Monday, September 24, 2012

2 Baptisms, one in new area and one in Gaylord

hello everyone,
well another week has gone by which is pretty crazy. time is flying by here in Michigan. transfers are coming up here this week, we find out whats going on Friday morning. speaking of this Friday we have a baptism that night, and a branch activity as well. wow 25 bucks a plate that is a lot for one plate, but sounds like it was way good food for the 25 dollars. good thing dad knows a lot of people in different places. sounds like you are going to have a fun time tonight cooking for the elders from Michigan. a pro bowling from Idaho huh cool dad.
     well to start off the missionary news. there was not to much going on this past week. Tuesday this past week we was in oscoda and had some good lessons with Marice(investigator who is getting baptized this Friday) and we also had a lesson with a less active in the branch that lives in town. then on Wednesday we had are district meeting over in West branch and the senior couple drove us out their for it. then we was down in tawas city for the day. and we went to a daily queen for lunch and boy was it good. i have not have DQ for a very long time probably since the summer before i left to come out here to Michigan. well then after that we went and saw a member of the branch and shared a message with her and got to know her a little bit more. basically all that day was seeing members cause we had an appointment with a new investigator but she cancelled on us cause she was sick. we also did a little bit of door knocking to try to get some more people to teach but nothing come out of it. then on Thursday we was out in hale and we saw all members again cause a lot of the members live out is hale and hale is a very small town you blink you miss it. a forgot to say something a few weeks ago. a few weeks ago while we was in hale elder green and i had to go to the bathroom and we was by a members(the parents family) home and we called them and no one was home so we called the daughter of the family and talked to her. she was in oscoca doing something(she is 29 years old) and she said that they are camping and we told her that we had to go to the bathroom really bad so she told us how to get in. so we broke into a members home and went to the bathroom. so broke in though the back window and elder green reached in and unlocked the back door to get in. but anyway back to this week. while we was out in hale we had lunch with brother parent and he feed us soup and sandwiches and then we went to another members home the miltinmores(they are getting ready to leave for the winter they are snowbirds) and they asked us if we had lunch and we said yes and they asked us what we had and we told them and then they said that is not that much so they took us out for lunch as well. so we had 2 lunches that day and we was full after that one. then later on that night we went and had dinner with the branch presidents house and we got over stuffed their for dinner and boy was it good as well. then Friday night we get a call from the Assetisants and they told me that an investigator in Gaylord is going to be getting baptized and he wants me to baptise him so i am going to get to go back to Gaylord for a baptism this Saturday. and someone from the branch here is going to take us over their for it. well that's all for this past week.
well this week like i said we are going to be having a baptism and we also are going to be going on trade offs i am going to go on a trade off with the district leader and i am going to be staying here in oscoca with him. well family the email is short and sweet got to finish other emails and send them off as well love ya
love elder Webster

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