Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Amazing how the spirit touches in different ways

hello everyone,
well it was good to talk to the family yesterday(Sunday mothers day). i am glad that i was able to talk to everyone. well to start off the senior couple names are elder and sister Tischler and i don't have their phone number off the top of my mind or email ether but their address is 130 west Petoskey st apt 8 Gaylord, MI 44735. ya they can call whenever they want to and talk with their family but they are busy just like we are with different people to see everyday. well for the baptisms we are going to have to move the date again cause the mom has been really sick with some things but she is felling better and we have not been able to go and see her since last Monday a week ago today(Monday). maybe when you invite toshi over invite the missionaries as well. for he can go out with them as well lol. and while me, chelle and Kelsey was talking to each other Kelsey kept on reminding me that we will be able to see grandma again after this life thanks for the atonement and what Jesus Christ did for us. and Kelsey also said with all of the crying that was going on we could fill up the creek across the road from grandmas house but then i mention we might be able to fell up Lake Michigan lol. . we are going to have to do dutch over stuff a lot cause i miss that i have not had any since i have been out here. and President Belford(branch President) has been telling us that he is going to be doing some dutch oven stuff but he hasn't yet so i am waiting for it. and i am going to work on both of the things for grandma and for someone else as well and i will send it in a letter this week and i am going to work on grandmas today and tomorrow for i can send it by Wednesday. and for the other one when do you want it by? umm for the bullianten i don't think their is anything but just tell them how i have been and everything and that i say hi. and you better tell the bishop i have been waiting for a email back from him and i have not got it yet. so he is slacking jk.
well this past week was good to start off. we had a awesome experience that happened to us. we called someone that we talked to almost 2 weeks ago to set a time to come and see her(this was Monday a little after 8pm). and she asked if we was busy right now and we told her no. so we went over and met with her and when we met with her, we talked about the book of Mormon and a few other things and when we took a book of Mormon out of my backpack and set it on the table she was crying cause she was so happy to get one. she has a really good friend that is a member of the church but cant come to church cause of medical reasons and her friend as been telling her about the church and everything. and Jennifer is her name and she has been looking the church up and everything on and back to the story through. when we set the book of Mormon on the table she started to cry and then we gave it to her and she held it to her heart and was crying and it was a good cry. and then we was there tell way late but it was such a awesome lesson with her and then on Thursday we went to see her and see how she was doing with it. and she told us that she has read half of the book of Mormon and watched 2 movies that we gave her to watch they was "finding faith in Jesus Christ" and the restoration about Joseph smith" and she also told us in the first meeting that she wants to be baptised and she will do anything to get baptized into the church. then on Tuesday we was on trade offs with the Zone leaders from traverse city and i was in Gaylord(well boyne city) and elder smith went to traverse city. me and elder Poulson(one of the zone leaders) we was in boyne city with the senior couple all day well we was walking and they was driving and they had a lot of appointments with other people and same with us. me and elder Poulson had a good day serving together and learning a lot from each other. then on Wednesday we had zone conference and President Hess gave some good advice to learn from about the Gift of the holy Ghost and how to teach it to people and also about baptism. and their was 30 missionaries their with the all of the senior couples that are serving up in the northern part of Michigan. Thursday nothing happened and Friday we was in grayling and while we was their we had 4 lessons and it was a good day for teaching and finding people as well. so this week has been a good week and then on Sunday i called home and talked to everyone their and doing the 3 way calls as well. but i do want something for my last phone call home though. i want everyone their for Christmas that way i can talked with everyone their.
well for the up coming week we have trade offs again this time with the Aplena Elders but i am staying here this time and elder smith is going to go to alpena. and that is happening Wednesday night tell Friday morning. we also are having a half mission P-day up in Petoskey on Friday from 9am tell 2 in the afternoon. and it takes a good hour to drive their from Gaylord and we are going to be their by 8 in the morning to play basketball with the elders up their and also with some other missionaries before everyone gets their. we have a FHE things tonight with the RS president again out at her house and with a few other families in the branch. and then on Tuesday we are going to be in Boyne city and that's where the branch President lives and we have lunch with him and his wife every Tuesday and we also have a dinner appointment yyyyyyaaaaaaa as well that night in a town called East Jordon and i don't know how far that is away from Boyne city but elder and sister tischler is going to be their as well with us. then on Wednesday we are going to be down in grayling all day seeing people. well that's all for now hope to hear from everyone soon love ya
love elder webster

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