Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Transfers staying another 6 weeks in Oscoda

good morning/afternoon everyone,

      well another transfer has gone by here in Michigan and the BIG NEWS is that elder green and i are staying together for another 6 weeks and he is going to finish his mission off here in Oscoda with me. well got some bad news as well i wasn't able to go back to Gaylord. i found a ride but then on Tuesday he called and told me that he had to work on Saturday and no one could cover his shift for him so i couldn't make it over for the baptism. and mom the person that is getting baptized her name is Marcie their is no u in her name. Marcie has known about the church almost her whole life. she has known some of the members as well for a very long time almost 5 years now. and her baptism is moved back to the 12th of this month the reason why is because their is a member who moved out of state for work and she thought she might have had a job by now but she got sick and she had to buy some stuff to get better so she didn't have enough money to come back up for it. so we moved it to the 12th of this month and Marcie is still excited to get baptized even more now and she is going to be getting baptized in Lake Huron. 

well this week here in Oscoda, Michigan. last Monday we went fishing in the morning and we didn't catch anything but o well next time. which well be next week. then later on that day we did have a return appointment but no one was home so me and elder green had to drive out to Hale to trade off with the West Branch elders for a trade off with the district leader and i was here in oscoda with him. that was a fun day. we had 3 appointments and 2 of them was ether sick or was too busy with things that came up and they had to go. and then later on that night the district leader interviewed marcie for baptism and get this. that night she didn't get off work tell 7:30 and she still had to take her babysitter home afterwords but then her babysitters mom and dad decides to come and get her so they did and they didn't come and get her tell after 8:30 so marcie didn't get to the church tell almost 9 that night so we didn't get home tell after 9:30 and we was tried but we didn't get to bed tell way late cause we was talking and catching up on things. but then a little after 10pm that night we was talking to the west branch elders on the phone and their other line wet off and it was pres hess looking for elder blackhurst she pres hess called us here in oscoda and they talked for a good 15 mins on the phone and just talking about all different things. but then on Wednesday we had district meeting over in west branch and we got a ride from the dittrecks(senior couple) over their and then elder green and i had to go to Tawas that day for a few appointments and to see a few people. then on Thursday we was out in hale all day and like normal we was visiting members all day long and we help some members move some stuff from inside of their house to their pickup cause they was moving to Arizona for the winter(they are snow birds) so now they are on their way their come last Saturday but they was making some stopped along the way to different places. then on Friday we got the call from the Zone Leaders for the zone that we are in and telling us that we are staying together for another 6 weeks. then we went and did some finding but no one was home to talk to us at all but then we had to go to hale again(good thing we had a lot of miles to go out their 3 times in 1 week lol). the branch had a branch active out at a lake by a members home and we had hambugers and hot dogs boy they was good lol. the branch president knows how to cook good food lol. then on Sunday was fast and testimony meeting for sacrament and that was way good. but other then that family nothing much is going on here in Michigan. 

ya i herd that Madison won over rigby i had someone watch the game for me on the website. and he kept me up to date on everything. and while he was watching it he told me that Madison had good defense and same with ribgy cause it was going back and forth a lot but who knows well family that's all for now have to email pres hess still love ya

love elder Webster

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