Monday, November 5, 2012

Zone Conference

hello everyone,
well to start of the email i am going to answer your questions mom that you have. I did get in contact with the Dunfords and get this i called the missionaries that go to their ward and i asked them to make sure that i meet them and they told me that they would. so come Sunday morning after stake conference i meet them. and brother dunford was leading the music for stake conference and sister dunford was singing with the stake choir that was singing so it is easy to spot them out. and get this we was suppose to go down with the districts but we called them on Saturday morning and asked them if they was still going but they wasn't going and so we had to call almost everyone in the branch to see if they was going to stake conference Sunday morning and come to find out only a few people was going and that was the parents out in hale and the branch president and his family. so their was not that many people from are branch their but the gym was packed with people. but no pics with them sorry. and yes i did like the package and the candy was gone within a week. thanks mom and i did share the candy and the potatoes was good as well. the storm sandy was pretty crazy. their was a lot of waves here in the lake huron side of Michigan as well. and we was down in tawas city for the Storm so we was away from are apartment. and we was walking out in the rain and wind knocking on doors. you got all the wood in finally huh good job mom. so what do i get to do next year mom? and Scott did call me but i had to call him back cause we was planning. mom for the new missionaries i wont be staying out any longer. we wont be getting any new missionaries that is going to turn 18 tell march. we got told that at zone conference so i will be getting released the normal time on February 6th. and for the missionaries that is going to be training the new missionaries it is going to be a 12 week program. cause are mission was the Ginny pig that had to try out the 12 week program and now all of the missions all over the U.S are going to be doing it. and i wont be doing that come January cause i will only have 1 transfer left and it is a 2 transfer training program. so you can still come out at the same time during February. just when ever you want to get the tickets to come out and get me is fine. just let me know and then let the mission office know mom and dad for they know what they need to do. cause they are going to make plans here really soon. and mom i am not even signed up to vote anyway. nice dad you had to teach the lesson in priesthood huh nice.
     well now onto missionary news. last Sunday had fast and testimony meeting and it was way good. one that spoke out to me was president Karn(branch president) he told us that he was taking the missionary lessons 28 years ago and he told everyone as well that they need to be all member missionaries and too help out us the full time missionaries with people to teach. on Tuesday we was down in tawas and while we was at a less actives place she had the storm about sandy on and we was watching it for a little bit and it was over top  of us and we didn't really care that much. it was not to bad it was pretty Windy and raining. the tempature was not bad, it was in the high 40's but the wind was the thing that was making it cold out side and making the rain cold to walk it. we didn't have any district meeting this week cause of zone conference. but on Wednesday we as in oscoda for the day. and we went and saw a member that moved out here from Washington a month ago and she has came to church once and it was this past Sunday. and she was baptized over a year ago as well. but then we was finding and it was still raining a little bit in the morning for the day of Halloween but in the afternoon it turned out to be a great day. their was a few clouds but not much. and then we had dinner with a sweet family in the branch, the Schurbels. they are a young couple and they feed us 2 to 3 times a month. on Thursday we was out in hale like always. and brother Steve parent was going to come with us to an appointment but they was not home. but brother parent was not upset cause he knows how it goes with people not home when we come over for an appointment. and then we did some finding out their and we got a return appointment for the Thursday and we are hoping they he remembers but we are going to call him on Wednesday of this week to make sure that he is going to be home. then we had dinner with Steve and sue parent. and the parents are awesome they remember Chris Dustin a lot. they loved him when chris was serving here in the branch. and then after that we went and tryed to see another less active and we caught him home and we talk with him outside for a good 30 mins about different stuff. then we went and saw Presdient karn and his family and shared a message with them. then on friday was zone conference and get this we had to go and pick up the west branch missionaries and take them down to zone conference cause their car is in the shop getting fixed. they hit a dear and man did it do a number to the car. their is not front headlight on it and the bumber was cracked pretty good. they hit it going about 50 miles a hour, the deer came out of the trees and ran across the road and the deer was fine but the elders their was fine they didn't get hurt. but we had to leave oscoda at 6, so we got up at 4:30 in the morning to get ready and have something to eat. and then we didn't get home tell close to 8 in the evening so Friday was a long day but man did we learn a lot of stuff from zone conference. pres. hess told us that right now their is over 58,000 missionaries out in the field and come 1 year from now their is going to be 90,000 missionaries with the age change, which is pretty crazy if you think about it. and he also told us that their is 122 missionaries not counting the senior couples and come next year their is going to be close to 250 young missionaries here in the mission and their is going to be 30 new areas opening up which is pretty sweet. then on Saturday we stopped in on some active people and shared a message with them and had a good time. and then we did a lot of door kocking but not a lot of people was home for a Saturday ether which was kinda a shork for me and elder clay but o well. then yesterday(Sunday) was stake conference down in midland and that was a way good time. after words we came back with the parents and we went home teaching with them and then they feed us dinner how nice of them. the parents are way awsome people here in the branch. but thats the week and thats all for now family. love ya and hope to hear from all of ya soon.
love elder webster

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