Monday, November 12, 2012

Transfer Week, Staying in Oscoda

hello everyone,
      well to start off we got a call last Friday from are mission president(President Hess) saying that their is going to be a change in oscoda and well it was a big shocker to both of us of what happened. we got the call around 11 in the morning. and here is the news........     well elder clay is getting transferred but not to far away. he is going to west branch and he is going to finish up training a new missionary. and i am going to stay here in oscoda for a least one more transfer and might be here tell the end of my mission. and i am getting elder Johnson and he as only been out for 3 months in the mission field. so i am going to be what we call greenie busting a new missionary and help him do a little bit more training in the mission. so their is the transfer news that's crazy congrats Kelsey for getting your mission call. and going to  Zimba Luska South Africa mission. the parents do have a daughter on a mission. cant remember where right now. and i did get the letter from ya mom. and the home made tootsie rolls was OK. they was good for home made though. dad thanks for the news on the football game and well Scott found out as well about the scores and he called me last night and told me and asked about transfers as well.
alight i am running out of time to email so here we go for a quite run down of the week here in oscoda. to start off with last Sunday the 4th of Nov that was stake conference down in midland. and that was good. and get this during a talk a young lady was talking and out of the blue she crap the stand and took a deep breath and she said that she had to sit down cause she was about to faint and good thing that stake president is a doctor and well he leaped out of his chair and same with another speaker as well and crap her as she was about to fall to the ground and they took her to the floor nice and slow and to turn out she was OK. that was just crazy. but after that we went with the parents and made some home teaching stops. and so we was in hale all day that day and man are miles for the car and for the month are shot cause we only get like 1200 miles a month and well that shot us for a little bit. you might have to tell elder Dunford to come up to oscoda and help us for rides. well last Monday we didn't really do anything cause it was pday on Tuesday we did a lot of finding but nothing came out of it. and Wednesday we had trade offs with west branch and i was with a greenie and we had a fun time. we was down in tawas all day and we visited 3 different members and had lessons with all of them. and elder clay was over in west branch for the day as well. on Thursday we traded back in hale and had lunch with the west branch elders at subway and it was good. then we did a little but of finding and while we was finding my back started to hurt and we had to go and sit down in the car and man was it hurting like crazy. but then we had dinner out at the schoulders and we got full like always. on Friday was transfer call day (see above). after that we went and saw a member from Washington that moved out here with her son and read from the book of Mormon with her. and we went back to are place and we did weekly planning and me back was still hurting me. but then we went and tryed to do some finding by the church and well both of us elder clay and i was down. and we had 2 return appointments and get this, they was not home or if they was, they didn't want to come to the door and let us come and share more of the gospel, o well. on Saturday we went and saw another member in the early afternoon and had a good lesson with her. after that we did a little bit of finding and then we had dinner with a part member family and we had soup and grilled cheese and it was way good. i have not had that in a long time.
well family that's all for now love ya.
love elder Webster

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