Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Transfers New Companion

hey everyone
well transfers just happened and if you cant tell we didn't get a Chance to come to the library yesterday(Monday the 19th) and email. we was busy from 10 in the morning tell we had to leave to go down to Grand Rapids and meet up with all of the other missionaries. well my new companion is elder Robles he is from the state of Oregon. he has been out for a year now. and this is his 4th area he has been in here in Greenville. he came from a town called St Johns and he was their for 6 mouths. well elder Robles loves to work and does like to go door knocking so that is a good thing i think lol. it is a good thing that he likes to go door knocking. well i found out that another missionary that is in are district he got transfered to Grand Vally which is in are district but don't know where he came from i cant remember but he asked me where i was from and i told him from rexburg, ID and he told me that he is from Idaho falls the Ammon side of Idaho Falls and he went to Hillcrest for school.
ya P-days are now on Monday which i guess is a good thing it used to be on Mondays in this mission but we got told that someone in the Quorum of the 12 was the one that changed is to go to saturdays but now it is back to Mondays cause i guess it was someone in the 70 cant remember who ever but he said that saturdays are better to get people at home. well with P-days on Monday a ward member called us last week and asked if me and my companion would like to go golfing in a little Golf Tournament and we both said sure it cost 25 dollars for 18 holes and it starts at 9 in the morning and runs to 2 in the afternoon so now we just have to find golf clubs to go golfing with but their is some ward members that have clubs that they would let us borrow.
well last week was pretty good and we got a few things done but mainly it was a good week. it went by pretty fast. o ya yesturday(Monday) when we was down in Grand Rapids at the Stake center when we was putting stuff in the car i guess my camera was on the tunck and when they went to shut it, it got smashed so now we are going to go and get a new camera for me cause the screen on it borck and i cant see anything when i turn it on. so we are going to go to walmart today(Tuesday) and go and buy a new one for me. well me and Elder Robles was talking last night about a lot of things of how we can bring the area up and running and we found a few ways, we are going to start to go on the community collage we have here in town and start to talk to people their and also when we go the the community center as well and also Door Knocking. and we was also talking about the different people that me and Elder Dearden was teaching and how we can get them to comit to being Baptized so we are going to do that with Native and Lisa and with the new people we are teaching as well. last week when i was on trade offs with Elder Ballard we went to a referral we got from Slat Lake and when we got to their house and nock on the door they invited us right in. That lesson that we shared with them when way good and we told them about General Conference and they said that they would love to come to it and listen to the talks and we invited them to come to church as well we told them where the church was and what time it starts, and they said they would come.
ok sounds good on the package Elder Robles has one coming as well he had to tell his mom what the address was for Greenville. so how did the talks to in church on Sunday? so golfing huh dad well we got rained on to Sunday night all night it rained and it rained but it was not humid when we work up Monday morning which i thought was weird but that's ok with me i don't do humid. that's good that Madison finally won a game and it was against Shelly at their home coming ya good for Madison. who do they play this week. ya i think that coach buck is going to do good for Madison maybe he wont go to state this year but next year he well. well that's all for now hope to hear from everyone soon letter will be in the mail. o ya we are having Zone Conference this next week down in Grand Rapids and we are still on rotations but only with 1 area this transfer so we are doing a week on and a week off with the car so we get the car for 1 week and then we lose it for 1 week. and we lose it next Wednesday but that's ok. but that's all for now love ya
elder Joseph Webster

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