Monday, October 29, 2012

hello everyone, good morning/afternoon/evening
     well to state off wow thats a lot of snow over night and thats crazy about madison winning and playing on byu-i field cause of the snow. well we have NO snow but rain on its way from the big strom thats coming on the east side of the states. the strom poberly wont hit michigan but we will get some rain from it this week. it is surposse to rain some today, tommorow, and on wednesday. so you will have to let me know about madison and how they do in state and who they play. when are you flying in mom do you know yet? sorry this email is going to be short cause dont have much time to write the email and do everything. and the patotoes bags mom i got them from the senior couple they give them to all the missionaies that come in and she has also gave them to the members of the branch and she gave them to president and sister hess as well during interviews. and mom i am going to send some more stuff home come janurary as well so i dont have that much stuff with me when you come and pick me up.
alight now for the work and how is it going. to start off last monday after emailing we went back to the apartment and we played a broad called melopenly and man that was fun. we played for like 4 hours and i won big time i made him go bank rubbed o well it was fun to play. and on tuseday we had distrect meeting and interviews over in west branch. the funny thing was we didnt have the meeting tell 11am cause interviews was at 2 to 4 in the afternoon so we didnt want to wait tell then if we had are meeting at 9 which is the normal time for it but thats ok. and the thing was while i was in the interview with president hess i asked him about training a new missionary and he told me that i might have a chance to train a new one before i go home and i will find out here in week and a half when we get a call for trnafers. cause for traning a new missionary you have to trian him for 2 tranfers and thats all i have left is 2 transfers. i know crazy where has the time gone too. o before i forget mom and dad i told pres hess that you are coming out to get me and he asked me if he wants to meet you and i told him ya that would be fine. so we you fly in you will have to the lasning stake center of the mission office is lansing to meet him. the address for the mission office is at the bottom on the email for ya. well then when we and the senior couple was coming back from west branch we stopped by a less active to see how they was doing and they wasnt home o well. but we didnt get back to oscoda tell close to 5pm so it was a long day. on wednesday we had a full day and we was down in tawas and a town called Au Gre. we had 6 apointments set up and we got 5 lessons for the day. and 2 people wasnt home so we stopped in some on less actives and sharded a message with them. on thursday we was out in hale and get this during studies we got a phone call from a investigator asking us if we was going to be in hale and we said yes and they asked us if we could stop by but we said yes and we was planning on it. so that was cool. and then other then that we was seeing all active members all day their in hale. we only had 30 mins of down time that day and that was anough time for a bathroom break. on friday we did weekly planning in the morning and then we was doing a lot of finding and same with on saturday as well. we had 13 lessons for the week but no new investitgators thou o well hopefully this week we will pick some up. but thats all for the week. well family thats all for ya
1400 abott rd suite 310
east lansing, MI 48823
elder webster

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