Monday, September 26, 2011

A Long Week into a New Transfer, Patience is the Key

hello everyone,
well this past week has been a long week and i mean a long week. I dont like Elder Robles it may seem like it but i don't. some of the ward members here already hate him cause whenever we go over for dinner at their house we always stay for a while and well now ya not we can't we can only stay for like a hour and a half and some of the members say already you guys normaly stay for hours and we do well Elder Robles he donest do that. and well i dont think i am going to be staying with elder Robles for that long here in Greenville. I will tell you Greenville is a relaxed area and well Elder Robles is not relaxed like all like me and elder Dearden was even tho we worked hard. well so this tansfer is going to be a long transfer unless he gets transfered out early from Greenville and i wont might that at all. Ya when we was over the Steven's house on friday we was their helping them with some service and we was their for almost 3 hours and elder Robles said that we need to get going and when he said that Sister Stevens and Mike Steven's both said already wow this has never happened. ya you could polly tell that it is going to be a long transfer. He has already prove some of the members wrong on a few things and elder Robles also judges people before he gets to know them.
are investigators so far is still with native and his family and also betty and Jonny Mclain. the Kavanugh family is doing good they are going to be moving into their new place on friday but we wont be their cause we have Zone Conferenve down in Grand Rpaids from 9 in the morning tell 3 or so in the afternoon. we havnt been able to go over their and polly wont be able to go over their tell next week some time cause we are busy this week. We are going to be in Ceder Springs tommorow(tuesday) and also on wedensday as well. Well hopefully on saturday we can go out to the Mclains house and watch General Conference with them out their. and he told us on the phone that he was planning on coming to the Pristhood season on saturday evening at the church house. the Mclains are still waiting on info from the bishop about a few things from salt lake still. other then that nothing to much is going on just door knocking a lot and also finding where some less actives are at. me and Elder Robles went around town yeaturday(sunday) after church and to see if any less actives live their still, we had a list of 10 people to go and see and out of those 10 their was 5 people that has moved away and out of town. other then that nothing to much going on just trying to stay clam with Elder Robles its not easy its polly a good thing that i have good paycense but he is getting close to the line and about to step over it with a few things.
thats not good that madison lost o well they need to win this next week cause it is homecoming and it is aganist his old school for coach buck. but i got to get going for i can write the mission Presdient. love ya all letters will be in the mail. hope to hear from you soon.
elder webster

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