Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Week

hello everyone,
well it is thanksgiving this week. you all known what that means good food lol. we are going over to a members house for thanksgiving around 1 that day for dinner and we might be having another one that night but who knows. well i have some way good news, if you remember me talking about the McClain's from Greenville they are getting baptized this coming Saturday at 3 pm in Greenville and i get to go back for it. and they said if i cant find a ride that the bishop will come down from Greenville and pick us up. and i was talking with the steven yesterday(Sunday) on the phone and they are going to come to the church on Saturday to come and see me and my companion and they said that they are going to take us out to eat on the 2nd of next mouth somewhere here in Grand Rapids as well. with thanksgiving coming up are district is going to be having a big thanksgiving lunch in Greenville somewhere cause that is where we are going to have district meeting this Wednesday. are district might have a Christmas party but we don't know yet we polly wont know tell next transfer. if we do have a little party it is going to be on a Wednesday after district meeting.
well i don't know if i told you this or not but we had a general authority here last week his name was elder Nash he is in the 70. we had a half mission zone conference for it and it went really good. he talked a lot on using members in during the lessons and how we can use them as well. Well after words the mission president came up to me and told me that i am going to be in a leadership position sometime here soon in my mission, so i told him ok sounds good. and if i do become in the leadership spot in the mission like a district leader i get a full time car YYYYYAAAAAA! lol. but i don't know when that is going to be ether. we have training meeting for all missionaries coming up on the 29th and 30th of this month and all of the missionaries have to be their from the Grand Rapids zone and the Kalamazoo Zone which is south of Grand Rapids. and so polly some of the missionaries from the other zone will be staying in the grand rapids zone somewhere. and on the 30th we are only have a half day training cause the other half we are having for a Christmas party with everyone, so it is going to be a good day. don't worry mom i will get a picture with my coat on when it gets really cold don't worry it has not been that cold to put the inner layer and the outer layer on at the same time. when they send the package they will leave a notice in the mailship that we have and they will take it to the apartment office ad i can go and pick it up later on that day. cause we can get the mail any time from 12:30 to 3:30 in the afternoon so who knows when we will get it. if you are going to send any packages from you guys i would polly wait tell after transfers cause we cant take that much with us if we do get transferred but most likey we will polly stay together here in Grand Vally cause we have been doing good work for this area. Grand Vally has not had a baptism for over a year now. and we have 5 people with a baptismal date: 1 for the 3rd of next mouth, 2 for the 10 of next mouth and, 2 for the 17th of next mouth. and the other ward that goes to are building they have 2 sets of elders and they have 2 or 3 baptisms coming up as well so we are going to invite are investigators to their services for they know what is going to happened for when it is their time to get baptized. and they are going to do the same when we have baptisms as well.
but that's all for now that i can think off. time is just going by a little to fast these days if i say so myself lol. but hope everyone will have a good week, hope to hear from EVERYONE SOON.
Elder Webster

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