Monday, May 28, 2012

well hello everyone,
wow another week as gone by out here in the mission field. elder smith is going home next week back to new Zealand. his last day in the mission is next Tuesday but his last day in Gaylord is next Monday. and next Monday we are going to use elder and sister Tischlers lap top that they have to email. Becky Stevens did call back after she talked to you mom and we talked for a little bit on the phone. Friday when i was talking to presidant Hess at the half mission p-day he told me that he talked to you and got an update. president Hess told me that he is going to call me as well and give me an update on how grandma is doing and when she goes. but when i was talking to him thought i told him and i knew that i will be able to see her again after this life thanks for the atonement of Jesus Christ. that was a house full when everyone was their the other day. the seniors has to ride the bus now for graduation huh? we didn't we could drive their i remember that cause i parked in the west parking lot of the hart building. the new high school is not as big as the hart building. the new gym is a good sizes but the hart building is still twice as big or are they going to be in the new building that is their. man bishop Hanna is going to be wondering where you guys are at always gone from church. mom and dad i cant believe you not going to church every Sunday just kidding lol.. i had to say that lol. what are you going to work on the 4-wheeler for uncle Delmar dad?
well we had a half mission P-day up in Petoskey and boy it was really fun. to start of the day we had breakfast at the church house up their we had a lot of games like 3 leg race, jello slupping (had to slup up a pie fill shape thing full of jello without using your hands), we did a game where we was in teams and we was lined up at one end and their was a bucket by where we was lined up at and on the other end their was 3 buckets full of water and a baseball bat. and we had to run from where we was standing at to the baseball bat and spin 5 times and then using a small class we had to fill the class up and then go and ether walk or run back to the other side and fill up the bucket. we also played a game called ultimate football and that was just for fun. it is like ultimate Frisbee but it was football, the same rules and everything. that was really fun. we also played kickball and that was fun as well. the half mission p-day was a fun day and a lot of people got some sun and maybe a little to much sun lol.. and don't worry i got pics and videos as well of everything. their was close to 70 missionaries their. well this past week was a good week with everything that went on. and a lot of driving but that's ok i like to drive. and this week are planners are filling up for the whole week with different things going on in the branch that we are helping out with and different services that we are doing and different appointments as well. and we also find out on Friday about transfers next week and who i am going to get to fill elder smiths spot here in Gaylord.
well for some other missionary stuff. i did stay in Gaylord for the trade off last week. and we have another this week with the same missionaries over in Alpena. but this time i get to go over their for the day and i am going to go over their on Tuesday night tell Wednesday night cause we have a big district meeting with a lot of people this Wednesday night at 7pm in Gaylord. their is going to be like 40 people their cause it is a Presidency meeting with the district(stake) Presidency from traverse city. and all of the branch Prescience from Kalkaska, Gaylord, and Alpena has to be their for it. the dinner went good with elder and sister Tischler and i gave them your letter to them last night i got the package Saturday morning. what about pictures mom?? well for the mom and her daughters we haven't been able to get in hold of them for 2 weeks now and well last night while we was driving out of the blue the phone went off and it was a voice mail and it was them. and we tried to call them back and it went to voice mail and so now we are playing phone tang just like how you play it with ledia lol... the one person Jennifer was her name the one that cried when we gave her the book of Mormon she is doing good. the 2nd time we went over their last Tuesday she told us that she has read 1st and 2nd nephi and we was like awesome. and she loves it. we didn't have much time cause we had to get going and same with her. but she is doing good. well that's all for know hope everyone had a good week and love to hear from everyone as well.
love elder Webster

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