Saturday, December 1, 2012

5 week transfer

hello everyone,
     well thanks for the emails. and chelle for the sd card. i thought you might like it and i donut know what you are going to do with it but i do have a ? for ya. can you send it back out to me with the pics on it once you are done thanks chelle. are thanksgiving was awesome. we had a great time. we was out at the karns the whole time for thanksgiving. and i mean all day we had lunch at 1pm with and their family and the parent families was their for dinner or lunch as well. and then we played games all day with the family and had a blast. we are going to be going on trade offs the week with Houghton lake and i get to go over to Houghton lake which is in the middle of the state. and we are meeting tonight for trade offs at the Karns for dinner and then off to Houghton lake i go. we got snow and we was in a snow storm for about 10 mins. Pres monson does like to go to the driggs a lot and go fishing but that's ok. black Friday sales are always fun but i dont think i do want to do them again though just cause all of the mess that you have to go though.
ok here is a quite overview from the week cause i don't have much time left and have to email other people as well. on Sunday the b18th we had a branch pot luck and their was close to 50 people that stayed and had dinnner and it was way good food and everyone got stuffed. on Tuesday we went and stopped in on a less active and he let us in and we had a good lesson with him and we was their for a hour and a half talking with him. after that we went and did some door knocking around his place and we got a return appointment and it was good. on Wednesday was a good day we had district meeting and while we was their the zone leaders was their and they taught a little bit and after that the dittrecks and us went and saw a less active the Lamottes and the Lamottes was baptized back in 2009 while chris was here in oscoda and the Lamottes love him and his companion at the time. then after that we was doing a little bit of less active work as well while we was down in tawas and it was a great day we had 3 lessons that day. on Thursday was thanksgiving and that was a FULL day with FOOD and i mean lots of food. their was 3 different families and they was the Karns and that's wholes house we was at and the other too families was the Parent families. and after lunch at the karns we was playing games with them and they was fun games. we played catch phase, apples to apples and just talked as well and a had a great time. on Friday was when the return appointment was and we picked up not 1 but 2 new investigators and get this we gave them a book of Mormon cause we only had 1 copy on us but we asked them to read it. and the ladie that was their told us that she would read it before her boyfriend got back from work and so we got another appointment with them on Sunday. and on Friday we did finding all day and then we saw a less active as well but Sunday was the best day. we went over and saw the 2 new investigators that we picked up and she told us that she has read though Mosiah chapter 2 and we was like "wow that's great!!!!" and we had a member with us as well and she also told us that she was talking to her sister over the phone and the girls name is Lalanania (call her LaLa) and the guys name is Gui. LaLa was talking to her sister over the phone and LaLa read like 80 pages to her sister and her sister loves it as well and we told her that she could go online and send missionaries over to her sisters place.
well family that's all for now hope to hear from ya soon love ya
love elder Webster

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