Saturday, May 14, 2011

Transfers this week

well i am getting transfered down to a place called Holt. It is right below Lansing and i mean right below Lansing. Last transfer i herd that they had 5 baptisms and when i get there their is 27 apointments already set up for the rest of the week. and i get their on tuesday afternoon. well we had time to send emails today(saturday) we are at the tranvers city libary they only give you a hour on the computers. which is not that long to email so we might on monday as well but only if me and elder curtis has time which i dont know if we will or not cause we are going to be pretty busy on monday. but we have to be down in Mt Pleasnt at 7:50 AM so we have to leave Alpena at 4:45 top get down their on time but with me driving if we leave at 5 we will get their on time and with time to spear. so we have to wake up at 3:30 to get everything in the car and get out the door. but Hold its a ward from what i hear but i will tell you more in the next letter/email to come.

well the weather is good here we have not no rain here at all these past few days. all it has been is just cloudy and no rain, mainly mist thats it. it has been up in the 70's already hear and boy is it warm at nights as well. so not much going on here in Michigan at all we are only going to be having a 5 week transfer this tranfers cause of the new mission president coming in. but then we are going to have a 7 week transfer next trasnfer in the last week of june. and so that transfer will be a long one so i hope i get someone fun to be with. but i guess we will see. but i will get the address for me new area soon for everyone that way you wont have to send it to the mission office for that transfer anyway. but thats it for now hope to hear from everyone soon.

Elder Joseph Webster

p.s sorry for the short email didnt have must time to do one this week.

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