Monday, February 27, 2012

What Missionaries in counter while on their mission?

hello everyone,
      well first off, last tuesday the Feburary 21st me and elder Bullard we got attack by some Pit bulls dogs. and this was around 2:40ish so it was after school was getting out. me and elder Bullard was walking down a street called Sweet st. and their was a young girl about 15 years old just walked into her house and about 30 secs later we was walking by it and then some dogs came out and started to bark which was normal so we kept going but then a man across the street yelled and told the girl to get the dogs back inside cause they bite and then only 2 secs later they started to bite elder Bullard and he has 4 bites on his left leg and 2 on his right leg and 1 on his right hand but all that happened to me was that my pants got ripped in the back and elder Bullards coat that he was wearing got torn up and same with his pants and he shirt got a few holes in their as well. about 2 mins after the dogs started to bit 2 people pulled up and told us to get in their car and we did and within 30 secs after we got in the cops showed up so that was fast and then we got taken to the E.R their in Grand Rapids and we was their for 3 hours and on are way their i was calling President Hess to let him know but he was not answer his phone come to find out they was up in Gaylord for a Zone Conference but after trying to call President Hess, i called sister Hess and told her and she was in a little bit of shock cause of what happened but i dont blame her for being in shock. so once we got to the E.R we called the Zone leaders to let them know and they was on trade offs with are distrect leader and so one of the Zone leaders and are distrect leader came to the Hospital and was sitting with us their to make sure we was doing good when i called them they didnt answer cause they was in an apointment so once they heard the message they ran to their car and called us back and then they came and sat with us. and then President and Sister Hess came down as soon as they left Gaylord to come and see how we are doing. then they took all of us to dinner afterwords which was nice of President and sister Hess. well for the dogs we dont know if they are put down or not yet but animal control came and got them within the hour of it happening and it is the court that desides if they get put down or not but most likely they will be getting put down cause this was not the first time that this has happened. the cops has been called over their a few times. so their you go their is the exciting news for the week. i went on trade offs with the distrect leaders companion on saturday up in Big Rapids for i could get out and go and do something and it was a good day. other then that nothing has been going on here in Grand Vally. we are going to be in the apartment tell tommorow or wednesday or maybe even later on this week. wow elder Bullard can be inpatiance sometimes with a lot of things.
     the ward here in Grand Vally came up to use yesturday after sacurament meeting and asked if they could bring over any food and so they are going to bring over some food this week. during sacurment meeting yesturday the Bishop was conducting and he said "we are glad that the wouded was able to make it here today" and a lot of people was like "what" then he said "one of are elders was attack by some Pit Bulls this past week" and then 3/4th of the people in the ward look back at us. elder Bullard bearly made it though all of the church meetings yesturday as well. o got some good news though about Elmur after he came and picked us up last monday he told us that he is going to help us out as much as he can on giving us rides anywhere we need them. cause during the winter he cant play golf just during the summer so he is going to help us out and take us where we need to go when we dont have the car.
that is awsome that Kyler is going to go on a mission and that he is going to go to Toronto not to far away from me ether. the weather here has been so crazy for a winter. we got hit with a lot of snow but it has melting really fast cause of the wind as well. thanks for the letter and the package i did get it and elder Bullard got a few packages as well cause he got to call home tuesday night and talk to his family so they got the address and they send some stuff to us as well but thats all that has been going on here in Michigan got a few more emails to send and elder Bullard is getting inpation so love ya and well let you know about transfers next week.
elder Webster

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