Monday, November 28, 2011

hello everyone,
hey how is everyone doing? how was everyones thanksgiving? ares was good, we went over to a family in the ward and we was their all day with them. we went and saw a member who was in the hospital and we went to go and see how she was doing. well last saturday me and elder Kohler got to go back up to greenville for a baptism for jonny and betty mclain. the baptism went really good they was a few non members their that was friends of them and also family. the bishop did the baptism but i was on backup for it cause he hurt his leg 2 weeks ago and he was not sure if he was able to do it or not but once he got in the hot water it was fine and it was not hurting at all. and he was able to do the baptisms but it went really good. jonny and betty came down and picked us up o get this. we went to sonic to keep some of the chesse sticks cause they are 99 cents every saturday during the winter and while we was their guess who pulled up, they did(jonny and betty mclain) as well. cause when they came and picked us up at are apartment they said since they had time that they thought about getting a sonic burger and they did and we was their was well how funny is that. well this sunday night we are having a big thing with the Grand Rapids ward. we are having a broad cast from salt lake for the chrismans devotional and the mormon tablenacical choir is going to sing as well and a lot of people her in michigan knows who they are and has herd about them. so we are hoping for around 300 or 400 people to be their or even more. well this friday the stevens from greenville is going to take us out for lunch somewhere i forgot where they was going to take us. but it is somewhere by are apartment thats all i know.
well now some about the mission news. well the Mclains got baptized up in greenville and i was their for it and it went really good. they was a few non members their that was family and friends of theirs. well here in grand vally we have 5 people with a baptismal date for a goal to work towards but we will have a pushed some of them back cause we have not seen them in the past week or so, we are guessing cause it was a holiday week and weekend so they was not home but we are hoping this week. we have a a busy week in front of us. first off tommorow(tuesday) we have trade offs with big rapids and thats where they distrect leader is and so he is coming down here for the day to be with me here in grand vally. and we have a few apointments that day as well so it is going to be good. then on wedensday we have distrect meeting up in big rapids and that is a hour away from grand rapids. good thing i like driving and it is a stright shot up their not like driving from rexburg to the vally or back lol haha. we just have to hope on the highway and the way we go. but then the rest of the week we have a few other apointments as well. me and elder Kohler we get around 9 lessons everyweek but this week we will polly get around 15 lessons cause we called a few less actives that has not been to church in a long time for us to got and see. and are distrect leader told us to see the people that we have baptismal dates with to see then twice a week. and the members here in the grand vally ward is helping out a lot with missionary work it is picking up a lot. we are having members come out with us almost everyday and sometimes for dinner apointment they bring their friends over as well that they have talked to them about are church. well transfers are coming up on the 9th of next mouth but most likey we will stay together cause the mission president wants the missionaries to stay longer in the ares and to work with the ward members a lot more as well. and elder kohler got here in grand vally about 2 mouths ago. but thats all for the mission news anyway and all for now as well but letters will come soon and hope to hear from everyone soon. love ya
elder webster

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