Monday, May 16, 2011

Transfers tomorrow

well we are doing emailing again today cause we didnt have that much time on saturday to do it. so i am getting transfered down to a town called Holt, Michigan. we have a part of Lansing in are area down their. Last transfer they had 5 baptisms for the investigators. and 1 in the ward. and when i get there tommorow(tuesday) morning we have 27 apointment alreadt set up for the rest of the week so we are going to be busy. and me new compaoin is going to be Elder Cox. he was traned up in Alpena as well which was funny i thought. but he has only been out for almost 8 mouths now. and i have been out for over 3 mouths and i cant belive it, where has the time gone. but i dont know to much about Holt all i know that it is going to be a busy area, which will be good. but not to much going on as of right now, letters will be coming soon polly will be next week some time. so hope to hear from everyone soon.
Elder Joseph Webster

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