Thursday, June 28, 2012

2 weeks ago post

hello everyone,
Hey everyone i hope everyone is having a good week whereever you may ben at. well mom the Tisclers will be staying in in Gaylord for their mission they was up in Cheboygen for 2 months but then it got closed down so they got transferd down to Gaylord. and they are going to be leaving a month after i get home off of my mission. ya mom i do think lake Michigan did raise a inch or even 2 haha lol.... yes i did get the package and mom those are not the garments i want i want the Nylon mesh kind. you got the cotton kind and it is hot here in michigan and that will make me even hotter wearing those kind. and i have not opened them yet so i will send them back and you can return them and get the Nylon mesh kind mom. elder coons first name is Jeff. so it is Jeff Coon so their you go mom. and for him he has asked for a lot of the mission office addresses ones and the address will be on the bottom of you have forgot it by know lol.. and yes i did like the surpise that was in their and we have opened the conference up and listen to it while we have been driving around town and down to Fredrick where we had a fathers day dinner with a family and they also had family over as well. and that family has consins that goes to the same branch so that family has a totel of like 20 people that comes to church each week. well dad at least you got something from playing in the mid tourament for golfing lol. a 20 foot putt that is really good dad. another missionary from rexburg huh Elder J.D. Mann coming to the same mission huh o boy. we will polly run into each other one of these days out here in the mission field. their are some pics as well the first pic is me and elder bullard with an investigator from when i was in grade vally. her name is Christina Wyatt. and then the next pic is me and brother Hope and he is from idaho by the Ruppet part so not to far away from home. and that is his turck bedihe us in the pic and it is a way nice turck to ride in. the 4th pic on their, we was having fun at the living center one night down in east lansing and this was before i got transferd up here to gaylord. and the 6th pic well that is well idaho and so i had to take a pic with me standing under neath it. lol.. pics 7 to 10 is at the half mission P-Day up in Patoskey, Michigan. pic 11 is me and elder smith with the tischlers at another members home after FHE. and the last 2 pics are of us missionaries being stuffed into a small car going down to Mt. Pleasent for a traning meeting and that was a fun day and poor elder Coon was stuck in the middle of 2 big guys lol.
well another week has gone by here in gaylord, michigan. this past week we have been really busy with 2 different trade offs. we had one trade off with the kalkaska elders from monday night tell wednesday and then a trade off with the zone leaders on wednesday tell thursday and so it was a crazy week. and on top of that we had 22 lessons and all of them but 6 was with investigators. so 18 of those lessons was with investigators and 6 of those lessons was with members and so it was a way good and busy week. on tuesday we was on trade offs and i was in the gaylord area while elder coon was in kalkaska and i had elder Suger and he has been out for 6 months now. and me and elder suger was up in Boyne city with the Tischlers and we took bikes with us and so we was going around to different places a lot faster then walking. while we was in boyne city we had an return apointment with a guy and all he wanted to do was to bible bash and to see which regilon was the right one and we kept telling him we are not here to agrew(misspelled) with him. and he knew the bible really well. and on wednesday i was in gaylord as well and i was with a zone leader from traverse city. get this we had 3 apointments and they was all right by each other and they all chancled within 30 mins. cause we went from one door to the next cause they lived in an apartment complex thing. and so me and elder Gilson we went finding for a long time and we also went back and forth to see if they was home cause they wasnt when we went by the first time and they wasnt. but o well and then we had a dinner apointment with a part member family and we watch the Phophet of the restoration movie with them and it was over a hour long. but it is a dang good movie to watch. and we also had apartment insecptions that morning the new senior couple that works in the office came and did the insecptions, which we did past dont worry. and on thursday me and elder gilson came and we got on for a little while before we had to drive to Kalkaska to trade back with the traverse city elders. and we met at arbys for lunch and it was good. and on friday we was down in Grayling and that was fun and we had 4 lessons that day and 2 of them was with a member that came with us. and on saturday we was doing a lot of finding but we also got let in twice and taught them which was good. but the weather that day was really warm it got in the high 80's. and their was a air show that day here in Gaylord so their was a lot of planes going up and down in the air flying like crazy. and on sunday we finnaly had 3 investigators come to church YYYAAAAA finnally. we was full yesturday as well. the building is not to small but it is a small building. the building it pobally as big as the chapel and the half of the gym is at the church their long ways. and we dont even have a gym to play basketball o well their is different parks to go and play at anyway. and on sunday we had 2 really good lessons the spirit was their big time testifiney to them about the gospel and other things. one lesson that me and elder coon was at his name in Mathew and we read the restoration Pamplet that we have to had out to people and he was shocking everything in that we was telling him and we also set a few commitments with him to read a chapter from the book of mormon everyday and also pary to know if joseph smith is a ture phophet or not and same thing about the book of mormon. and then we went to another lesson with the tisclers this time and it was with some more investigators that has been meeting with the missionaries for a while now and they have not quit smocking and they need to so we went over that and it was really good. we set a goal with them and that goal was for them to quit smocking and drinking coffie in 1 month for yesturday. and their names are Nancy patterson and Laura Hunkies. they have been smocking almost all of their lives and have not quit. but that was are week. so their you go guys. hope everything and everyone has a good week love ya
mission office address
1400 Abbott Road Suite 310
East Lansing, MI 48823
love elder webster

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