Monday, June 4, 2012

Atonement of Jesus Christ

hello everyone,
     well thanks for calling me and letting me know about grandma. President Hess didn't call me that night and let me know polly cause he said that was alright that you could call me and tell me. ya we was doing correlation with Elder and Sister Tischler at their apartment when the phone went off and when i looked at the phone i was like wait that it from Idaho and that's my dads phone number. and i knew once you called that grandma passed away cause i don't think you would be calling for anything else. that's cool that all of the different families are going to be doing different stuff for the funeral. ya yesterday at church i over herd the relief society playing families can be together forever and when i herd that i started to cry and when i did i closed my eyes cause me and Elder Coon was sitting towards the front of the class in Priesthood and i didn't want anyone seeing me crying. cause i thought of grandma when i herd that hymn. good job on the bowling dad. i told elder coon that we will have to go bowling here in Gaylord and he said ya that would be fun. ya i herd that both of the elder got transferred out of greenville and to be honest i was not surprised one bit that both of them would cause i knew one of them would not do anything. and i know who got transferred in their it was the missionaries from the Big Rapids area cause they took them out of their and put sisters in Big Rapids. but one of the missionaries names is elder Kingsford and he is training a new missionary their. when you was talking about Mike mom is it Mikael Edelmayer. he better be active or i am going to come home and rip him into shape and get him going back to church. i wont be able to call her unless we go on trade offs which we will be going on trade offs next week. so i will call her next week.
    this past week was a long week and a good week. last week me and Ben now but elder smith was at Sister Browns for his last FHE on his mission. and it was really fun as well. on Tuesday early morning we had to be down at Mt. Pleasant at 7:50 and so we had to leave Gaylord by 6 cause it takes 2 hours to get down their but we had to go to a members home first cause he was taking us down their and picking up elder coon their at Mt. Pleasant. then me and elder coon was in Grayling all day last Tuesday. and on Wednesday we was going to go up to boyne city and see President Belford the branch President but we didn't have that many miles to go up their and back to Gaylord. cause once we hit the miles that we are giving we have to park the car and ether walk or ride bikes the rest of the month tell the new month. and on Friday we was in Gaylord all day doing work and get this all of are appointments fell though that day after you guys call me about grandma and so we had nothing to do all day so we went out and we door knocked for almost 7 hours that day and we talked to over 40 people that day. and towards the end i was so tried but i pushed it and do you know and i realized the next day that i knew that grandma was with me and pushing me tell the end and she was walking with me by me side. and same with on Saturday as well i knew she was with me and helping me knock on those doors and talking to everyone that we talked to. and last night we got invited to go out to sister browns again and have a bonfire to have smore's with some more members from the branch. so we had a good week. we had 15 lessons all together but we are hoping for more this week. this week we have a big Leadership training down to Mt. Pleasant on Thursday at 9 in the morning and so we have to leave here at 6 in the morning cause we are going down to a town called Houghton Lake and then riding down with other missionaries the rest of the way to Mt. Pleasant. and the Alpena missionaries are going to be coming here to Gaylord Thursday morning and so they have to get up at 4 in the morning in order to get here to Gaylord before 6 so we can leave and be down their in time.
well me and elder coon has had some fun serving together so far here in Gaylord. on are way over here he was reading one of his letters he got in the mail and it was from his mom and you will have to laugh at this. do you remember the movie called "meet the parents" and the guys name is Gaylord farker will i had to laugh cause in the letter his mom said "i hope this letter got to ya in Gaylord Farker" lol i was laughing when he said that and so i hope you get a kick out of it and i did. well mom and dad and family i know that grandma is watching over all of us right now and that she is with us and thanks to the gospel of Jesus Christ we all know that we will be with her again after this life and be with her. and the rest of are family will be up their as well. well love ya all and we will talk to you next week.
love elder Webster
p.s last Friday when i got the call from mom and dad. later on that night before me and elder coon went to bed i asked him if he could give me a blessing and he did and i am so glad that he is their for me when i need a blessing. and that if we ask for a blessing that we can call members of the priesthood to give us blessings. well that's all now love ya'll

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