Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Training with the a Seventy

hey everyone,

     hello well we are over at the senior couples place emailing today. well this past week was a good week. to start off the week last week we was down in Tawas all day on tuesday and didnt have to much success that day and then on wednesday i was over in west branch for the day on a trade off and i was with elder Wilkins and we had a fun day talking to all different people. and on thursday we traded back in a small town called Hale Michigan thats in are area and thats where the branch President lives for are branch. well we didnt have that many miles lived on the car and we needed to save some so me and elder green biked all day that day in hale and hale is not flat. their is a few hills that we had to go over but we did it. it took us a hour to ride 4 miles up and down hills. end up on friday we had way to many miles so we was driving around up north of are area to use some miles that we still had to use before the end of the day. o before i forget we are going to get a new car next week when we go down to Mt. Pleasent for a training with someone from the Seventhy but we dont know what we are going to be getting just a new car cause the cars that we drive they only let them get up to a serten amont of miles around 55,000 and we are getting up their so they are going to be giving us a new car. well back to are week last week. well on friday we went to a furnal for a ladie that died from the branch and after words we got ALL of the left overs and well we still have some to eat still. and i mean the left overs was a lot of food. well family sorry this is a short email but not much time today still have to go and clean are house and make sure we have everything ready to go. love ya have a great week

love elder webster

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