Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Transfers new companion

hello everyone,
well transferred happened and elder coon is my new companion. he is from Vegas and has been out since August of last year. and guess what i found out this morning about him are birthdays are right next to each other and i mean right next to each other. my is the first and his is the 2nd of August. so we are going to have a big birthday party when are birthdays come here in a few months. and he is the district leader and so that means trade offs again every week. and i have not served with him before or around him. all of the missionaries from up north and in the midland zone meets in Mt. Pleasant for transfers. we found out this morning while we was down in Mt. Pleasant for transfers that we have a big training meeting down in Mt. Pleasant next Wednesday at 9am so we are going to have to get up early for that. and i will tell elder and sister Ticshler hi and by the way did you get their letter that she send to you guys. sister Tischler loved the letter you send to her by the way and elder and sister Ticshler are going to pull a joke on elder Coon tomorrow morning when we go and introduce elder coon to them. well the weather here we finally got some rain after not having any for months and it felt good and the ground needed it big time. so how is grandma doing mom? elder Sorenson is in the district here and he saw some pics of Desiree when we was on trade offs 3 weeks ago and he wanted her address so i gave it to him. their are some events happened in Gaylord this next month and me and elder coon are going to plan on going to them and try to talk to as many people as we can. wow i cant believe that Taylor is home as well that's crazy. that's good that he gave a good talk. i might have to see if i can beat him with my homecoming talk when i come home lol... wow mom Michigan stuff huh wow i cant believe you mom, what am i going to do with you and dad. and that is a good question huh? dad dad dad talking to old friends over in Sugar huh should of known that you do known to many people and everywhere we go you know someone, no matter what.
well we don't have any baptisms coming up but we are hoping for some at the end of next month but we will have to see. we are going to be busy this next week with different things going on around the area. we are in grayling today and then tomorrow we are going to be going up to boyne city for lunch with President Belford and stay up their in Boyne city and then Thursday and Friday we are going to be in Gaylord and then on Saturday we are going to be back down here in Grayling. normally we are in grayling on Wednesday's and Friday's but since transfers are today we are down here cause it is on the way back from Mt. Pleasant but anyway that's all for now and i know it is short but not to much going on right now with everything and i am still trying to get to know elder Coon and i will let everyone know next week in the email. love ya and talk to you next week and look forward from hearing from everyone next week as well.
love elder Webster

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