

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