Monday, September 10, 2012

Speaking in Sacrament, Week in Oscoda

hello everyone,
well another week has gone by here in Oscoda. this morning at the start of are studies(so around 8am) and all of the of the sudden are phone goes off and it is the branch President and he wanted to meet with us at 9 for a meeting so we had to finish getting ready for the day cause on mondays we are not that ready tell after studies but so we had to get ready and then leave for the meeting but it was a good meeting. it was unexpected but it was a good meeting.
ok now for this past week and what has happened. to start off while we was down in Tawas on tuesday i brought some new shoes and they are way nice shoes. i will have to take a pic of them and send the pic next week in the email. while we was down in tawas a member was down their and she took us out to lunch to a chinesse place o boy was it good but it was not a all you can eat ether but it was well worth it. it is 6 to 7 dollors a plate but they fill your plate up with what you ordered in the meal. and i also used chop sticks as well when i was eating the food lol. and we also go shopping while we was in tawas cause thats well the walmart is at for are area. o get this we was suppose to have a dinner apointment down their as well but they was on the way out the door to go somewhere and they thought that they called us and told us but they didnt but we told them thats alright so we just went shopping and then drove back to oscoda and then had dinner at are house. well on wednesday we had distrect meeting in west branch and thats a hour drive going to speed limit but anyway after the meeting we went and got subway sandwhiches and they was good. then me and elder green had to book it back to tawas fast for an apointment that we had to get to and it was a new investigator that we picked up as well. and we watch a movie with her called "finding faith in christ" and that movie is only 30 mins long but it is a movie about christ life and what he did while he was here on earth. then after that we came back to oscoda and we was going to go out and do some door knocking right away but all of the sudden it just started to down pull and i mean down pull. we was driving though puddles that would splash up above are car. but after it rained we went out and had a long day of knocking on doors for a few hours but nothing came out of it. on thursday we was in Hale, and thats where a lot of the active members live in the branch so we are visiting members all day while we are their. we had a lunch apointment at noon and we had a investigator that we are teaching come their with us and another member as well and we had a lesson on some of the commandments. then after that we had a return apointment that we had to get going to down the street from where they live at and we picked us 2 new investigators from that as well so we had a great day that day. we had 3 lessons that day. we had dinner at the Branch Presidents house and they made me my brithday cake and it was good. i told her that i didnt have a brithday cake for my brithday and so she made me one and it was good. and then on friday we had corinlation with the branch mission leader and the senior couple and we was their for 2 hours and then he took us out to lunch and we had apointment to get to at 1 and we was late for it but she didnt mind. the apointment was Marice and she is going to be getting baptized this month. but then after that we went and taught another lesson and we picked up 2 more investigators. and on saturday we was going to clean the apartment that morning but we got a phone call from the branch President and his wife to see if we wanted to come up for lunch at their camp site and they would come and pick us up in town so we said sure but before we did that we went and saw marcie that morning then we went with their family back to their camp site and they cooked BBQ chicken over the fire and also corn on the coop as well over the fire and it was so good. well on wednesday evening we was texting(yes texting cause we got new phones and they gave us texting but it is limited in a way) the branch Presdients wife back and forth and she asked us when we was going to able to answer the phone cause the branch President needed to call us and talked to us and well he wanted to talk to me and he asked me if i could speak this coming sunday and i said sure what do you want me to speak on and we went thought 3 different topics and we was thinking na thats not it and then sacrifice and service came up and we was like thats what i should talk on so the rest of the week during personal study i was doing my talk and wow did my eyes open up and i was like wow their is a lot that i can talk about on it and get this while we was praying that night the thought came to my mind to talk about the atonement of jesus christ and his sacrifice that he did for all of us. so i based my talk on it and well sunday came around and i was the last speaker to speak on sunday but the 2nd speaking bless her hart. old people can speak a lot and i mean a lot and they have a lot of stoires to say as well. so she got up and well 35 mins later she sat down and it was time to close the meeting for sacrament meeting well 10 mins before she sat down i was seating behide the branch President and he turned around and asked me if i wanted to speak next week cause of time and i told him sure i would. so i am speaking next week instend so more time to make sure my talk is going to be good.
    7 bags of frozen fruit huh mom wow thats a lot. sounds like you guys have been busy doing a lot of stuff around the house. ya i herd about tyler he has been emailing me as well so we have been emailing back and forth about things. o ya dad i knon how you like to tinker with things maybe thats where i got that from lol. well everyone thats all for now got to get other emails off love ya.
love elder webster

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