Monday, September 12, 2011


hello everyone
well the reason why i am sending it this way is cause today is monday and we didnt get a chance send emails on saturday we was busy. well to start off with today we went to a chiense place to eat and when we was paying we got the little cookies that has a paper inside and well guess what mine said it saids "Next week, green is a lucky color for you" and it is transfers next week and elder Dearden and i have been saying that i am going to be training and when we train new missionaries thay are called "green" lol. well last week went really good we had a long week it started out to be really good but then we only had 1 bad day and it was thursday. we had distrect meeting that day down in Grand Rapids and we had to give the car away for a week so we needed to find a ride back to greenville and we did the night before. Jason Stone's dad picked us up after he got off work and he didnt get off tell 2:30 which was ok we had to wait at the stake center for him to come and pick us up then we had a dinner apointment with the Zima's and so they had to come and pick us up which was ok with them they didnt mind. and when we dont have the car we cant really go anyway but then the Kavnughs came and pick us up on saturday for we was able to help them out. then when we was done their he toke us to are dinner apointment and he thought it was in Ceder Springs but it wasnt it was in belding on the other side of Greenville so he stil toke us their. he said in the 2 years that i have lived in greenville i have never been in belding and he liked to drive over their. ya this week we have trade offs with the distrect leader again but this time i am staying here in Greenville with the greenie or the distrect leaders companion Elder Ballard and Elder Dearden is going up to Big Rapids with Elder Bready, he is the distrect leader.
transfer are next week, we find out what is going on on friday moring afternoon sometime we can get a call from the mission President from ether 8 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon or tell he is done. we just can not call around the mission tell after 12 pm. so i will let everyone know when we email next which polly will be ether on friday or saturday but polly will be friday for i can email at the stevens cause we are going to be with the kavanaughs again all day. the Kavanughs are going to be moving into a double wide trainer he in 2 weeks so we are going to be helping them do that here soon. this past week we have been not been doing that much finding cause we dont have a car.
sounds like you guys have been staying busy with getting wood and everything else that has been going on in Rexburg. well sorry this email is short but only have a few mins left tell we got to get going. hope everyone is good and i love ya
elder webster

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