Monday, November 14, 2011

Feeling like Home

hello everyone,
well it is getting colder outside here in Michigan now but no snow yet. well we did have it for a few hours last wedensday. i was on trade offs with the Disrect leaders companion up in big rapids and when we was on are way back on thursday morning it was snowing and the distrect leaders companion was driving and he is a scary driver, o well i cant speak much about that but i have not been pulled over in a long time and it is a good thing lol. knock on wood. well come this winter here in michigan is going to be crazy but people say that the michigan winters are bad but elder Kohler saids that idaho is worse. so we will have to see how it goes. o here in Grand Vally their a member that is from idaho and guess what he is a idaho license plate on his turck that he has. so i am going to take a pic of it with me by it and send it one of these times. o we have elder Nash coming to the mission on friday and saturday of this week so we are having a big half mission Zone conference type thing and it is here in Grand Rapids. so we dont have to go far for it which is good ya. by the way Chris HAPPY BRITHDAY buddie love ya hope you have a good brithday. thank you for the hot cholate it is going to be used this winter for sure. and the jurkey is already gone i ate it that night cause i was hungry and i didnt want to cook anything so i had some of the jurkey. o when the bishop sends the package to me just tell him to send it to where i am staying at cause the mission office was having trouble last week all of their computers and phones was down for a few days so hopefully today(monday) they will be back up.
well ok mission work now. well we had distrect meeting here in Grand Rapids last wedensday and we had trade offs with the distrect leader so i went with his companion back up to big rapids. boy was that a long day. when we got back their we went and walked around the collage that they have their it is like BYU-I up their in Big Rapids, so thats all they do is working on campus which is ok but it was cold. well here in Grand Vally are busy days are on friday and saturday and we dont know why on friday but it seems like thats when everyone can meet with us but i guess that is a good thing thou. monday we had a dinner apointment with a members and their family. the husbend is the young men president but when we was over their for dinner they have a pig pong table and the wife plays it a lot and she is really good. so elder Kohler played her and wow she is good and they invited us back to come and play again on are p-days so we are going to do that. on tuesday we was going to go and meet up with a person that we had a return apointment with and they told us that they didnt want to meet with us so their was somemore people that live in that house and they told us that they would love to meet with us so we asked if they had time and we told them about are church and invited them to be baptized and they said yes so we set a date with them for the 10 of december and they said ok. so now we have 5 people with a baptism date but we are going to have to move some of the dates back a few weeks cause we cant get a hold of them right now which is not good. so if you cant tell heavenly father works in different ways for different people. o here in Grand Rapids us the Grand Vally ward and the Grand Rapids word is doing a chrismans devo from the 1st Presidence chrismens messgae on the first sunday of december and it is at 8 pm our time so polly will be around 6pm your guys time. so we are going to invited all of are investigators to it and the mormon tableernackel choir is going to be singing and a lot of people knows about the choir that we have in Salt Lake City. but before that we are going to have a dessert party with everyone then watch the broadcast. we have dinners all this week but saturday with members which is ok with me and we have dinners all next week as well but saturday so we are getting feed which is good. o how was the missionaries that came to the door mom and dad. but thats all for now hope to hear from everyone soon ether in letters or in email. love ya
elder Webster 

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