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Email March 9th

hey how is everything going? how is the weather? how is work going for some people? it is after 2pm here. we just got back from the baptism in the branch. she turned 8 last mouth and she got baptized. we had to go down to Oscoda for the baptisem cause we dont have a font yet in are chapel. it went good. me and elder curtis was the witnesses they had to do it 3 more times cause the dress on her didnt go down all the way and then another time her foot came up then her hand was above the water. and on top of that the font was a little small and the drane for the water to go out was a little open and the water was going away. so we had to put more water in it man was it a fun baptisem. and the Oscoda missionaries had a investagator their cause she has a baptizem date coming up towards the end of the mouth. ansd so it went good tho over all their was about 20 people their all together.

ya tranfers went good i drove both down to Mt Pleasent and back to Alpena and it was a long drive down their we left a little after 6am and we didnt get there tell almost 9 and i was speeding the whole way for we could get their on time but ya it didnt happen but we made it before the transfer van made it their so that was good. the tranfer van didnt get there tell around 9:15. but it was a good day i saw a lot of missionaries their and i mean a lot i guess their was over 40 missionaries their easy. it was good tho and a long day me and elder curtis didnt really do anything that day except went and got food for the apartment and some other things. but then thursday went better we wasnt has tried as we was on wed. this week went by kinda slow for me but idk it will go by faster i think as the tranfer goes on. Conference went good we went over to are chapel and watched it their and a few more people. we was in charge of setting it up and taking it down and stuff like that so we kinda had to be their. but the priesthood season went good we had a investagtor their and the rest of the priesthood branch as well and some less actives came as well so it was good. this is about are new mission priesdent Stephen H. Hess was born in Salt Lake City and raised in Farmington, Utah. His wife Vicki Killpack Hess was born in Provo and raised in Orem Utah. They are the parents or nine children, six sons and three daughters and 25 grandchildren. Prior to their marriage Brother Hess attended school at Brigham Young University where he met Vicki and the University of Utah. He has three degrees from the University of Utah, a BS. Major in History, minor Psychology, secondary teaching certificate, a Master Degree in Instructional Systems and Learning Resources and a PhD in Education Administration with an emphasis in higher education. He served in the New England Mission headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts in the areas of Northern Vermont, Nova Scotia, Portland Maine and Boston from 1967-1969. He has since served in many church responsibilities including Elders Quorum President, Stake Young Men’s President, High Councilor, Bishop, First Counselor in the Bountiful Stake Presidency, Regional Welfare Agent and Patriarch. Brother Hess is the Vice President of Information Technology (Chief Information Officer) for the University of Utah where he has worked in the Administration and taught for 38 years, and Assistant Commissioner (CIO) for the Utah State System of Higher Education. Vicki studied in Home Economics education and has been a full time mom all her married life. She has also served as a counselor in the Primary Presidency, Ward Young Women President, Ward Relief Society President, 2nd Counselor in the Stake Relief Society and many other callings.
They currently reside in Bountiful, Utah. so their you go a little about are new mission president

Elder Curtis is from Utah pleasent cove, Utah. he is going home from his mission at the end of june so he only has 11 weeks left on his mission. he is excited to go home and be with his family again. there is 9 kids in his family and he is in the middle of all of them. umm lets see what else. o he has been to Alpena before coming back here. he was here about a year ago for 5 mouths he would of been here for 6 but he had a E.T (EMERGENGY Tranfer) someone got was sick and they had to send him home. o and he loves to cook and bake so i am going to asked him to see if he can teach me some stuff about cooking. and we are going to bake a green cake for a greenie in are disrect we got a new missionary as well so i am not the youngest one anymore ya. but other then that thats all i know about him so far. When we get done here we are going to go back to the apartment and get some stuff then go and do some ladurary and get some food for the apartment and then go back and deep clean the apartment as much as we can anyway. we have cleaned it since elder smith has been gone it is clean and i forgot to take a pic of it before we cleaned it sorry but i will take pics of it while we are cleaning. so we are busy today o well.

The family we are teaching is doing good they are excepting the gospel and everything we are telling them. we had to trop a few people tho cause we can never get a hold of them we have not got a hold of them for like a mouth now. and whenever we call them and leave a message they never call us back. but other then that the investagators are doing pretty good. me and Elder Curtis are going to try and get a hold of all of them this week and set up a apointment to meet with them maybe this week if not the next week. when elder smith was here we door nocked into some people that invited us right away and invited us back but they are out of town this weekend and all next week so we set up a time on the 22nd to go and see them and they are way excited as well so thats a good thing. one person their wants to start and new life and we can help out with that. but other then that everyone else is doing good.

Deep cleaning is going to be fun i have thown out a lot of can food that was dated 2 years ago and i found one that was dated from 2006 i was like wow that is old so we threw it away and a few more things as well in the apartment. but no mood at all which is good. so i hope that deep cleaning wont be that bad today i will let you now how it went and everything as well. and we have to fix a few things in the aparmtent as well that was broke when i got their. but other then that everything is going good. so thats it for now hope to hear from everyone soon.

Elder Webster

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