Monday, February 13, 2012


hello once again,
another week as gone by again here in the mission field. i don't know if i mentioned that the mission had 35 baptisms last month here in Michigan and already their is close to 10 or 15 this month so baptisms are going up like crazy here, which is good way good. specking of baptisms we had one on Friday and it went good Elmur Ybema had to go under the water twice cause the first time his foot game up out of the water so the stake Patriarch had to do it again and he went all the way under the water the 2nd time. and it was the stake Patriarch that baptized him not the stake President. but the stake President was their and part of the program he gave the opening prayer. their was about 30 to 35 people their at the baptism. even thou we got dumped on with snow we got over 6 inches of snow though out the day. but now it is down to just a half of a inch and melting which i do not like. i want the snow i am not used to this type of winter i want more snow then this. as of right now we do not have anymore people going to be getting baptized here in the next month of so. we do have a few more investigators that we are teaching and doing some door knocking but to much cause both of us are down now. but me and elder Bullard are doing better enough to go out and do some door knocking but to do much. he has a bike and same with the apartment but it is too cold to ride bikes and one of them has a flat tire and he cant ride bikes cause of his knee. ya riding the bus is no fun that's why i like having the car but o well we have to do what we have to do sometimes, even if we don't like doing it but we got to do. it is the lords work and not ares we are just his servants doing his work.
Last Monday when we went and played basketball with the other missionaries i did something to my knee and i don't know what i did ether. we have a mission doctor that we call, so i called him and talked to him on the phone and told him what happened. we was playing and while we was playing i must of moved my knee wrong and twisted it some how cause it hurt but it didn't hurt at first so i just kept playing with everyone but once we finished that game and we went and got a drink of water all of the sudden i was limping and my knee started to hurt. but i did have a knee brace to ware so i put it on and was wearing it while we kept playing. but the mission doctor told me to take some ibepofin(how ever you spell it) and keep it easy and ice it every night. so i have iced it for a few nights but then i kept on forgetting and now i see why he told me to ice it, cause it is hurting again. good thing we got the car back for a week but my knee is getting better and same with elder Bullards knee as well.
well missionary work. Last week we have trade offs with the district leader elder Jones and he came down here in Grand Rapids with me and it was on Tuesday tell Wednesday cause he had to do a baptismal interview for Elmur. and so we was walking cause we didn't have the car tell Wednesday. and boy did my knee hurt that day but i did it then i iced my knee after words when we got home for the night. so Tuesday was a good day and a long day even thou we didn't have to car and my knee was hurting. and elder Bullard went up to big rapids with his companion. then we had district meeting up in big rapids so we had to go a hour for district meeting but it was a good day. other then that and Friday it was a good week. we have Zone conference this Wednesday here in Grand Rapids. and so we are going to be at the church house all day long. well today we are going to go shopping after we finish emailing then we are going to go and get are hair cuts to make sure we look nice for Wednesday.
good ? on the library if it is going to be open or not we do not know. the library has not said anything. but if it is we will be emailing next Tuesday instead. that's good that Madison won over Shelley and that you was able to ride down on the bus to go and watch the game instead of driving down and wasting gas in your car you wasted gas on the bus and drove down their to Shelley and back. so how is Mikeal doing? and asked him where my letter is at? tell him i have been waiting for one for a long time now and when i get back home i am going to have to beat him if he doesn't send me one jk haha lol. so it Madison 1st seat for the district or whats going on for that? and let me know how they are doing and everything as well. that's good that you got to see jaden and Rhett you will have to call them up and get their address for me and you will have to give them the mission office address and they can write me. ya i know Kendall Kiser i want to say he played tennis during high school but i cant remember off the top of my head. hey dad do you remember what the persons first name is the person that was playing for Madison but coach Hawkins kicked him off the team for using drugs? he last name was Mickelson cause i might know him. well transfers are coming up again here in 2 and a half weeks at the beginning part of next month and most likely i am going to be getting transferred out of Grand Vally. and so i will let you know more information when it gets closer. but that's all for now hope to hear from you soon

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