Sunday, May 8, 2011

May 7, 2011

hey how is things going? how is the weather? things are going good. the weather is good this past week it has been warming up on sunday it got up to 80. YAY!!! hehe but the weather beside that has been in the 60's and sunny. a little clody here and there but not to much. ya mothers day tommorow yay i get to here from everyone and to see how everyone is doing. ya once agian for anyone that is going to write me, write to the mission office address then they will forward the letters to me to wherever i am at. transfers are coming up on the 16th and 17th again. but we have a distrect conference(stake conference) next weekend over in traverse city on saturday and sunday. so we are going to be over their all day on saturday. and P-days are always going to be on a saturday unless we have something else going on that whole day and that a mission wide thing that P-days are on saturday. hey tom you can wear a tie like i do everyday, you can be a missionary lol. which you should be one anyways. you should be a ward missionary or whatever they call it. well the branch is having a branch cook out today out at are branch presidents house. and we are going to play games as long as the weather is good it is going to be outside and so far it looks good weather nice and sunny.

well mission life. the mission is going good we are down to only 15 different poeple we had to drop a few cause they was not doing anything. so now we are going to forcos on the ones that we have now and hopefully they all can get baptised here in the furture. Darrion Pyscher is still getting baptized on the 21st of this mouth yay. it is going to be at 7pm down in oscoda again where his younger sister was baptized. and he has asked if elder curtis would do it but we told him to think about it and so we are going to ask him tommorow. but this past week as been another slow week as well as the week before but not to much going on here in alpena but thats all for now cant wait to talk to everyone and hope to get letters soon.

elder webster

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  1. What Joe is talking about tom having to wear a tie is that at the beginning of June the Driggs Broulims store is having to go to white shirts intead of the maroon shirts that they are wearing now.