Saturday, April 30, 2011

Letter of the Week

Hello family

things are going good. thanks for all of the emails and all the letters. Transfered are coming up here in a few weeks on the 16th and 17th. and most likey i will get transfered out of alpena and so elder curtis will stay in alpena for his last transfer before he goes home. he said that most all new missionaries dont stay in their 1st area for over 2 tranfers, but who knows. this week as been a slow week for us cause of all the rain that we have had. it has rained from tuesday morning tell thursday afternoon non stop. and are road golf course road got flooded really bad so we was only had 1 road to go up and down on cause of all the water. and a fireturck came and tried to help out and he had to turn around or else he would of got stuck with all the water that was on the road. and the dam that they have they had to open it up a little just to get all the water out of the river into lake Huran. Their is 2 ways to get to are apartment and one of the roads was closed. so we had to go the other way to get to are apartment, and one of are neighbors had over 4 inches of rain all around his house and most likey some on the inside as well. and one of are investigators we are teaching her name is Lisa and she had over 700 gallens of water in her basement and she called the water master at 2 am and he had took out over 500 gallens and the water master guy told her that i give up so then she had a 5 gallon water bucket and she lost count after taking out over 200 buckets of water and she was tried big time. i think i would be to with all that water. but now yesturday and today as been sun shinning and warm weather all in the 50's and 60's ya heat wave YES finnaly warm weather, and no wind.

thats good that you did good in the state bowling sounds like you will get a lot of money back which is good. but that polly will be about the amount that you spend just to get their and back with all the gas and the motel and everything else. and hopefully nationals you will do good as well. ya we have not had a chance to fix the bikes we might today cause we have a little time tonight to. cause we are going to go and do ladurary right after this then we have service at the soup kitchen and then we are going to go bowling yep you herd right bowling. ya i got a letter from mykal today and he is doing good which is good. sounds like you had a long week at the temple this past week. which can be good but it can also be a long week as well. thats is cool that Savannah is getting blessed tommorow to bad i am not their o well i am out here in michigan. i dont think that you did tell me where tanner perks is going. ya we have not done any door knocking this week cause we have been doing other stuff and some of are apointments took longer then we really want o well, what can we do about it. Thats crazy that school is almost out for the summer where as the time gone to. it has gone by fast but then once you know it, it will be back into school again. what is everyone going to do for the summer break of no school. the kids can always go to summer school jk i know that they are smarter then that.

Ya so a little bit about my work. Darrion Pyscher he is still planning on getting baptized on the 21st of may. and his dad is going to be happy about it he was happy that his daughter was baptized. but they are splet up tho, they have been for over 3 years. and his father is a member but a less active which we are trying to work with. ya other then that we are trying to work on a lot of other people as well at the same time. Lisa told us when we was over their that she wants to get baptized but she has to work on somethings and start coming to church again. but other then that the other people that we are working with has been the same. but thats it for now not to much going on here in alpena this week. got to go for now and send a weekly report to are mission president online now instend of hand witten.

elder webster

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