Monday, February 20, 2012


     how is everyone doing? i am doing good my knee right now is still hurting but not as much as it was at first. well the libary is not closed today(monday) so we are emailing. wow i cant belive that hayden carter is home wow that is right one more down and a few more to go lol. so how much longer does Kyle Evens has do you know? ya they are live in the Hidden Vally homes their behide the old high school. it is just crazy seeing that almost everyone is home now or going to be home in the next year or so now. i cant believe that time as gone by fast. wow 3 months and brady is going to be home wow. ya i wasnt sure if you was going to send another package but then i remember about becky said that i got those treats i was like "o ya" ya the treats was gone a few days after i got them haha. ya the pizza i made it already and it was good, i was full after i ate it. ya elder Forsgren is coming up on his year mark as well he left a month after i did which is crazy but sounds like everytime i get a letter from him that he is doing good. the last letter that i got from him he told me that elder Jeffery R. Hollard come to there mission and talked to them which i thought not that fear cause elder Hollard is one of my favorite speckers besides Presdient Monson. and specking of them general Conference is coming up in a little over a month which is crazy. i am going to send my SD CARD home this week we get the car on weensday and we are going to go shopping that day and so i am going to print some pics out that i want and then send it to chelle. cause that last time that i send the SD card home i didnt get all of the pics that i wanted but thats ok so i am going to go and print some pics out and then send it off. and the calendal that i have goes tell march but the month of March doesnt have any pics on it like all of the other months do but thats ok. no i have got a letter from you yet mom it will polly be here tommorow cause their is no mail today cause of Presidents Day but who knows the libary was open. and their is no snow here again we have not had any snow for the past 2 weeks or so it is crazy are ward mission leaders told us yeasturday at church that he went golfing on friday. ya my knee is doing good but my knee was not as bad as taylor's ankle wow that look pretty bad. i remember when my ankle was bad me senior year playing football. so i can beat that he is just sitting around in the apartment doing nothing right now but who knows cause it looked like that he could not put on a shoe. Uncle bob past away huh well he was getting up their is age. but thats sad news that he past away. ya it is getting that time of year to start power ranking again sooner then what we have done in the past years.
     well are week has been good. to start off last week we had Zone Conference on wedensday and that was here in Grand Rapids and that went really good. learned a lot of stuff and also we are going to be some different stuff in the mission so it is going to be weird changing from what i am used to be doing but it was president Hess that made the change. then after Zone Conference 8 of us went out to eat at out back stake house for dinner which is right by are apartment. during Zone Conference we have lunch which is made by members of a ward this last time it was by the Wyoming ward but the time before it was done by the Grand Vally ward which i am in and that was back in november. then on thursday we had a long day but that night after all of riding around on the buses we was at an apointment and she as been meeting with the missionaries for a year now every thursday. but while we was their we was talking about the atonement and we had a member with us and towards the end of the lesson al 3 of us beared are testimoney about the gospel and the atonement of jesus christ and we also commited her to get baptized and we asked her to say a prayer for when she should be baptized and she got a answer but it is not tell september 21 why that long but i dont know only god knows and that is her brithday as well. but that lesson was so awsome. we was out walking yeasturday after we got droped off from a dinner apointment right after church and after awhile of walking it started to hurt a little bit more so then we walked back to the apartment and it was a mile a half away but i did it then we had dinner and then we had an apointment to get to just across Apline in another apartment complex so that was not to bad. but other then that are week as been a good week. we have only a few new investigators not a whole not but we are trying not a lot of people are in good moods some days to talk to us. o when we do talk to them all they want to talk about is Mitt and the elections thats going on. but thats what has been going on here in Michigan. but hope to hear from everyone soon. love ya
love elder webster

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