Wednesday, March 28, 2012

good morning/afternoon/evening everyone,
      before i forget again happy birthday dez, happy 36th birthday hehe  your getting old wait that means i am getting old as well lol.   love ya       happy anniversary tom and chelle. hope you guys had a good day.
     well another week has gone by here in Michigan. mom i did get the package thanks. and the size of shoes that i do ware is size 13 wide but what i was thinking that i can go and find one here that would be good or if the wardrobe has the same shoes maybe just get them and send them out to me. the weather here is coolly down in temp but it is still sun shinning but it is getting cold here again but who knows. the lanes down in Blackfoot must have been giving everyone trouble it sounds like.
     elder bullard and me have been really busy with appointments this past week. and this next week we are really busy with appointments, Interviews with President Hess, District meeting, and General conference all this week. so are planners are busy and full for the week. and we also have trade offs again with the big rapids elders and this time i am going to go up to big rapids for the day but we are going to trade off Wednesday night tell Friday cause that's when we have interviews and district meeting down here in grand rapids. then next Monday we have deep cleaning so we are going to be busy next Monday and well.
     well the investigators are not picking up their phones that much at all when we do try to call to set up an appointment with them. so we just spot by and set one up with them. and sometimes that works out a lot better then calling them. well we are doing good with the less active set that we got a few weeks ago. every time we have the car we are going around and looking for less actives and setting up appointments with them. their is a less active that we met with last Friday and i don't know why she went in active she has a strong testimony about the gospel and she went on a mission as well. she went to Montana somewhere. o get this she told us that she didn't want to go over seas for a mission and when she got her mission call she got called to go over seas but then when we was in the MTC and on her 6th week of being their to learn a new language she got called into the MTC office and they said that her mission call got changed and that she was needed up in a Montana mission. how crazy is that, that she got a mission changed in the MTC. we are meeting with here every Friday and she wants to come back to church and also go to the temple again and so we set a goal for her for the temple to go to it in 7 months from now so in September. so we have been doing a lot of less active finding. we have been doing that more them door knocking cause we have not found a new investigator though door knocking since elder bullard has been here it has all been though formal investigators and also though part member families. so not much happened last week this next week is going to be better and are week is already full with appointments and everything else that is going on. well hope everyone had a good week and congrates on the job tom. see prayers are answered, hope you like it. hope to hear from everyone soon love ya.
love elder Webster

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