Monday, June 11, 2012

Another Week GOne By

hello everyone,
well another week has gone by here in Michigan. yes i did get the letter package, i got it today, and i was looking for a letter as well inside. ya that garment top was not the one i was hopefully for it is a mesh kind mom and so you can almost see though it. but that's OK. ya thanks for the furenal card and the thoughts as well i read them this morning before we came to the library. and while i was reading them i started to cry cause i could remember everything that happened and i like the one about when the great-grandsons put on their that they knew where to go to find the candy. lol.. that is just going to be an on going thing with lake Michigan and how we can feel that lake up with all of the family crying. elder coon saids hello back dutch oven, Chicken and potato's huh dad man do i miss dutch oven food. that is my favorite kind of food besides pizza lol. that is a lot of pines that you have to give away so i have a ? for ya dad. how do they get the ave again i forgot and i was trying to tell elder coon how they did it so can you tell me thanks dad. man dad that is a really good deal on that golf course up in the valley. 19 bucks for 9 holes and a cart man i would go golfing their in a hart beat you might have to call and get a tie time though before you go and you might have to call Todd as well and have him come and play it as well with you guys. i know he will enjoy it and have fun.
are week has been good. we have been busy we was down in mt. pleasant for a big training meeting and it went really good. we learned a lot of things down their. we have not gone on trade offs yet we will be tonight though with the Kalkaska elders and then on Wednesday we will be going on trade offs with the Zone Leaders from Traverse City. and we also found out we have apartment inspections this week on Wednesday as well and the new senior couple in the office is going to be here and he is doing all of the apartments around the mission this week. i forgot to get the address for elder coon but he saids that he leaves down in the southeast corner of las veges. mike Stevens is not a member mom i have told you that a few times now. ya the missionaries their are good missionaries in greenville. on Tuesday last week we was out in Boyne city like normal with the tischlers and boy that was a hot day and we was walking around cause whenever we go up to Boyne city and the Tischlers go as well they drive and then we just walk around down and do what we do and they do what they do as well. on Wednesday we was down in grayling and get this Thursday we get a phone call and it was from a recent covert that got baptised 2 weeks before i came to Gaylord and the story is i guess we was suppose to go over their on Wednesday but me and elder coon forgot cause it was not in are planners cause we forgot to write it down and we got a call from them on Thursday saying that we was suppose to come over their on Wednesday but we never showed up and they was wondering where we was at. so that was are fault but i had the felling that we was suppose to go over and see them and well i didn't listen that was my fault their. on Friday we went and visit a less active mom and her daughter they told us that they got baptised up in Alaska then they had to leave cause of some problems that i cant say but they came down here and they didn't know that their was a church here in Gaylord tell elder smith and the missionary that was here before me was door knocking and they ran into them and so elder coon and i met with them on Friday and the daughter came to church on Sunday and she told us after words that see loved it. and everyday since Tuesday has been hot and today it is suppose to be the warmest in Michigan and then it is going to cool down for the week. and we are going to be getting feed everyday this week which is good and maybe even twice on Saturday but who knows cause that is the air show here in Gaylord and we are going to go to that and talk to people their. so last week was busy with everything going on and this week is going to be even more busier with everything else going on.
but not do much going on here in Gaylord. the streets are getting more busyer cause the summer people are coming back up for the summer. and we also have branch(ward) conference coming up as well and all of the district(stake) presidency is going to be here from Traverse city and also are high councilman's as well and we are already pushing the walls with people right now. we don't have enough room for everyone every Sunday when they come to church. we can fit 90 chairs in the sacrament room and that's all and we have on ave 80 to 85 each week coming and when the district people come their are going to be 20 more people their so hopefully we can fit everyone somewhere. but that's a good thing that we are running out of room to put everyone everywhere. but anyway that's all for now hope everyone had a good week and hope to hear from everyone this week. love ya
love elder Webster

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