Saturday, April 23, 2011

April 23, 2011 Email

hello everyone

how is everything going? how is the weather for idaho? hope everyones easter went good? me and elder curtis got invited to go to the formal branch Presidents house for a easter dinner and he knows how to cook big time. and he loves to cook as well so everytime we go over their we get a big dinner. ya we are not riding are bikes yet still have not got the tire fixed and still to cold to ride them as well. but we will get them fixed here soon for we can start to ride them. ya weather here has been crazy we warmed up to around 50 for a week and then we got dumped on with over 5 inches of snow over night and we had to dravel that morning as well so we left earlyer then we planed to. me and elder curtis and the cheboygen elders we did a trade off so i stayed to Alpena and i brought back Elder Davis he is greenie fress out on he mission. so me and elder davis had a good time in alpena. then Thursday morning we had to go to Gaylord for a distrect meeting and President Jones showed up for interviews after words. and the interviews went really good, most likey i will leave alpena when tranfers come and elder curtis will stay cause he only has 2 mouths left but i might stay. but he said that most missionaries that just came out if they stay in the same area for 2 transfers is going to be tranfered. so tranfers are coming up on the 17th of next mouth and we get are call on 13th from ether the Zion leaders or most likely President Jones will call us that morning. and happy easter before i forgot. hey about mothers day i am going to call around 3 to 330 my time so it is going to be around 1 or 130 your time in idaho. Elder Curtis wont call tell after 6 cause his family wont get out of church tell 4 their time in utah so i have 1st call, and he will go after me when we are done talking. President Jones(mission president) saids that we can have as long as we want to talking to everyone and keep talking tell we run out of things to talk about on the phone. thats good news from Zack glad he is going on a mission as well you will have to get his mission address for i can write him as well. ya he is going to have fun in the mtc with all the food and learning another language. he will be in their for 9 weeks at least.

ya finnaly herd from Mykal this last week and send off a letter to him with a few other things as well in a package for him. so how is the list coming for the lawns dad is it big this year or around the same like every year. hope the weather is good for you can get them all done before summer hits. ya me hair is getting a little long and i polly wont cut it tell next mouth or next transfer. ya thanks for the easter package mom and tabs i will share the candy and that was a lot of candy. we both got packages that day on thursday the 21st. and they both had candy in them. sounds like the guys in the bus shop loves to eat to bad eric cant make any beans for me and send them this way i love his beans.

but ya things are going good here in Alpena. we tought the 9 year old(members son) and he told us last night that he wants to get baptised and so we set a date for the 21st of next mouth in Oscoda where his sister got baptised this mouth on the 9th. so now we have to meet with him a few times a week and teach him all the lessons cause he is a investigator now, cause he is over 8 years old. so we will be doing that with him now. but we are trying to work with all of are other investigators as well with less actives in the branch to bring all of them to church every sunday. this week we are hopeing to have a lot of people their cause its easter sunday. and a lot of people here just come for the 2 big holidays for easter and for chrismans which is sad but o well. at least they are coming to church but they should come everyweek and not just those 2 holidays. but got to go letters are on their way talk to everyone soon, hope to hear from everyone as well.

Elder Joseph Webster

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